Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – This Brat Isn’t Simple

Xiao Yan’s words stabbed at Xiao Yu’s weak spot and the later, in a fit, put her hand on her sword that was at her waist.

With a sneer, Xiao Yan leaned backwards and lazily said: “Do you want to fight?”

“So what!” Xiao Yu tightened her grip on her sword while trying desperately to stop her impulse to unsheathe it and start hacking Xiao Yan with it. With a sneer, she taunted: “Even if your talent has come back, why does it matter? Three years ago, I, Xiao Yu, could make you flee for your life and three years later, I can still do it.”

Xiao Yan’s brows jumped as he looked towards Xiao Yu’s light purple school uniform where she had 3 gold stars on her chest. These stars represented Xiao Yu’s strength, a three star Dou Zhe. Looks like her year in the academy wasn’t wasted.

“Where are your filthy eyes looking?” Seeing where Xiao Yan was staring, Xiao Yu’s already dark face become even darker.

“Aren’t you wearing that so that people notice you?” Xiao Yan touched his nose. His words which were carelessly said, caused Xiao Yu to jump up in fury.

“Bastard!” Gnashing her teeth, Xiao Yu who was already at her limit finally pulled out her sword with a “Clang”. Pointing her sword at Xiao Yan, she said: “Do you really think that I’m afraid to cut your tongue off?!”

Staring at the glittering steel sword in front of him, Xiao Yan didn’t even blink when he said: “Why don’t you try?”

While talking, Xiao Yan’s right hand curled slightly as a pulsing vortex slowly formed. With 3 Xuan Level Dou Techniques, Xiao Yan wasn’t too afraid of a 3-star Dou Zhe.

Watching the two who were about to come to blows, Xun Er, on the sidelines, helplessly shook her head. As she looked out into the distance, she smiled while alerting them: “Xiao shu-shu and them are coming.”

Hearing Xun Er’s words, Xiao Yu’s brows furrowed and she turned her head to see Xiao Zhan hurrying over with an ugly face.

“Hmph, your good luck won’t last.”

After the cold hmph, Xiao Yu returned her sword to its scabbard and turned around. Striding forward with her long legs, Xiao Yu paused before Xun Er, saying: “Xun Er biao-mei. Your talent and beauty are both top class but you should stay away from some people or else you might be stained with some bad habits. It would be too late for regrets then.”

Towards Xiao Yu’s tip, Xun Er smiled while saying: “Thanks for Xiao Yu biao-jie’s reminder but Xun Er thinks that Xiao Yan ge-ge is great.”

Hearing Xun Er’s meaningful words, Xiao Yu’s face changed colors as she scanned over the smiling Xun Er. Finally, Xiao Yu profoundly said: “Once you leave the clan, you’ll know how big the world is. There are countless people that are much more talented than him, if you meet someone that makes your heart flutter, then…”

“Xiao Yu biao-jie, you’re thinking too much. Xun Er doesn’t believe that something like that will happen.” Xun Er’s red lips pursed as she interrupted Xiao Yu.

After being interrupted by Xun Er, Xiao Yu became embarrassed so she left after giving Xiao Yan one final evil stare.

Watching the angrily leaving Xiao Yu, Xiao Yan slowly let out a breath as his face full of disgust changed back into his normal, calm face. Sighing, he said: “I really don’t like her.”

Hearing that, Xun Er covered her mouth as she laughed: “Actually, I’m really curious as to why she always is going against Xiao Yan ge-ge. Even though you did accidentally stumble upon her bathing spot, she shouldn’t be so against you right?”

“How should I know?” Xiao Yan innocently shrugged before looking towards Xiao Zhan and a couple more people walking towards him.

“Yan Er, are you alright? Where’s Xiao Yu?” Quickly walking over and seeing the unharmed Xiao Yan, Xiao Zhan let out a breath as he asked.

Slightly shrugging, Xiao Yan laughed: “I’m fine. That woman just had blood rush to her head.”

“You should avoid her a bit. That girl has a bad temper and now that’s she’s a 3 star Dou Zhe, if you guys fight, you’ll be on the losing end. In addition, she’s the first elder’s granddaughter so I’m not in a good position to punish her if you guys fight.” Xiao Zhan helplessly said.

Xiao Yan touched his nose as smiled without giving an answer.

“Here Yan Er, this is Primer Auction House’s top auctioneer, misses Ya Fei. The Foundation Elixir from last time was brought through her.” Xiao Zhan moved aside to show the red-dressed woman behind him as he introduced her.

Xiao Yan watched the beautiful woman that showed maturity with her actions and revealed a shy smile that was appropriate for his age: “Hi Ya Fei-jie.”
TL: Jie means sister(can be used informal to mean some female slightly older than one)

With her attractive eyes latched on Xiao Yan, Ya Fei’s beautiful face showed a smile because of his addressal. With her red lips moving, Ya Fei asked while smiling: “I heard that young master Xiao Yan raised 4 Duan Qi in just one year? Hehe, that training speed has become huge news in Wu Tan City, but is it real?”

Xiao Yan tilted his head and “shyly” said: “It’s the result of father’s purchase of the Foundation Elixir.”

Hearing Xiao Yan’s indirect admittance, even with Ya Fei’s calm nature, she couldn’t help but gasp. Curiosity and interest flashed across her eyes as she thought: 4 Duan Qi in just one year, that training speed, is frightening. As for that Foundation Elixir, I had personally examined it and naturally know the effects of it. It can help a bit with one’s training speed but to raise 4 Duan Qi in just relying on it? Impossible!

Seeing that the two had a basic introduction, Xiao Zhan looked up into the sky and patted Xiao Yan’s shoulder. With a smile, he said: “Alright, the Coming of Age Ceremony is about to start and I have prepare some things. Don’t let me down later.”

Xiao Yan nodded while smiling.

Following Xiao Zhan, Ya Fei took a peek at Xiao Yan before she turned around. With a couple of years at the Auction House, she could discern even the smallest details and when she looked into the young man’s eyes, she realized that even though the young man in front of her appeared shy, within his pitch black eyes, no emotions escaped. It was calm, like a secluded lake.

To be able to control his emotions at such a young age… This brat isn’t simple… Turning around, that thought sounded within Ya Fei’s mind.