Chapter 44

Chapter 44 – You Want To Test Me?

Seeing Xiao Ning, who seemed as if he were teetering on the edge of life and death, the audience went silent once more.

The audience members’ eyes gazed at the young man still standing on the field, as if he were the devil himself. No one was completely sure about what had just happened; they all saw Xiao Ning suddenly gain a boost in strength and then saw him quickly defeated. They were not expecting to see Xiao Ning, after a boost in power, to suffer an even more humiliating defeat with a serious injury from one punch!

Looking at the field from the Guest platform, Ya Fei’s pearly white hands covered her red lips, her ample breasts moved as her whole body shook in excitement.

What a strong Dou Technique…What level could it be? Xuan level? How is that possible? Ya Fei gasped, her heart fluttered as she gave the possibility some thought. Xuan level Dou Techniques were not only rare but also difficult to learn.

After a while, Ya Fei was slowly brought back to reality. Once more turning her thoughts toward Xiao Yan’s previous of Dou Technique, her brow furrowed as she thought of something: If I remember correctly, the Xiao Clan’s highest Dou Technique is a Xuan Level Technique Fissure of the Lion that goes with the Xuan Level Qi Method Raging Lion. Right?

Based on what I saw, that Dou Technique was definitely not ‘Fissure of the Lion.’ Hmmm…” Ya Fei stared down at her jade teacup resting gently in her lily white hands. Out of nowhere a thought occurred to her: Could it be… that that Dou Technique, was not taught to him by Xiao Zhan?

Her beautiful eyes lazily fluttered as she glanced over at Xiao Zhan with an inconspicuous tilt of her head. While looking, she was able to catch the momentary shock on Xiao Zhan’s face as he also realized that the technique was not a clan technique

If Xiao Zhan didn’t teach him…” Ya Fei mused, her well-developed chest leaning downwards as her jade fingernails wrapped around her teacup. As she recalled the proficiency Xiao Yan displayed with those Dou Techniques, she couldn’t help but to inwardly think: Then this brat… he has a mysterious teacher that teaches him behind his clan’s back? Otherwise, a Xuan Level Dou Techniques can’t be mastered that quickly through trial and error with so little experience.

To be able to teach Xuan level Dou Techniques… that mysterious man’s strength must be at the Dou Ling stage! We have to investigate this matter! Ya Fei considered,as she gracefully put down her jade teacup after wiping a bead of cold sweat from her cheek. Observing Xiao Yan closely, she thought, This little brat… he gets more mysterious with each passing day. I can’t help but be curious.
TL: Dou Ling is the level above Da Dou Shi which is where Xiao Yan’s father is at


Oh Dear…this Yan Er of mine, he’s harder and harder to see through. Beside Ya Fei, Xiao Zhan couldn’t help but sigh silently. His son’s execution of the previous Dou Technique was so well done that he silently cheered when he saw that. From an damage point of view, that Dou Technique was on par with Xiao Clan’s Xuan Level Dou Technique “Fissure of the Lion!”

Slowly shaking his head, Xiao Zhan exhaled deeply. With a sad look, he thought, I’m afraid that there is someone teaching Yan Er behind my back.

But who is teaching him? Xiao Zhan answered while scratching his chin. He couldn’t help but look to the far away Xun Er. At this moment, the little girl was resting her cheeks on her hands, a faint smile on her face as she looked at Xiao Yan standing in the limelight.

Could it be her? A seed of curiosity was planted into his mind. Thinking about how close Xun Er and Xiao Yan were, Xiao Zhan forcibly justified that thought.


On the stage, Xiao Yan let out a breath of stale air as his rock hard arms slowly reverted back to their original state. Even his sleeves were beginning to slowly fall down and back into silky smooth fabric.

Twisting his head, Xiao Yan turned to face Xiao Yu, who was rushing forward and picking up the unconscious Xiao Ning. Xiao Yan looked on with indifference and his heart didn’t have the slightest sliver of pity. If he had not learned two Xuan level Dou Techniques, then his own right hand would have been broken by Xiao Ning’s attack. Since others did not show mercy to him then he would have no reason to be an idiotic good person.

Putting his hands back into his pockets, Xiao Yan walked past the dumbstruck second elder, asking “The battle has ended, right?”

Gulping, the second elder regained his senses and nodded once. As he started to announce that the battle is over, he was interrupted.

“Hold it!” Under the platform, Xiao Yu was carrying a blood-covered Xiao Ning. Her voice brimming with hatred.

The second elder creased his eyebrows, “Xiao Yu, what do you want?”

Handing the unconscious Xiao Ning to another clan member, Xiao Yu leaped onto the platform vigorously. The grudge she held against Xiao Yan could clearly be seen, “Xiao Ning is your older cousin, how could you beat him up so viciously?”

Hearing Xiao Yu’s questioning, Xiao Yan sneered while a vicious smile appeared on his face, “Although this was only supposed to be a challenge, he violated the rules. After losing once, he ingested Qi Gathering Powder and attacked me in that powered-up state. Do you really think he showed me mercy? If I didn’t resist, would you be furious because I’m hurt? Is Xiao Ning a human while I, Xiao Yan am not? Xiao Yu, aside from being biased against me, what else are you capable of doing?”

Being bombarded with questions like firecrackers on rope, Xiao Yu’s mind grew sluggish. Her pretty red cheeks turned white then quickly flamed red in anger. With her arrogant attitude, she was never lectured in public before. As she exhaled to calm her anger, she stated coldly, “I don’t care for your talk, I only know that you have wounded my younger brother. So now, I challenge you! If you have the skills, then accept my challenge!”

“Xiao Yu, withdraw your challenge, this is not your place! This is a competition for those under the level of Dou Zhe, you don’t qualify!” The second elder chided out from the side.

Xiao Yu refused to back down. She bit her lip in anger while glaring at Xiao Yan, “Don’t tell me you don’t dare accept.”

This idiotic woman.

Inwardly fuming, Xiao Yan cursed in rage, his first battle with Xiao Ning had already used up a lot of his Dou Qi and now he was going to be battling with a 3 star Dou Zhe. He was clearly at a disadvantage.

“Don’t have the guts to accept a challenge from a woman?” Staring coldly at Xiao Yan, Xiao Yu felt a hint glee and openly sneered at him.

Brushing his nose with his thumb, Xiao Yan’s mouth twitched slightly and his black pupils shimmered ominously.

As Xiao Yan began to prepare himself to beat the long legged woman, a silver bell like laugh sounded as someone softly floated onto the platform.

Suddenly, a voice was heard calling from the platform, “Cousin Xiao Yu, brother Xiao Yan is already tired and yet you’re still challenging him. Are you trying to take advantage of him? Cousin Xiao Yu, if you really want to fight someone, then why don’t you let Xun Er play with you?”