Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Knight Examination (II)

“Instructor, let him be evaluated once more.” the one saying this is Jiang Hu, the first who passed this examination as well as the oldest of this group of children.

“Yes! Instructor, give Hao Chen one more chance.”

“Instructor, Hao Chen is working every day with such diligence, let him try again.”

At this moment, pleas for Long Hao Chen came from almost all of the children. This is the result of his popularity. Adding that they are just a bunch of kids that don’t have the notion of interest relationship, shows that they have only deep concern for him and no hidden purpose.

Balza’s voice rings: “Silence.” And everyone in the hall calms down.

Balza says: “Okay, I will give him an opportunity, but, for this to be fair, Long Hao Chen, you will first have to defeat Jiang Hu in a one versus one duel. The same applies for anyone who failed, those who can beat Jiang Hu within 3 days from today on, I will let them be evaluated again.

Long Hao Cheng is overjoyed, he first thanks his partners, and afterwards turns towards Balza: “Thank you Instructor.”

Looking at this stunning boy with a bright face and a pure smile, even if Balza is a man, he can’t help being startled. Putting aside Long Hao Chen, he takes instead a look to Jiang Hu, lightly saying: “Go all out, or else, I will cancel your promotion as Knight Squire, understood?”

“Yes.” Jiang Hu agreed. Pulling a wooden sword from his back, all the other youths scattered away, making way for an empty area.

“Hao Chen, be careful, I will show no mercy.” Jiang Hu, gives Long Hao Chen a knight salute, holding the wooden sword.

Long Hao Chen likewise saluted, “Jiang Brother, please.”

Jiang Hu let out a sound as he took a step forward, his hands on his wooden sword, going straight towards Long Hao Chen and aiming for his left shoulder.

Long Hao Cheng appears very calm, as if he was observing in slow-motion. Until the wooden sword in Jiang Hu’s hand split half the distance between them, he didn’t move. Moving his wooden sword, he swings at the location at the bottom of Jiang Hu’s sword.

With a “Duh” quiet sound, in a situation where Jiang Hu’s spiritual power is far greater than Long Hao Chen, Jiang Hu is unexpectedly the one being swung at.

Seeing this sword, Instructor Balza’s eyes flash, showing his surprise.

Jiang Hu is being swung at, but his reaction is quick. He makes a rotation, the power of the back of his waist driving the force of his hand, the wooden sword from his hand circle once, cutting horizontally.

Jiang Hu’s adaptability is brilliant. At his age, the fact he was able to have such a level is pretty good. However, Long Hao Chen’s answer is more surprising.

By the time Jiang Hu swung his sword, he had already advanced forward. The distance between the two was already pretty close and with this advancement, he is at the side of Jiang Hu. At this moment, his body rotates.

How does he plan to attack? Doubt appeared in Balza’s heart, wooden swords were 3 foot long and Hao Chen is already that close, he absolutely cannot attack openly.

But, at this moment, Long Hao Chen had unexpectedly attacked. He used the sword’s hilt.

As his body goes downwards, simultaneously, his sword’s hilt goes upwards, right under Jiang Hu’s rib, and although this attack from Long Hao Chen contains no force, Jiang Hu’s body still falls down and is just swept right next to Long Hao Chen’s wooden sword by chance.

“Stop!” Balza shouted.

Balza’s eyes flashed, he says with a heavy voice: “Balance lost, loss by move over-commited to. Jiang Hu, you lost. If Long Hao Chen‘s sword really used more force, you would still be lying down on the floor.

Jiang Hu embarrassedly scratches his head, “Hao Cheng, you are so sly”

Long Hao Chen stand on his sword, apologetically looking at Jiang Hu because he could not easily stand firm.

Balza nods towards Long Hao Cheng: ”You can try for a second time, the assessment”

Back before the wooden stake, the look on Long Hao Chen’s face changed, becoming more dignified, this look appears on the youth and his face gives an unusual feeling.

Both hand holding the wooden sword, Long Hao Chen’s eyes looked imposing, his body looked like it was producing light. Especially his eyes, these clear blue eyes wearing a firm look.

Suddenly, Long Hao Chen fiercely turns, taking hold of his wooden sword, far more obsessed than his peers.

Bang — the stone beads go up, as Hao Cheng is repelled by the shock and takes a step back, the wooden sword in his hands almost falls, as they leak a trace of blood.

“Spiritual energy of 11, you pass”, Balza says with a shocked voice. Going from the ninth spiritual energy level to the eleventh, it sounds just like a little difference of two levels. However, in his previous assessment, Long Hao Cheng went full force. To produce such an increase means that his potential was stimulated at its limit.

After a brief surprise, Balza comes back to normal, letting Long Hao Chen go to infirmary to bandage, then continues the next assessments.

“The assessment is finished. Those who failed, don’t come again tomorrow. Those who passed will be assigned to new instructors tomorrow. Now disband, after receiving some Elemental Training Liquid (Péi yuán yè), you can go back home.

“Thank you Instructor!” the youth shouted in unison.

“Long Hao Chen, you stay a little more.”

The youths cheerfully leave. Whether they passed or not, at this age, they easily found joy and happiness.

Left in Odin Hall temple, were only two people: Long Hao Chen and Instructor Balza.

“Hao Chen, tell me, why did you choose during your duel against Jiang Hu to attack this way?” Balza seriously asks.

Long Hao Chen replied with no hesitation: “Because my strength doesn’t match big brother Jiang Hu’s, so I can only look for his weaknesses. You taught us that when cutting, the strongest point is at the tip of the sword and the closer to the handle, the weaker the strength. Thus at the time he attacked I located on his waist his center of gravity, so I just closed the distance towards him, aiming for his center of gravity, preventing him from using his full power and also so that he had no way to continue attacking.”

Balza’s eyes were full of surprise, “So you say that, all of this was done by observing him?” He never taught these kids combat because of their age, for which the most important was laying the foundation, not actual time spent practicing.

“Okay, you can go home.” Balza waved. He felt that this child had a kind of potential that other children didn’t have.

“Instructor, today’s portion of Elemental Training Liquid…” wearing this beautiful face and showing a moment of shyness, Long Hao Chen tentatively asked.

”Oh, go receive it.“

“Instructor, goodbye.” Long Hao Chen happily left.

As he watched his jumping away figure from behind, Balza’s face cannot help letting out a smile, ”This child, he’s well behaved, works hard, and it looks like he has a very promising talent for fighting. It is really a rare good seed.”

“Do you know why he could so easily fight by attacking the opponent’s weak point?” At this moment, a cool and bright melodious voice sounded around Balza. Because this sound came so unexpectedly, Balza is suddenly scared a hop.

He didn’t know since when he has been here, but at Balza’s side, there is one more middle aged person. He looks about 30 years old, wears a simple and plain robe, but has a pair of eyes that are as bright as stars. In the depth of his eyes reveals a sense of disappointment, a radiance of memories, as well as a feeling of pain that could be felt by others.