Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Knight Examination (III)

“Senior, I don’t know.” As soon as he sees that middle aged man, Balza hurries to salute him. This middle aged person came a few days earlier to Odin Hall, he can’t be sure of this middle-aged man’s identity and circumstances, but he only knows that he is a figure of the knight group from Hao Yue city.

The middle aged looked back, saying faintly: “It is because his mental strength is different from ordinary people’s… Otherwise, why do you think he can show that kind of talent?”

Long Hao Chen is happy, as he is preciously holding a glass in his hands, jubilantly running towards his home.

For the other kids, the liquid in this bottle is just a hard to drink medicine, but for him, it is actually the reason why he joined the Knight Temple.

As he walks, he thinks aloud on the road: “Big brother Jiang Hu was right, this Elemental Training Liquid is really a good thing, since she started to drink a bottle of this each week, Mother’s health had gotten better. Mother, sorry, you taught me that as a man, I can’t beg other people, but, if I couldn’t pass the examination today, I would never be able to bring you again Elemental Training Liquid to drink.”

If Balza heard Long Hao Chen’s remark, he would have stared at him flabbergasted.

The Elemental Training Liquid is, for the Knight Temple, a kind of medicine that will have an effect on children below fifteen years old, enabling them to strengthen the basic cultivation’s results, assisting their practice and laying the body’s foundations. The reason why Long Hao Chen had almost failed the examination today, was that he didn’t drink any Elemental Training Liquid at all! All of it was given to his mother. One year ago, he was just thin and weak little boy and today, one year after this, he had to make intensive efforts in order to break through the tenth spiritual level while letting his mother drink his elemental training liquid, which was supposed to support his spiritual level cultivation.

For a nine years old kid to go through this, in terms of difficulty, completely surpasses the hurdles of the examination to become a knight.

The sunlight falls on Long Hao Chen’s body, shining with a kind of golden luster that seems as if it came from his heart.

Long Hao Chen’s home is located at the west side of Odin town, he has to even cross a river to reach it. Quickly, he passed through the wooden bridge. However, he doesn’t go straight home, but goes along a little road that gives access to a forest to the west of Odin.

Every time he gets the Elemental Training Liquid, to give it to drink to her mother he must first pick up some vegetables, then mix the medicine liquid with wild vegetables with a strong taste in a soup.

Going through the forest, he quickly gets to work. These years, Long Hao Chen and his mother were depending on each other. Even in the town of Odin, their household was the poorest one and, as the child of a poor person, he had to take care of the chores early on whereas a lot of children of the same age only knew about playing everyday, but he needs to help his mother, to let him share some of her pains. Mother and child were only relying on the mother, Bai Yue (Bái yuè), having a meager income from cutting some clothes every day, for their life expenses, but he always felt that he had a happy life.

After a while, quite a few herbs were piled up, Long Hao Chen is quite familiar with them and although they were only wild herbs, their flavor was not so bad. He knew because since his infancy, he had eaten a lot of them.

As Long Hao Chen is preparing to pack these up before going home, suddenly, a puff quiet sound startles him. Actually, this forest is not so peaceful, there are occasionally some wild animals in it.

Long Hao Chen looks up to the direction he heard the sound from, seeing a kind of faint little shadow that seemed to be falling down. Urged by his curiosity, he walks at it cautiously, and after several steps, he sees that this shadow falling in the forest was fundamentally no wild animal, but unexpectedly a little girl.

The little girl seemingly had a 7 or 8 years-old, very delicate appearance, and purple short hair. Her clothes were damaged, blood coming out from at least 6 or 7 places from her body. Although she fell on the ground, she still maintained her consciousness. She tries to get up, but it seems very difficult for her.

Long Hao Chen hurried forward, trying to help her to get up, saying embarrassed: “How are you?”

The little girl looks surprised and her body moves subconsciously, looking at him from the side. At this moment, Long Hao Chen sees the appearance of the little girl.

A lot of dirt was on her beautiful cheeks, the corner of her mouth letting out a thread of blood. She looks very embarrassed, but she still easily gives people a shocking feeling. However, her beauty is different from Long Hao Chen’s. Long Hao Chen’s gaze is gentle, giving people a feeling of intimacy. But, although this little girl is young, her gaze looks stubborn and cold, and as she stares suddenly towards him, Long Hao Chen can’t help shivering.

Seeing Long Hao Chen, the little girl looks surprised, she doesn’t know if it is because her affinity with Long Hao Chen is good enough, but she quickly calms down.

“Are you okay?” Long Hao Chen asked one more time.

The little girl lifts a hand reluctantly and writes a line of word: “I can’t speak, bad people are chasing me, they will arrive soon. Elder sister, save me.”

Looking at the words written in front of him, Long Hao Chen is shocked, but as he sees the last words written, a few black lines can’t help appearing from his forehead.

“It is brother, not sister.” After defending himself with one sentence, in a depressed tone, he lifts the little girl up, full of compassion. Because he passed the knight’s examination, his strength is already at the level of an adult’s, plus the little girl’s body is especially light, so when holding her, he doesn’t find her heavy at all.

After lifting her up, Long Hao Chen goes back to the spot he was at, using a rough rope to pick up the wild herbs. But at this moment, the little girl pulls anxiously the lapel of his cloth.

Long Hao Chen gawks at her, hurriedly placing her on the ground, and the little girl writes quickly on the land: “I feel their presence, they will arrive right away, they can track my scent, go quickly, otherwise it will be too late.”

Long Hao Chen wrinkles, firmly shaking his head, as he says: “Out of the question! As a man, I must to protect you.” Even though he is only 9 years old, as he says these words, his beautiful small face shows an incredible resolution.

“Your scent?” the expression in Long Hao Chen’s eyes changes, very quickly extracting from these wild herbs some particular plants, pressing them with his hand and then in a high-speed rubs them on the little girl’s body as well as his own. Afterwards, he runs to a side, carrying her towards bushes, placing her carefully in the middle of these brushes, then lies on his stomach, using his elbows to support his body.

He didn’t notice that in the moment he was doing this, the little girl he protected stared at him with a strange look, without moving at all.

As Long Hao Chen just finished hiding, he heard from outside some noise, and from a gap between the bushes he secretly looks at them, seeing a group of men in black clothes. These men’s figures are very tall, and even hidden they still stink a little of fishy smell. Among these people some are specialized on smelling odors.

“Why does the scent trail end here? What if this little girl got someone to rescue her?” These unpleasant husky voices resound in the woods.