Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Mysterious New Instructor (I)

“*Hum*…” Long Hao Chen slowly regains consciousness and blinks several times, the long eyelashes of his can really make any girl jealous. He gradually comes back to his senses.

Fiercely turning over and sitting on the ground, he utters: “Am I alright?” Looking at his unharmed body, he can’t help but feel relaxed.

He is surrounded by total silence: in the woods, the only sounds present are the cries of birds.

Lowering his head, Long Hao Chen finds, at his side, the wild herbs neatly put in order. Stupefied, he rubs his own temples.

Have I really fallen asleep, was all that just a dream?

Oh, what is this? He notices a ring on his finger. It is a blue colored ring that sends out a luster, not a kind of metallic brightness, but a kind of porcelain or jade luster.The decorative circular pattern is covered by gold and a gem the size of a grain of rice lies on it. This precious stone is completely embedded in the ring and using his hand’s touch, he could only feel its smooth little surface.

The ring’s inner circle is fully golden. Pressed close to his finger, it seemed to stick out a little, giving him a strange feeling.

Long Hao Chen stares blankly. He immediately realized that everything that happened before his coma was real, but he’s still confused, his mind full of questions.

What was the relation between the little mute girl and the white-clad man? Also, how did the white-clad man make these ferocious-looking people chasing them disappear. Who is the owner of this ring?

For the nine years old Long Hao Chen, these issues seem complicated and he has absolutely no clue about the answers.

Standing up, he subconsciously goes to the place where their pursuers vanished. He discovers, immediately, something strange.

After a few steps, Long Hao Chen sees that on the, originally, full of green grass ground, all the green grass has disappeared and turned into barren lands, and these areas were obviously defect at some places. The outermost green grass left only traces of black burns and had turned into the same color as the dark-green lands.

“Well, let’s stop thinking about this, it’s better that I quickly go home to give to Mother her wild herb soup.” Long Hao Chen checks on his bosom, the Elemental Training Liquid is still there, then he steadily departs. He picks the wooden sword up from side before heading off in the direction of his home.

However, his footsteps stop right after he picks up the wooden sword because he just discovered a strange phenomenon. The wooden sword has become light, as if it was a piece of feather!

In fact, the wooden sword in his hand was not what Genuine Knights use: it is indeed lighter and not made the same way. This sword was made of hardwood and weighs 3.5 to 4 kgs[1] but, despite this, he needed a full month of training before he could manage to use it the first moment he entered Odin Hall.

Did the wooden sword become lighter? Wrong, it still has the same appearance! Is it possible that it was my strength that has in fact improved?

As he thinks about it, both of Long Hao Chen’s hands take hold of the sword and he dashes forward, slashing before him. Immediately, a sound rang out, the sword’s power really scared him but his hands stay stable. He clearly feels that his limbs’ and bones’ strength had increased tremendously. Jumping several times, he feels as though his body is now as light as his wooden sword has became.

This is at least the strength of the 20th spiritual energy level right? In his mind, Long Hao Chen still remembers the indifferent and stubborn face of the little mute girl and mutters: “Are you the one who gave me all of these? Tomorrow, I’ll appraise my precise spiritual energy level at the Hall. Anyhow, let’s meet the wooden stake again.”

A youth’s heart can’t be much complicated. Although, today, a lot of matters left Long Hao Chen perplexed, after a single thought about the fact his mother could drink Elemental Training Liquid again, he cast aside all these matters. After all, the little mute girl was someone he just met, so he only prayed for her safety inwardly.

A little courtyard, two thatched rooms, a few shelves entangled in vines, and some vegetables drying under the sun. This was Long Hao Chen’s home.

“Mother, I am back.”

The door of the thatched cottage opens and a peasant woman comes out. Long Hao Chen looks at her outward appearance then runs back to her, immediately revealing a smile.

She is Bai Yue, Long Hao Chen’s mother. Long Hao Chen’s appearance looks very similar to her, as if he was carved out based on her appearance. Although Bai Yue is simply dressed and had undergone a lot of hardships, but her exceedingly beautiful appearance can intensely shock anyone. The only thing that doesn’t look the same as Long Hao Chen on her is her eyes’ color. For Bai Yue, they are black, whereas for Long Hao Chen, they are of a dark blue color.

But precisely because of this beautiful appearance, they both had an even harder life.

Because of this beautiful appearance, Bai Yue, as she was bearing her son, was harassed frequently. Though these issues were somehow resolved, how could one live such a life?

Although they came to the town, Odin, under agreement, she was forced to live in a remote corner of the town, and washing clothes was her job, which enabled her to gain a meager income that was barely enough to sustain her household.

“Chen Chen, you came back. How was today’s examination?” Bai Yue, brimming in joy runs to her son, holding him in her arms. She picks him up, the 9 years old Long Hao Chen who grew merely at the peak of her stomach in size

Affected by his mother’s soft and pure fragrance, Long Hao Chen jubilantly answers: “Mother, I passed it.”

Bai Yue faintly smiles: “I knew that Bai Bai was the most awesome. Wash quickly, Mother will prepare you lunch right now.”

Long Hao Chen jumped out from his mother’s bosom, “Let me go prepare it. I picked some edible wild herbs, I will prepare a soup for you to drink.”

As he said that, he went straight to the thatched cottage. At its entrance, he still can’t help but turn towards his mother to take a look. He doesn’t know why, but he feels like his mother seem really happy today. In fact, his mother generally doesn’t talk much during the day.

Bai Yue continuously followed her son with her eyes as he went to the kitchen, murmuring: “Bai Bai, you are having such a hard time, but… …” she sighs lightly, from her eyes revealing a struggling feeling before finally restraining her inner feelings that were about to surge out.

A silent night.

The next day, Long Hao Chen wakes up early and goes to eat the breakfast prepared by his mother before proceeding to Odin Hall.

As he slept soundly, in his dreams appeared the scene that had occurred during the day and even the one when that little mute girl gave him the ring. It fired him up to such an extent that in the morning, as he woke up, he was too impatient to wait longer before going to confirm how much his spiritual energy grew.

Because he came so early, when Long Hao Chen got into Odin Hall, no one else had arrived yet. There was nothing valuable at Odin’s Hall so there was basically no one monitoring, let alone Balza, the Knight Instructor who lived right behind.

Going at a fast pace to yesterday’s examination place, in front of the wooden block, he withdraws from his back the wooden sword. He came today, earlier, only to prove that his guess was correct by taking a spiritual energy test.

The wooden sword slowly raises. Long Hao Chen concentrates, his foot accumulating power, taking a deep breath and, from his hands, the wooden sword goes down at full speed.

Puff — *swish* ——, Ping–