Chapter 37

Chapter 37 - Asura Ye (III)

A lot of people conjectured that this young knight was probably the descendant of a big shot, but got bullied by Ye Hua. And this important figure became furious and fired Asura Ye from his position. Either way, it was a joyful thing for the knights that they finally did not have to see that zombie face everyday anymore, nor undergo that hell-like training anymore.

Time passed day by day and even the person Long Hao Chen was the most familiar with, Li Xin, did not see him often. All she knew was that he was receiving Asura Ye’s guidance. Even when they saw each other, Long Hao Chen avoided to disclose the training method used by Asura Ye.

The food served in Hao Yue Hall was pretty good, not to mention that Long Hao Chen himself received special treatment; training improved his physique, he received a sufficient and comfortable nutrition, and as a result, his body grew very quickly. The fact that could surprise anyone was that his face had become even softer and more glamorous.

Two years later.

Hao Yue Branch Hall’s examination ground.

Dang, Dang, Dang, weapons were colliding against each other as a sacred atmosphere completely filled the examination ground that was protected by a magical barrier. Its exterior wouldn’t be affected either.

Peng —

A figure could be seen. It was knocked back and continuously flew towards a wall more than twenty meters away before slowly falling down.

The figure that was sent flying away had a height of approximately 1.7 meters. It looked quite robust, but at the same time, very slender. The figure wore a blue-colored attire, had black hair, yellow-colored pupils, bright red-colored lips, its eyebrows looked extremely soft, and it had white delicate skin where the slightest pore could not be found. If this figure were to crossdress, its appearance would absolutely look natural.

“Long Hao Chen, get up! You trash, what did I teach you?! When your opponent is far stronger than you, a direct confrontation is the most unsuitable choice. Don’t tell me that because I just said you were a wimp, you cannot keep going anymore? A Guardian Knight’s most important trait is supposed to be patience! Once more!”


This youth who was sent flying was, undoubtedly, trained individually by Asura Ye.

The astonishing growth he underwent during these two years was due to training: Asura Ye had no way to compare with Long Hao Chen’s father but, while training under his guidance, Long Hao Chen could faintly feel that this Asura Teacher was different from his father in a lot of ways, especially regarding their field of specialization; regarding understanding and mastery of the skills, he was not as good as his father at all, but he lent priority to practice.

Of course, following Ye Asura’s guidance was not a joyful thing at all. Asura Ye’s temperament regarding training made him worthy of his title. He always looked quite discontent, immediately beating him up nonstop.

Regarding Long Hao Chen’s combat experience, Asura Ye was fully satisfied.

The kind of combat training that Asura Ye gave to Long Hao Chen was different from the one given by Long Xing Yu. Long Xing Yu did not use spiritual energy at all, training his skills by relying only on technique to attack Long Hao Chen.

However, this was not the case with Asura Ye. He seemed as if he was a teacher from hell, going all out at every fight, at best showing little mercy. However, he would still never harm Long Hao Chen’s bones and muscles for real, a typical case of the strong bullying the weak.

In such an oppressive environment, Long Hao Chen’s speed of growth was astonishing. Everyday, he would end up completely worn out before seated meditation training, but his body’s potential was coming out little by little.

Nonetheless, the gap between this master and disciple was really too big: a mere two years couldn’t possibly make up for it despite the following cultivation training that happened daily. Even though Long Hao Chen’s speed of cultivation was gradually becoming faster and faster, the enormous gap between him and Asura Ye was still present.

In fact, Genuine Knights who want to reach the tenth rank are required to cultivate their spiritual energy from the 201th to the 500th level; but for Earth Knights, the requirements extend from the 2000th to the 4000th. The disparity between the two steps is close to being tenfold and this applies to any vocation. The reason for this disparity is that as the step grows higher, the difficulty to grow in ranking increases tremendously.

For example, Long Hao Chen’s father, the Divine Knight Long Xing Yu, had a 9th step vocation’s spiritual energy level of at least 10,000.


“Hum? Time is up 1. ”

Two successive colliding sounds resounded practically at the same time, and the fight on the examination ground finally came to a halt.

The reason of the two successive sounds was simple, it was that Long Hao Chen relied on his Radiant Shield to block Ye Hua’s heavy sword.

A thick golden aura was emitted by both master and disciple; although Ye Hua said that the time was up, Long Hao Chen did not show the slightest bit of negligence. This teacher frequently surprised Long Hao Chen by his acts, such as sneak attacking.

“For you to be able to block this frontal attack, even if you relied on the Radiant Shield, means that your spiritual energy has already made a breakthrough. Rest for an hour, and then we will test your spiritual energy.” As he said these words, Ye Hua’s ice cold face couldn’t help but show a smiling expression. Every time Long Hao Chen was sent flying, he would reveal a smiling face intentionally. Of course, Long Hao Chen never treated his expression as a smile, he just thought that his stiff face’s muscles were simply suddenly twitching, and apart from the fact his face looked even more ferocious, it had also another effect…


An hour later.

“Bang– –” A dazzling light momentarily brightened the whole examination ground, as if a layer of gold was coating it.

Ye Hua silently nodded: “1,014. Very good, you finally broke through the 1,000s, just like me. I had already stopped my progression at the 5th step 5th rank six years ago. My current spiritual energy level is approximately at the 3,000th level.”

If someone were to see this scene with his own eyes, and knew Long Hao chen’s precise age, he would most likely be so shocked that his jaw would drop.

With each spiritual energy round number level 2 becoming a bottleneck, breaking through the last rank of each step was truly hard. Ye Hua was personally stopped by the bottleneck of the 3,000th level and, for six years, he wasn’t able to pass it! Regardless of his efforts, and his cleverness, he was just unable to breakthrough. However, he clearly remembered that approximately one week ago, he tested Long Hao Chen’s spiritual energy and it was still roughly at the 980th level that time. In other words, within a week, his spiritual energy grew and gained thirty levels despite the fact that he just broke through a bottleneck.

“Hao Chen, these few days, when you practiced, did you feel any sluggish feeling?” Ye Hua asked.

Long Hao Chen shaked his head: “I didn’t. It was as usual.”

“Ah –” Ye Hua, who didn’t expect this answer, let out a kind of nervous cry.

Long Hao Chen stood on the side unperturbed, looking at him; this was clearly not the first time he got to see this kind of expression on his teacher’s face.

After quite a while, Ye Hua’s mind recovered to a somewhat stable state, and he coldly said: “Go back and pack up your things, you will go out with me tomorrow.”

“Yes.” Long Hao Chen put away his Radiant Shield and his heavy sword, respectfully performing a knight salute in front of his teacher before turning around.

As he looked towards Long Hao Chen who was disappearing from the entrance, Ye Hua looked up and loudly bellowed, filled with grief and indignation: “The Heavens have no limit; evil Heavens, you bastards, you are just inhuman! This brat actually did not even feel the bottleneck, what kind of level will these innate gifts make him reach?! In two years, he broke through the 1,014th spiritual energy level from the 268th! Holy shit, didn’t these bastards from the Temple say that below 20 years-old, the spiritual energy growth couldn’t be very fast, and only after 20 years old would it become truly faster?! Bunch of divine cocks, did you see that?! 13 years-old and has a 1000th spiritual energy level, fuck it, a fourth rank Grand Knight! I’m not a fifth of this kind of genius; I, your Father, am not even a Radiant knight 3!”

Long Hao Chen came back to his room, washed his whole body, and changed into clean clothes. He ate a simple meal and was about to head back to practice before a knocking sound could be heard…