Chapter 40

Chapter 40 - Knights’ Sacred Mountain (II)

While he was speaking, Ye Hua’s look became very gentle.

“Hao Chen, do you know how high my innate internal spiritual energy is?” Ye Hua asked. At this instant, his voice sounded as cold as ice.

Long Hao Chen shook his head.

Ye Hua said: “My innate internal spiritual energy is only nine.”

“Ah?” Only nine? Long Hao Chen clearly remembered his father’s words: if one’s innate internal spiritual energy could not even reach ten, it would be very hard for him to break through the third step to enter the fourth step.

Ye Hua said this with a smile, but this smile looked even uglier than a crying face.

“Yeah, only nine. At the time the evil Heavens gave me a smart brain, they also gave me a poor innate potential. Even if I wracked my brain completely, thought of countless training methods, in the end, I will never bypass the rank of Airborne Knight. In the end, I am afraid that I will never reach the stage of Radiant Knight in my life.

On the year of my fifteenth birthday, I completed the cultivation of my external spiritual energy and became a Knight. The me of that time was very ambitious, acclaimed by everyone around as a genius. However, on the day of my Sacred Awakening, to me, it was as if thunder fell from the clear sky 1: innate internal spiritual energy, nine. The worst trash possible. The teachers who had valued me weren’t willing to teach me anything anymore. They didn’t even let me know where the Knights’ Sacred Mountain was located. The 15-year-old me wasn’t willing to believe that at all! It was impossible… impossible that a low innate internal spiritual energy could prevent me to become a formidable knight. I was really not willing to believe that at all! I was convinced that, as long as I could rely on hard word, I would be able to break through and overcome this restriction from Heaven.

As a result, I relied on my own two legs to go to the Knights’ Temple to request permission. And then, I relied on my own two legs to go to the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, before finally arriving. Every Knight below 20 years old who entered could only remain for a month after entering, and if he didn’t find his opportunity within a month, he would be forced to leave the mountain by the Temple’s authorities.

I was looking for the opportunity day after day, persistently looking for it day after day. Every time I met a magical beast, even if it was a second or a third ranked small and weak one, I was willing to interact with it, but even these small and weak fellows didn’t accept me.

Time passed day after day. Finally, as a month had passed, it looked like I was going to be ordered to leave. I was really unwilling, really really unwilling! As I looked up high in the sky, I was so frustrated that my bitter tears flowed. I knew that if I was forced out of the mountain like that, I could only remain as a trash. Losing the little thread of hope to become a formidable knight that I had, I would not have any more opportunity.

However, at this moment, I met him. He heard my cries and before I noticed him, he had appeared on my shoulder. It was as if he could read and understand the pain in my heart. Since then, he became my only close relative, my best partner. I am willing to protect him with my life, because he is like a little brother to me. ”

At this point, from the ice-cold Ye Hua, a drop of tear flowed as the Vibrant Mountain Bird slowly turned its head, looking at it with a gently look, as if trying to comfort it.

Ye Hua calmly patted his back, “Don’t worry, old partner, I’m okay.”

“Long Hao Chen, I am an orphan. In this world, I have never experienced what familial love felt like. In the past, I would never imagine that I would one day feel such an unreal thing. That was until I met him, this little brother. And then, I realized that fate really existed. This affection that he let me feel, unceasingly encouraging me to try all kinds of training methods. And then, after twenty years, from trash, I managed, little by little, to break through the realm of an Airborne Knight. I suffered countless bottlenecks. I am afraid that a little genius like you will never be able to understand it, this feeling. ”

“After having said so much, there is one last thing Teacher wants to tell you. It is that, after you possess your own companion, you have to treat him well, consider him as a member of your family. This kind of opportunity is something that will appear only once during your whole life: you have to grab it. Protect him well; otherwise, when you lose him, you will regret it for your whole life.”

Hearing such an emotional speech from Ye Hua, Long Hao Chen unconsciously tightened his fists. He was full of respect for both this teacher and this Vibrant Mountain Bird under him.

The personal efforts he made were not few, but how could they compare to his teacher’s? If he had the same innate talent as his teacher, would he be able to, like him, spend a few dozens of years as if it was a single day, to try to complete an impossible goal, and struggle so much for it?

“Teacher, don’t worry, I understand. I will put my life at stake to protect my companion.”

Ye Hua slowly nodded, “This fat bastard, Nalan, doesn’t want me to ask you, but, Hao Chen, I really want to know how high your innate internal spiritual energy is. This is for the sake of looking for your suitable mount. The most formidable magical beasts are also the most proud ones. I have not been able to estimate your innate talent up to now. During this trip, you will perhaps be able to show Teacher a really nice surprise.”

“Teacher, I… ” Long Hao Chen looked at Ye Hua somewhat hesitantly. Long Xing Yu clearly told him that his innate internal spiritual energy was something extremely important to keep secret. Moreover, this teacher before him, who was known by others as Asura, couldn’t compare with him at all in terms of innate internal spiritual energy. However, did he really have to conceal it to such stubborn teacher?

Ye Hua waved his hands, letting out a light sigh: “Let it be. It is your private matters, and even the fat bastard, Nalan, doesn’t know. No need to reveal it, I don’t want to seem irritating to you.”

“Teacher, I want to let you know.” Long Hao Chen blurted out these few words. He had never been moved as deeply as just now, with Ye Hua’s lonely eyes revealing the pain engraved deeply in his heart.

“Mh?” Ye Hua’s eyes shone, looking at him with a burning gaze.

Long Hao Chen took a deep breath and said: “Teacher, since two years ago, you devotedly taught me all kind of things regarding Guardian Knight knowledge and skills. You were very strict, forcing me into a life full of beating and scolding, but deep inside, I knew that you did all of that for my own good. When I followed Father to train, his guidance was completely different to yours. Without you, I wouldn’t have grown so much. I heard Nalan Hall Master say that I was your sole disciple. You did not hold back any of the knowledge you acquired in your many years when teaching me. How could Hao Chen be unable to recognize your good intentions? In Hao Chen’s heart, you are a father as well as a master. To others, my secret will forever remain secret, but to you, I am willing to reveal it, as you are like a father to me.”

Looking at Long Hao Chen, the muscles on Ye Hua’s face started to relax as he hurriedly shook his head: he didn’t want to let him see the sparkling tears that began to flow from his eyes. He didn’t expect at all that, on such an ordinary day, such a clever kid, usually silent but never refusing whichever hard training, his innately gifted disciple with the appearance of beautiful kitty, would speak out these words. Behind such a delicate outward appearance, he apparently had a very large heart.

Such fantastic words came out from Long Hao Chen’s mouth, before a pure gold colored radiance enveloped Long Hao Chen and Ye Hua inside of it.

[Divine Light Mantle], a third step defensive skill used by Guardian Knights isolating him while producing a sound effect. A defensive skill acting like a monomer 2. With Long Hao Chen’s current spiritual energy, he could barely use [Divine Light Mantle] to fully envelop him and his teacher inside.