Chapter 44

Chapter 44 - Starlight Unicorn (II)

“Thanks a lot for your instructions, senior.”

“Hm, you go too.” The elder waved his hand, and the scroll was consumed and assimilated into a tile that was then handed to Long Hao Chen.

Long Hao Chen turned towards Ye Hua and performed a knight salute.

“Go.” Ye Hua returned the salute. His face displayed a smile that seemed kind of forced, but his gaze was as fiery as before.

Long Hao Chen faced the other side before going through the haze and fading away inside.

After looking at his leaving figure, Ye Hua wanted to take his leave as the handicapped elder told him : “This kid is a very rare good seedling. Young fellow, to be able to foster this kind of disciple, you are pretty good.”

Ye Hua looked pleasantly surprised by this praise, “Many thanks for senior’s praise.”

The elder indifferently told him, “I never praise others, I just state the facts. You go too.”


Ye Hua withdrew into the haze; he still looked as respectful as before. Before coming here, he never told Long Hao Chen about the kind of existences that were the elders here, because when he came before, he was actually not qualified to know about them.

These guardians of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain were all at least seventh step knights from the Alliance who completed their personal task, got a suit of Secret Silver Foundation Warrior Armor, enjoying their life in retirement here.

There were even some eighth step Saint Knights here. And if not for the fact that Divine Knights could only hand over their Divine Throne upon dying, there would perhaps be some who would appear here.

With the Knight Temple being the head of the Six Great Temples, the power gathered at the Knights’ Sacred Mountain could only be described as an absolute terror.

Except from the Divine Knights, no one knew how many formidable knights this mountain range contained. However, no matter from where one entered, he would always run into a guardian immediately upon entering the mountain.

The elder who appeared at that moment seemed quite feeble, he was still at least a seventh step powerhouse! Even though he was handicapped, even Ye Hua together with Gui Yin could not possibly be a match for him. Besides, the scars and deformities on his body were all brought by battles against the demon race. It could be said that the guardians of the Sacred Mountain were all genuine heroes.

Even if the three Divine Knights of the Knight Temple showed up, they had to salute these elders who deserved respect. They were the pride as well as the glory of the Knight Temple. Thus, even a strange phenomenon such as Ye Hua was respectful when facing the elder they met earlier.

“You also came out, Elder Brother Ye Hua? It looks like this disciple of yours is really young. Such a young knight is really a rare thing. I wonder what his current rank as a Knight is.”

Gui Ying hadn’t left yet, and looking at Ye Hua who just appeared before his sight, he asked with a serious tone.

Ye Hua answered in a cold voice, “What does it have to do with you?”

Gui Ying laughed out loudly: “It naturally has nothing to do with me. Only, we will have to wait here for a while, so how about we make a bet? Between this disciple of yours and my son, which one will get the highest ranked magical beast as a mount? If I win, I won’t even bother you, just let me give you a good slap like in those days. If you win, as the loser, I will give you 3,000 gold coins, how about it?”

The purchasing value of gold coins was considerably high. With 3,000 gold coins, he would be able to buy a pretty good magical equipment.

Ye Hua coldly looked at him, “Then let’s wait until the Demon Hunt Selection Competition and then bet. After all, mounts cannot decide everything. Let us compare their rankings during the Demon Hunt Selection Competition; would you have the guts to dare? If I win, I don’t want your gold coins, just let me give you a slap.”

Gui Ying showed a cold expression, “You are still as arrogant as before. Look at the age of your disciple, how could such a young kid even participate in the Demon Hunt Selection Competition? This is just so ridiculous. Can it be that you forgot that the upper age limit for the Demon Hunt Selection Competition was 25 years-old?”

Ye Hua indifferently answered: “All you have to do is to give me your reply, whether you dare or not.”

Gui Ying’s pupils shrank, “I dare, what is there to fear? I originally also wanted Gui Wu to participate in this Demon Hunt Selection and Competition to temper himself. He will participate in this Demon Hunt Selection and Competition at 23 years-old and amaze the world! My son is already an eighth rank Knight, so he may even be able to fight his way to reach the final phase of the competition before becoming a Demon Hunter.”

Ye Hua said: “Let’s wait for that moment then. Wash your face well for that moment, I don’t want to make my hand dirty.”

Gui Ying’s complexion changed, but he didn’t dare be rash here; they were in the territory of the Sacred Mountain, so in the case that the guardians acted, his position as the Hall Master of Xiu City would not be enough to excuse him.

Long Hao Chen stepped into the haze. Feeling the surrounding light attribute becoming increasingly dense, it gave him an indescribable comfortable feeling. Deep inside, even if he managed to find his magical beast companion earlier, he would still want to stay here for thirty days. After all, he could clearly feel that the speed of the circulation of his internal spiritual energy was doubled here, not much less compared to when he meditated. In these circumstances, he would gain at least three or four spiritual energy levels daily.

Walking forward, he suddenly paused. Looking at the scenery before his eyes, it seemed that he had already passed through the haze, as this scenery had become much more distinct.

Lifting up his head, he discovered to his astonishment that what he could see was completely different from the past haze: the sky was clear and blue.

With a warm feeling coming from the bright sunlight, before his eyes there was a tree swaying to the breeze, letting out a fresh and sweet natural sound, restoring his energy and alleviating his fatigue.

At this moment, he arrived at the foot of the mountain range; he could only see a mountain forest before his eyes. There were thick and solid trees, at least 40 or 50 meters high. There were many kind of trees in this diverse mountain forest, and there wasn’t a single straight path.

Holding the Radiant Shield in his left hand, drawing out the heavy sword with his right hand, and clenching the black-colored tile together with the hilt of his sword, he was ready to react to any circumstances.

Whoosh, a yellow colored figure appeared in front of him, it was a monkey specie magical beast. It was lurking near a tree, but grinned upon seeing Long Hao Chen before turning around and running away.

What a miraculous magical array! Long Hao Chen sighed loudly. In the outside world, the majority of magical beasts were hostile to humans. In eight cases out of ten, they would immediately take the initiative to attack upon meeting a human. They were friendlier here, because of the influence of the Knight Temple’s magical array and the holy aura it emitted. The Knights’ Sacred Mountain is really a miraculous place.

Lowering his head to look at the token in his hand, he saw an orange colored glint, symbolizing that this magical beast was of the third rank.

Without delay, Long Hao Chen advanced and entered the mountain forest. A sound was emitted as a powerful defensive [Divine Light Mantle] was released, enveloping him inside. As he was advancing forward, he carefully observed his surroundings.

Ye Hua told him earlier that after entering the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, if he wanted to reach his objective, the first thing he had to do was to climb the mountain and advance towards the interior of the Sacred Mountain. While approaching the center, the magical beasts he would meet would be more powerful.

The vegetation in this mountain forest was really dense; it went to the extent that Long Hao Chen had to use his heavy sword to make his way through quickly. After half an hour of labor, he had finally climbed to the summit of the first mountain.

On the road, he also met several magical beasts, but they were all low ranked, at most third or fourth step magical beasts. Upon seeing him, these magical beasts didn’t show any desire to get close to him.

Climbing over the mountain, the scenery before his eyes suddenly became clear and open, and after continuously moving up and down this mountain range, he was respectful before this scenery.

It was a green colored ocean, and from the distant peak, some trees appeared especially tall. Even from his current position, they could be clearly seen.