Chapter 45

Chapter 45 - Starlight Unicorn (III)

So beautiful! Long Hao Chen couldn’t refrain from gasping in astonishment. Such a magnificent wide-opened scenery could only relax him and add a beautiful feeling of clarity to his mood. Taking deep breaths, he felt the abundant light attribute whirling all around him. Resisting, with great difficulty, the urge to enter into seated meditation, he simply took a look around, then directly advanced at a high pace toward the direction of the core of the Sacred Mountain.

The Knights’ Sacred Mountain was enormous, and covering it was challenging. Five days passed in a flash. Long Hao Chen had climbed to the peak of dozens of mountains, and had discovered that he had only covered a third of the total distance. He was still far from the core of the mountain.

In addition, the deeper one went, the higher the peak of the mountains would be, and climbing it would accordingly become harder.

However, he still advanced unceasingly, and the grade of the magical beasts he met also increased accordingly. Fifth and sixth step magical beasts seemed to appear endlessly. Sadly, none of them expressed any will to approach him.

In the ‘Forget-Me-Not’ ring, a sufficient amount of food and water was stored. Long Hao Chen would rest for approximately three hours every day, and although he did not meditate here, he could clearly feel the progress of his spiritual energy.

“Pfiou, need water.” After reaching the summit of another mountain, Long Hao Chen could see to his astonishment that on the other side of this mountain, there was a lake.

From a height, this lake looked like a huge block of sapphire embedded in the mountain, reflecting the shining sun. It looked just like the entrance to a wonderland in this human world.

“Excellent. Teacher said that there would be a lot of strong water type beasts in this kind of region. Maybe I can find my destined companion here.”

Without a single pause, he hastily went down the hill. Maybe it was because he had a goal set, but this time he sped up a lot, and descended the mountain in little time.

From afar, he saw that some magical beasts were drinking water on the lakeside, and halted his steps, advancing slowly, approaching them from the front.

He could quickly see a marvellous scene and Long Hao Chen’s heart skipped a bit. What is that?

More than ten unicorns were lingering near the lakeside. These unicorns were clearly a community, they all had a snow white body, gold-colored mane, and a spiral pattern could be seen drawn on the front of their proud faces. Each one of them had a pair of enormous wings, pure-white colored wings with gold-colored feathers at the edge.

This, this is…

Starlight Unicorns?

Unicorns were certainly the mounts knights were the most fond of. Regardless of whether on the sky or on the ground, they were extremely powerful. They were really formidable magical beasts on the surface as well as the air. In addition, unicorns were gentle beasts, and relatively docile. Without a doubt, they were also arrogant. Only by conquering one, or if it took a fancy toward a person, would it perhaps consider concluding an agreement.

Starlight Unicorns are among the most commonly known kinds of unicorns. A fully grown Starlight Unicorn is a peak eighth step magical beast. Its strength is just a step away from that of a ninth step magical beast, second only to the ninth step Divine Unicorn.

A Starlight Unicorn was, in addition, a light attribute magical beast, so if a poll was to be done, inquiring What kind of mount do knights desire the most as their companion?, at least half of those who were asked would have chosen it.

Looking at these Starlight Unicorns, Long Hao Chen ceased breathing while approaching them, they were indeed even more formidable than his big sister’s Rose Unicorn!

They were so pretty, their body simply looked beautiful as well as powerful. The rich holy aura they released was very pure, as if they seemed to have completely merged with the lake, their bodies emitting a faint golden rippling radiance.

Taking a deep breath, Long Hao Chen took out his heavy sword as well as his shield, he knew that the opportunity had come.

He did the best he could to stay tranquil, slowly walking towards these Starlight Unicorns.

Even if it wasn’t in the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, the kind-hearted Starlight Unicorns would probably not rashly attack humans; besides, they weren’t influenced much by the magical array here.

In this group of Starlight Unicorns, there was an especially big one; its body was 6,6 meters (20 feet) long, 4 meters (12 feet) high, and its horn was, in itself, two-thirds of a meter (2 feet) long. Also, it had a pair of completely dazzling gold-colored eyes. While the other Unicorns were drinking water, it was the only one who calmly stood there, observing the surroundings.

Without a doubt, this unicorn was their king.

Seeing Long Hao Chen slowly coming towards it, this Starlight Unicorn looked a bit surprised, its right leg lightly hitting the ground.

Long Hao Chen hurriedly stood in front of it, and sincerely requested: “Respectable Starlight Unicorn, I am a knight from the Knight Temple. I came here to seek a companion. I wonder if it is possible for both of us to initiate an exchange?”

High leveled magical beasts were generally extremely wise creatures, not the slightest bit inferior to humans, and gaining their acknowledgement was accordingly difficult. Establishing communication was the first step.

This Starlight Unicorn King stared at Long Hao Chen’s figure with its pair of golden eyes and upon seeing Long Hao Chen’s golden eyes that were even more limpidly dazzling than his, could not help but feel surprised.

An intense light was emitted by the horn at the top of its head, spraying out some gold colored powder that started to envelop Long Hao Chen’s body.

Simultaneously, a faint gold color was released from Long Hao Chen’s body, especially his chest that was sparkling in golden light.

Such an abundant holy aura came from Long Hao Chen, giving a warm and intimate feeling; he immediately felt exalted form the bottom of his heart, this Unicorn King was willing to communicate with him, it was the proof that he had gotten an opportunity to gain its acknowledgement. It gave him in addition a cordial feeling.

“Hello there, human. ” A gentle, manly sound resounded in Long Hao Chen’s mind.

Although Long Xing Yu had told Long Hao Chen before that all high-ranked magical beasts had the ability to communicate with humans, it was the first time he encountered this kind of magical telepathy, he was thus quite nervous. He hurriedly answered, in his thoughts: “Hello there, Starlight Unicorn.”

The Starlight Unicorn then said: “The holy aura released by your body is extremely pure. It is clearly above the level of mine, it makes me feel very comfortable.”

Long Hao Chen’s heart skipped up a beat, “In that case, can I become your companion?”

The crucial moment arrived. If this Starlight Unicorn gave his agreement, in that case, Long Hao Chen would obtain a peak eighth step formidable magical beast as his mount. Exactly, a young unicorn! If he was to possess such a formidable mount, even Earth Knights would not necessarily be a match for him.

The Starlight Unicorn became silent upon hearing Long Hao Chen’s question. The golden radiance it released became even more intensely strong, and under its influence, Long Hao Chen’s eyes became even more sparkling, clear like crystal, reflecting this unicorn’s silhouette.

“I really want to agree to thine request.” The Starlight Unicorn suddenly started using respectful tone 1, “But, I don’t want to deceive thee.”

Long Hao Chen was stunned, “What… what do you mean by that?”

“Respectable Scion of Light, I can clearly see the source of your light. I would really like to become your mount, your companion. If I did so, in my lifetime, it would probably be possible for me to become a ninth step magical beast. But I cannot do that. For the simple reason that we, unicorns, are honest beings. With my innate talent, I do not have the qualifications to serve the Scion of Light. I am sorry, I can only decline your offer.”

“Oh? You don’t have the qualifications?” Long Hao Chen suddenly gasped. Even if this Starlight Unicorn says he doesn’t have the qualifications, he cannot be so much in awe. Before my eyes is a peak eighth step formidable being after all! If he doesn’t have the qualifications, what kind of magical beast would be suitable to become my companion?

“I am afraid that this time, you went on an errand for nothing. From what I know, inside of this Knights’ Sacred Mountain, I am not the only one who doesn’t have the qualifications, but even the other ninth step magical beast as well as their descendants don’t have the qualifications to become your companion.” The Starlight Unicorn spoke to Long Hao Chen in a helpless tone.