Chapter 46

Chapter 46 - Starlight Unicorn (IV)

Long Hao Chen was flabbergasted, “Then, what kind of magical beast should I seek to become my companion mount?”

The Starlight Unicorn answered: “You need a companion with the same innate talent as you. How can there be that kind of existence in the scope of this mountain range? Although this environment is not bad, unless we make a contract, we have no real freedom here, and we are forever unable to leave.”

Long Hao Chen showed a forced smile, “Then, how am I supposed to look for a companion?”

The Starlight Unicorn answered: “You may still have some chance. Inside of the great array of this Sacred Mountain, there is a magical core array. Every so often, new magical beasts will be transferred through it. If those humans can let you directly pick a beast from a fresh transfer, then you may be able to get a fitting partner. However, it is also possible that what you will get will be a low level partner.”

“Thank you.” Long Hao Chen said, somewhat disappointed.

Withdrawing his light aura, the Starlight Unicorn nodded once more in the direction of Long Hao Chen before shifting his gaze to his clan’s members.

“The disciple of trash is also trash. Being deluded enough to attempt to get a Starlight Unicorn as a mount, it’s so ridiculous.” A voice full of disdain could be heard. From the middle of the forest, a figure came out.

Long Hao Chen stared attentively, his expression immediately becoming filled with anger.

What came out from the forest was an excessive 6.6 meter (20 feet) long figure on a 5 meter (15 feet) tall magical beast.

This magical beast had a red colored body and was entirely covered by thick scales, making it very sturdy. On its back, a man was seated, but wasn’t that the person who entered a step earlier than Long Hao Chen into the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, Gui Wu?

A Scarlet Shelled Earthworm, a seventh step magical beast belonging to the inferior-dragon species. However, the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm before his eyes was clearly underaged. It couldn’t fly but, on the ground, it was extremely powerful in terms of fighting capability. It was a beast of the fire attribute.

After no more than a few days, this Gui Wu had surprisingly already found a personal mount. In terms of potential, this Scarlet Shelled Earthworm was an existence of the same rank compared to his father’s Dragon Eagle.

“I won’t allow you to insult my teacher!” Long Hao Chen shouted loudly.

Gui Wu snorted before saying in response, full of disdain, “Unconvinced? Very well! Come and duel me then. Don’t worry, I will not kill you, At most, I will just break all your limbs, nothing more.” At the same time, something shone in his hand, and on his left hand appeared a shield while on his right hand appeared a 6.66 meters (twenty feet) lance.

There were two kinds of weapons generally used by knights: heavy swords and lances. Without considering that he had gotten a mount, even if there wasn’t this Scarlet Shelled Earthworm, Gui Wu was confident enough in his ability to defeat Long Hao Chen.

Not stepping back, Long Hao Chen, holding his shield and drawing his sword, faced Wu Gui who was riding this Scarlet Shelled Earthworm. Right when he was about to accept Gui Wu’s challenge, suddenly, a beam of golden light was shot out from the side.

This dazzling beam of light enveloped Gui Wu together with his Scarlet Shelled Earthworm inside. The previous Starlight Unicorn appeared by Long Hao Chen’s side, upright and unafraid.

Fear appeared in the eyes of this Scarlet Shelled Earthworm; Gui Wu also felt a formidable oppressing power, he was completely aghast at this scene.

Can it be that he really got acknowledged by a Starlight Unicorn? No, that is impossible!

However, Gui Wu was no fool, he wouldn’t dare contend against a peak eighth step formidable magical beast; he had practically instantly used his spiritual energy to stimulate his tile. A rich shining golden light was emitted and he fled together with his Scarlet Shelled Earthworm.

The changes before his eyes caused Long Hao Chen to become astonished, this Starlight Unicorn King slowly lowered its head, its shoulder shaking down, gently looking at him. It apparently wanted to say, The dignity of the Scion of Light is not something that can be offended by such a clown.

With a respectful cry, the Starlight Unicorn looked once more at Long Hao Chen before suddenly moving out, closely followed by the group of Starlight Unicorns that were previously drinking the lake’s water; they spread out the wings on their back, gracefully flying through the sky, leaving a golden luster behind and disappearing behind the mountains in a blink of an eye.

Standing lifelessly at the same location, Long Hao Chen looked disappointed for a long time because the Starlight Unicorns were magical beasts that were the most suitable to become knights’ mounts. Both Long Xing Yu and Ye Hua had described to him the features of this kind of magical beast.

Starlight Unicorns were a symbol of the light element; they were naturally kind-hearted, gentle, truthful, they treated their companions well, and were sure to defend them with their life, but never killed their foes mercilessly. In the Temple Alliance, young girls often fantasized about a Prince Charming on his white horse coming to get them, the white horse being this kind of Starlight Unicorn.

If it didn’t deceive me, then I will not have any result this time. I can only leave it to my luck and rely on the magical array, or hunt magical beasts by myself in the future, with the goal of taming it.

Both routes were uncertain but, without a doubt, the former one had a higher chance of success. After all, if he relied on the magical array to gain a companion magical beast, it could potentially result in summoning a quite formidable one. However, taming a magical beast was impossible, as his current cultivation level would only enable him to confront a magical beast of the fifth step at most. If a peak eighth step Starlight Unicorn said that it could not match his innate talent, how could a fifth step wild magical beast be willing to see itself as Long Hao Chen’s companion?

Moreover, his current goal was his own father, chasing after his father’s steps to become a Divine Knight. If a future Divine Knight were to have a mere fifth step magical beast acting as his companion, how could this not be as ridiculous as the heavens turning upside down?

After pondering for a little moment, Long Hao Chen made his ultimate decision. He chose to take the bet.

Although he had already made his decision, Long Hao Chen did not immediately convey the leaving message. After all, he could not inform this elder, a guardian of the Sacred Mountain, of the Starlight Unicorn’s words. In that case, he would just expose the fact that he possessed the body of a Scion of Light.

Therefore, he decided to simply remain in the mountain, until thirty days had passed. In addition, even though he believed the words of the Starlight Unicorn, in the end, he still wanted to leaving it to luck try one last time. What if a ninth step magical beast took a fancy for him here?

The reality is always cruel; the words of the Starlight Unicorn weren’t the slightest bit biased. During the following twenty days, Long Hao Chen had crossed almost the entire mountain range constituting the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, even entering into the domain of several ninth step magical beasts. However, after a single glance, they only drove him out. There was even a very aggressive magical beast that almost seriously wounded him in the process.

Thirty days passed in a blink of eye, and the tile in Long Hao Chen’s hand undulated while shining in a pure gold color. The spreading radiance turned into a light mantle that enveloped him inside, and at the next instant, with a flash, the scenery before his eyes changed completely.

The scenery became once more distinct. The first thing Long Hao Chen saw upon opening his eyes was his teacher. Ye Hua was waiting, showing an anxious expression on his face. Thirty days. During the whole thirty days, Long Hao Chen did not take the initiative to convey the leaving message. It could only mean that he did not find a suitable mount. But how was that possible? After all, he possessed the physique of a Scion of Light. How could it be that no magical beast expressed the desire to get close to him?

The handicapped elder was also here, looking at Long Hao Chen all along after the leaving message had been conveyed, he slightly scowled, looking at him with a look filled with doubts. A knight who is not fourteen yet, but is a Grand Knight in terms of cultivation training. Those magical beasts should be fighting among themselves to become his companion! Could it be that he was too high from their scope?