Chapter 48

Chapter 48 - Long Hao Chen’s Companion Mount (II)

Soon enough, Ye Hua discovered that it was not only the hand of the elder that turned into a body of light, but even his head and his few sparse specks of white hair that suddenly became gold colored, his head becoming transparent. As if it was soaking in an enormous ocean of holy aura, his hair was rising; Ye Hua, feeling surprised, was falling back, leaning his body against the stone wall at a side of the cave.

“A [Complete Brilliant Body]?” Ye Hua cried out in alarm.

[Brilliant Body] was, after all, something only knights of at least the seventh step, Temple Knights, could use. But in a higher cultivation level, the range it could cover would be increased. Only when the appearance of one’s whole body turned into something similar to a crystal could the ability be called [Complete Brilliant Body], symbol of a ninth rank Temple Knight! In other words, the elder before their eyes could be an eighth step Saint Knight, or at least a ninth rank Temple Knight. This kind of existence, in the outside world, could become the Hall Master of a regional Knight Hall.

The effect of [Brilliant Body] could not go to the extent of affecting an entire area. At most, it could double the offensive power, and the higher one’s cultivation level, the longer [Brilliant Body] could last.

The elder coughed before suddenly pouring the light elemental spiritual energy into the golden tile; at this moment, a rich bright light spread out.

The bright light spread out in every direction, the ancient trapezoids on the ground were all stimulated, shining one after another while an imposing magic undulation started occurring.

As Ye Hua was leaning against the wall, looking at this scene, he felt as if his eyes were drawn into the scene, and he had a strange feeling as if he had finally broken through the threshold of the 3,000th spiritual energy level.

Psh– —

All the ancient symbols were set aflame in a split second, the multitudinous patterns composing of ancient symbols turned into ripples of light, intensely shining throughout the room.

At this moment, Long Hao Chen felt that the Saint Spiritual Stove in his chest was wriggling violently in his body. The dense external light attribute element seemed to stimulate the Spiritual Stove in his body, passing through Long Hao Chen’s body with a part of it remaining inside, stimulating the self-rotations in his body.

The myriad of golden bright patterns soared and began to whirl in this process. What it formed looked like a huge tornado that did not have the slightest bit of air inside: this huge and terrifying shape was made of light element.

Long Hao Chen suddenly felt his body shake. It was as if an inexhaustible source of light energy had filled his body, boosting the self rotations that occurred in it.


A sound similar to a bird humming could be heard as the light pattern converged at a point, making a golden circular vortex of light appear, while simultaneously, from this vortex, a golden light grew suddenly bigger and bigger. Long Hao Chen, seated upright in the middle of the great array, was being enveloped by this vortex.

The voice of the handicapped elder reached Long Hao Chen’s ears, “The selection may now start. You will be able to feel the aura of countless magical beasts. From these auras, you have to find the one that seems the most intimate and suitable to become your equal for a contract. Keep in mind that you have to find the one that seems the most intimate to you, otherwise, the contract will be impossible to make and there will be no way to bring it to our world.”

Long Hao Chen could clearly hear everything the handicapped elder said, but he did not give a single reply because a bizarre feeling was already filling his body.

At the moment this golden light dropped, Long Hao Chen felt as if his soul was already far away, entering in another mystical world.

This world was filled with countless specks of light. These specks of light converged to form an essence of light element that surrounded him. The current him seemed as if he was the center of this world; the light essence contained countless specks of light that followed his gaze, as if they were under his control.

However, the specks of light were really too numerous and brilliantly colored. Each speck of light had a different aura. A quarter of an hour, he firmly kept in his mind that he had only a quarter of an hour. He had a single chance at this.

Unwilling to spend too much time pondering, even more unwilling to waste time, Long Hao Chen began casually looking at the numerous specks of light, filtering the aura of each one of them.

He had no way of knowing that each one of this essences of light was a parallel space, and these specks of light composing it were the auras emitted by magical beasts coming from this parallel space. This location, the antique great array, was precisely a formidable existence that included this parallel space. It was also the core of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain.

Coldness, fear, opposition, wrath… he could feel countless states of emotions, each one of them launching attacks against him mentally. Only, these attacks were not powerful at all. Relying on his formidable mental strength, he increased his perception. It seemed as if every split seconds, dozens of golden specks were filtered out.

The benefits of having an exceptional innate mental strength were undoubtedly manifesting right now. If it was someone else, he would perhaps not even be able to examine a tenth of these specks of light.

Time passed, minute by minute, second by second, and Long Hao Chen could not help but feel more and more anxious. He could feel that the auras that were affectionate to him were way too few, the overwhelming majority of these specks of lights was transmitting terror, as if they were afraid of him.

The quarter of an hour was going to soon come to an end, and Long Hao Chen could feel that everything before his eyes gradually looked more and more illusionary.

No, no, I have to find my companion!Long Hao Chen unwillingly bellowed. At this moment, his perception of the surroundings suddenly became a bit clearer.

Inside of the cave, the elder kept observing Long Hao Chen. The reason why the time limit was only set at a quarter of an hour was that the extreme limit of time Long Hao Chen’s spiritual energy enabled him to bear this was precisely a quarter of an hour. It was also the reason why only young talents under 20 years of age could use this method. If the age exceeded this number, the magical array would instead harm the user.

At this moment, a quarter of an hour had passed, but the golden light Long Hao Chen emitted had not disappeared yet. His face was very pale and he was clenching his teeth in pain.

What formidable willpower!The elder secretly gasped in admiration. He clearly knew that when too much spiritual energy had been consumed, and the body could not stand the process anymore, the magical array would send the person back. Only formidable willpower could enable one to endure it longer and stay for a few more moments.

“I found it!” The scenery before Long Hao Chen’s eyes became unreal. He was in a fuzzy state and subconsciously shifted his look at the direction of the light essence. An intense feeling of affection and happiness was completely filling his soul.

Without hesitation, Long Hao Chen initiated the contract of equals. The stamp that Ye Hua handed him earlier used his mental strength to connect the two souls. As long as both sides agreed, it would succeed, but otherwise, it had no way to succeed. It was a kind of peaceful magical contract. As time was running out, he did not even have the time to show his excitement.

With a bright radiance, the link was completed in a flash, and as he was filled with joy and cordiality, his breath seemed to have accelerated intensely. Both sides had agreed to the contract in a split second.

The light specks disappeared together with the wide area of light essences and everything turned back to a golden color. In the middle of this blazing gold color, Long Hao Chen felt that another presence was together with him. It was an aura that was brimming with affection.