Chapter 49

Chapter 49 - Long Hao Chen’s Companion Mount (III)

“He succeeded!” The handicapped elder called out, pleasantly surprised. His [Brilliant Body] was gradually reverting back to normal as the bright colored lights that filled the whole cave accordingly disappeared.

The elder’s forehead was already full of sweat; clearly, supporting this enormous transporting magical array was a huge burden for him.

Hearing about the situation, Ye Hua hurried together with the elder to the center of the cave.

As the bright light became weaker, Long Hao Chen’s figure gradually appeared before them. Except for the fact his face was somewhat pale, there wasn’t any other change on him.

As his soul returned, Long Hao Chen felt completely empty, inside as well as outside. Almost all of his internal spiritual energy had been consumed, making his originally slow-moving self-rotations almost stagnate, together with an important dimming of the light emitted by his Saint Spiritual Stove. Fortunately, as a knight, he still had his external spiritual energy. Although he felt empty inside, it still did not affect his ordinary movements.

Subconsciously, Long Hao Chen’s vision shifted towards the presence that was in front of his body. The fact that he exerted so much mental and physical strength, that it was precisely a month ago that he came to the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, wasn’t that just for his sake?

However, when Long Hao Chen saw the companion he concluded a contract of equals with facing him, he was immediately astonished; the nearby Ye Hua and handicapped elder were astonished as well.

The reason why they looked so sluggish wasn’t that Long Hao Chen’s companion magical beast looked too formidable, but it was actually that…

It was a lizard, a little more than a meter tall, with a layer of thin black scales covering its skin. These scales formed an exotic shape somewhat resembling a trapezoid. Two arcs were formed from both sides and linked together, forming a final shape quite similar to that of a tower shield like those used by heavy armored knights.

Its head did not look special compared to ordinary lizards, its pair of little red colored eyes winking while looking at Long Hao Chen, expressing an indescribable familiarity. It was sticking out its tongue ordinarily, seemingly able to feel Long Hao Chen’s flavor under his foot.

If it was only that, Long Hao Chen would not look so dull, the fact it was at most a second step Earthfire Lizard was no big deal for him. However, on the body of this lizard, there were dozens of crip-crossed scars, its blood was flowing all around, and a big bulge could be seen on its neck, buckling upwards; this bulge was almost as thick as its neck. Using the word ‘ugly’ to describe the scars on its body would almost seem like a compliment.

Long Hao Chen didn’t expect at all that all those hardships he went through to finally manage to summon his companion would result in summoning a seemingly handicapped creature. Additionally, it was a second step evil mutated Earthfire Lizard. Since the time Long Hao Chen began cultivating, everything went smoothly until now; this was the first blow he ever received.

“Woo woo–” The Earthfire Lizard seemed like it enjoyed Long Hao Chen’s smell: it was rubbing against his body, showing intimate little red eyes.

A sort of forced smile appeared on Long Hao Chen’s face: through the pact of equals, he could feel how strong this lizard was. It had a cultivation level corresponding approximately to the second step.

Starlight Unicorn King, did you deceive me? You told me that because of my body of Scion of Light, you weren’t qualified to become my companion, but then, what is it that I have before my eyes right now? A second step Earthfire Lizard!

Ye Hua silently walked to Long Hao Chen’s side, pulling him from the ground. He unenthusiastically said: “What you have to bear is nothing compared to what happened to me. You couldn’t find a satisfactory companion mount in the Sacred Mountain, so you will simply have to rely on hunting magical beasts to find one in the future. If you can reach the step of Divine Knight, even making an enormous dragon to yield will not be impossible.”

With the sound of jingling metal, Ye Hua took out the heavy sword from his back, preparing to launch a powerful blow.

The Earthfire Lizard seemed to be able to sense its life being threatened, and although it was covered all over in scars, it hid behind Long Hao Chen’s back, exposing only its drum-shaped head, shooting terrified looks at Ye Hua.

“Teacher, what are you doing?!” With a Dang sound, Long Hao Chen took out his sword and used its handle to block Ye Hua’s chop.

Ye Hua didn’t expect that, “Little fool, don’t tell me that you want to keep this useless cripple? You have to know that if it is not killed, the contract with you will be completed and you will never be able to conclude another contract of equals with another magical beast.”

Long Hao Chen’s look was unwilling, helpless, and even angry, but he did not show the slightest murderous intent.

“Teacher, do you remember the story of you and your Vibrant Mountain Bird? In that extremely difficult moment, he chose you, and as a result, you regarded him like your closest relative. Don’t you know that it was at the last moment that this little guy answered to my call? Despite the fact that he’s not powerful at all, that he’s handicapped, he’s the one who accepted making a contract with me at the very last moment.”

“We are companions, so I want to protect him, to keep him safe, even if I cannot get a genuine mount for the rest of my life. I cannot give up on him because of what he is. It is not by fear of being haunted by a traumatic experience. It is because at the moment we concluded the agreement, he already became my dear relative.”

As he said this, Long Hao Chen slowly crouched down, gently patting this Earthfire Lizard’s head. He could feel that its scales were covered in a kind of silk-like material that did not feel thick at all.

The Earthfire Lizard did not move the slightest bit. It was as if it had turned into a statue, looking attentively at Long Hao Chen with its two red colored eyes.

“Don’t worry little guy, I will not abandon you. Neither will I require you to fight with me. I just wish that you could become my friend, is that okay?”

The Earthfire Lizard recovered its ability to move, and gently stretched out its tongue, licking Long Hao Chen’s hand.

Ye Hua withdrew his heavy sword and sighed, “Kid, you are really too soft-hearted, your feelings are too deep.”

Long Hao Chen gave his teacher an apologetic look, “Teacher, trust me, I will cultivate very seriously, so even if I don’t have a companion mount to assist me, I won’t lose to this Gui Wu. Teacher, my internal energy is nearly exhausted, can you please help me treat the injuries on my companion’s body?”

What else could Ye Hua say? He simply silently nodded, “Okay.”

Using holy light in his hands, he released a recovering skill, while the handicapped elder, who didn’t say anything until now, suddenly interrupted him: “Wait a moment.”

“Mh?” Long Hao Chen and Ye Hua turned towards him at the same time.

The handicapped elder said in a deep voice: “If you don’t want him to die, don’t treat him.”

Long Hao Chen stood, doubtfully asking, “Senior, why?”

The handicapped senior gave him a serious look, showing a sincere smile: “You are a good person, a really good person. I can see in you the standards of a knight that are pity and compassion. Unfortunately, although you are kind-hearted, you must bring yourself to abandon this little guy. I am afraid that you cannot take him away, for the simple reason that he possesses a physique with the darkness attribute. If you are to use holy light skills to treat him, it will only harm him instead.”

“Darkness attribute!” Long Hao Chen was astonished.

The elder nodded, answering: “When summoning a magical beast through the magical array, some will come from a place similar to the abyss. Regardless of their elemental attribute, those ones will innately have a physique with the darkness attribute. All the darkness attribute magical beasts, upon leaving this cave, will get killed by our great holy light array. But here, you cannot send him back to cancel the contract and any kind of magical beast has no way to affect this magical array. Although it looks strange to me that a a magical beast with this kind of dark attribute physique could be attracted to you, and furthermore make an agreement with you, I have no other option but to tell you that by choosing to answer to your call, he followed the path of his own demise.”

“Wha–?” Long Hao Chen was shocked. It seemed as if this Earthfire Lizard had understood everything, as it pressed up against Long Hao Chen’s body, trembling and showing a pair of little red eyes brimming with fear.