Chapter 33

Chapter 33 - Peddling

The next day, that otaku Dressmaker greeted us with a smile when we entered the dress shop.

Dressmaker: "Yes yes~ I’ve finished making the clothes. It took me all night."

The Dressmaker looked extremely tired with her red and tension-filled eyes. She then brought Firo's clothes from the back of the shop.

The dress was mainly white with a large blue ribbon placed in the middle for contrast. Even though it looks simple but I understand that it was beautiful.

Firo: "Master, am I going to wear this?" [17]

Naofumi: "Yeah."

Firo: "Yay!"

Firo, who was wearing a cloak to cover herself, had taken it off and became nude on the spot.

Raphtalia: "Firo, no!"

Firo: "Eh--"

With Raphtalia urging her to stop, I guided them both to the back of the shop.

I waited for Firo to change in the shop.

Dressmaker: "Alright, change into your demon form."

I could hear the Dressmaker's voice from the depths of the store.

Firo: "Why~?"

Dressmaker: "If you wear this ribbon, I'll give you meat."

Firo: "Yay!"

Don't just casually say something so terrifying.

Firo: "Understood~"

I could hear the transformation sounds.

Dressmaker: "Yup. As I thought you look good..."

I heard an enchanted voice.

Dressmaker?: "Alright, let's go."

Firo: "Ok!"

The two girls appeared from the back of the store.

My eyes turned towards Firo.

... Wow. Her original figure which was already angel-like was now even more stunning.

Pure white wings, matching the white one piece... And a blue ribbon on her chest. What was it?

Right, she looks like an angel heroine from the 2-D world.

Firo: "Master~?"

Naofumi: "Hm?"

Firo: "Well? Does it suit me?"

Naofumi: "Yea, it suits you."

This otaku Dressmaker was able to take full advantage of Firo's specs and make suitable clothing for her. Her talent is quite outstanding.

Firo: "Ehehe."

An embarrassed Firo laughed while her clothes fluttered.

Seriously, what a terrible expenditure.

I let Firo pull the cart while we head back to Forest village.

When Firo changed to her demon form, the clothes dispersed and the ribbon turned into a collar.

That function was very convenient.

Magic Shop SK: "Oh, it’s Hero of the Shield-sama."

Before we left the town's castle, we coincidentally met with the Aunty from the magic shop.

Magic Shop SK: "Are you heading to Forest village?

Naofumi: "Yeah"

Magic Shop SK: "I happen to have some business there too. May I tag along?"

The Aunty from the magic shop asked with a smile.

Oh well, I don't really want to decline her since she has helped us out with various things.

Naofumi: "I won’t guarantee that it will be comfortable, is that fine?"

Magic Shop SK: "Yeah."

Raphtalia was already battling with her motion sickness by looking far ahead.

Magic Shop SK: "Well then, let's get going."

The magic shop Aunty got on the cart.

Naofumi: "Good, Firo. Don't go too fast."

Firo: "Okay~"

The pedestrians who we just passed by gawked at Firo, their faces were filled with surprise. Talking demons are probably rare.

The cart rolled along with a pitter-patter. [18]

I feel that in these past few days, I have been really busy. [19]

Actually, I'm always busy. Its just that recently, I have been 'very' busy.

All of these circumstances could be summed up within one word, Firo...

Magic Shop SK: "So, how's your study of magic going?"

Naofumi: "Uh..."

The magic shop Aunty attacked where it hurt.

To be frank, I made no progress at all.

Should I retort with a "you should have given me a crystal ball"? No, she helped procure the threads to make Firo's clothes and gave a discount, I shouldn't complain.

Naofumi: "Because I am from another world, I can't read these letters."

Magic Shop SK: "Oh... I'm sorry."

I felt bad seeing her apologize. I lament at my insufficient studying.

I was defeated.

I repaid a good intention with bad feelings.

Therefore, I want to repay Aunty for the help.

I must learn it as fast as possible.

I don't have any support, unlike the other fucking heroes. That's why I have to do my best to learn. [20]

Also, I need to acquire better equipment to survive the next wave.

Let's not forget about translating the medical recipes either.

Though it would take a lot of time, I decided to learn the letters first.

Firo: "Fuaa... it's light."

Firo was yawning while pulling the cart steadily.

You're calling a cart with 3 people light?

That's great. I already have a certain plan. This can't be done without Firo.

The Aunty from the magic shop gave me 25 coppers when we arrived at Forest Village.

Naofumi: "What's this for?"

Magic Shop SK: "Transportation fee."

Naofumi: "Oh I see."

I can use this.

Forest village was reviving nicely. A storekeeper welcomes us pleasantly.

I have already apologized for the chimera meat.

Although, keeping that meat there was my idea in the first place.

Naofumi: "Now then, Raphtalia, let's go on some motion sickness training."

I promised to help with the reconstruction to compensate for the meat. Although it's only a little, I still get some compensation.

Raphtalia: "Eh!?"

Raphtalia had a bitter face. Oh dear, it's not good if you can't overcome something like this.

Naofumi:"From now on, our transportation is Firo pulling the cart, so you must get used to it."

Raphtalia: "O-Okay"

Firo: "Okay~!"

Naofumi: "Firo, you’re pulling."

Firo: "Yup!"

Philorials really like pulling carts. Firo's eyes shined.

Raphtalia: "Uhm......Are you thinking of something?"

Naofumi: "Yeah, I think we should start peddling."

Raphtalia: "Peddling? Why?"

Naofumi: "Although we don't have a lot of goods, I want to stock up on an assortment of medicine."

Raphtalia: "Sigh......"

Raphtalia doesn't seem to see the appeal. Oh dear, did I have too high expectations? However, it would be a waste if I did not use the precious cart given to me.

Naofumi: "So when you get used to the motion sickness, Firo can pull the cart everywhere at maximum speed."

Raphtalia: "I understand the reason..."

Naofumi: "I know a place that would make it hard to get sick. You should get accustomed there."

Raphtalia: "Is there really such a place?"

Naofumi: "Yeah."

And, before starting the day's work, I put Raphtalia on the place where she was most likely to get motion sickness... On the back of Firo.

Firo: "I'm fine with master, but why is Onee-chan on my back?"

Firo muttered as Raphtalia gets on her back.

Raphtalia: "It's the same for me. This is embarrassing."

It's a strange sight to see Raphtalia in a semi-crouching position on top of Firo's owl shaped body.

Naofumi: "Is it too tough?"

Firo: "Nope, this is easy."

Firo seems to have no problems at all.

Naofumi: "Well then, let's go."

Firo: "Ok!"

Firo pulls the cart with Raphtalia on her back.

Actually, it should be quite taxing. However, the one doing the pulling said it isn't.

Meanwhile, I began decoding the book of Intermediate recipes while learning the letters.



It is difficult to concentrate with the sound of a wheel as background music.

Raphtalia: "Uhmm..."


Raphtalia: "Uh-Uhmm…"


I looked at Firo and see her in human form piggybacking Raphtalia. Raphtalia seems troubled and tried to get my attention while the passers-by whisper and point at us.

Naofumi: "A strange rumour is going to circulate!"

My reputation is going to drop again because there is going to be a rumour that I forced a slave girl to do manual labour by pulling a cart and carrying another person.

Naofumi: "Well..."

Naofumi: "When you pull a cart, do not turn into a human."

Firo: "Okay."

Firo nods and, seemingly dissatisfied, returns to her demon form.

I'm getting bored. Raphtalia doesn't seem to have motion sickness yet.

It will probably be okay if we go faster.

Naofumi: "Alright, Speed up!"

Firo: "Okay~!"

Firo nods energetically and begins running.


The wheels on the cart turn noisily.

Raphtalia: "Wa!"

Raphtalia was surprised and clings to Firo.

At least, we will arrive at our destination today.