Chapter 40

Chapter 40 - Selective Breeding

Raphtalia: “Something like this?”
Naofumi: “Yea, we should contact the village after this”

Seed of Miracles… We who subjugated the Bio Plant, which was Motoyasu’s failure, are currently collecting seeds.
I let my shield absorb any seeds that it reacted to.

Requirements for Bio Plant Shield have been revealed.
Requirements for Plantriwe Shield have been revealed.
Requirements for Mandoragora Shield have been revealed.

Bio Plant Shield
Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Plant Remodelling
Special Effect: Hook

Plantriwe Shield
Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Intermediate Compounding 2

Mandoragora Shield
Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Plant Analysis

I’ve unlocked the plant skill tree for my shield. Although it’s been unlocked, it still seems insufficient.

Naofumi: “Plant Remodelling?”

I switched to the Bio Plant Shield and test out what plant remodelling does.
An icon appeared over the seed that I look at.
I fed some magic to the seed of a Bio Plant that I picked up earlier.
The seed floats in the air.

Fertility 9
Productivity 9
Vitality 9
Immunity 4
Intelligence 1
Growth Potential 9
Variability 9
Special Ability

What is that?
First of all, I’ll lower everything.
The window makes a beeping sound as the values decrease.
All other statuses were decreased while increasing one.

Fertility 1
Productivity 1
Vitality 1
Immunity 1
Intelligence 1
Growth Potential 43
Variability 1
Special Ability

Hmm… I don’t understand.
Well, all it has is growth powers, is that even good?
Oh, my MP decreases when I use this skill, it’s almost empty.

Raphtalia: “Naofumi-sama?”

The modified Bio Plant seed that I made was dropped by accident.


The ground immediately becomes lush and green But…


It grew in abundance for about 3 meters and then withered instantly.

Raphtalia: “What are you doing?”
Naofumi: “Ah, I’m experimenting with Plant remodelling using that seed”
Raphtalia: “Please don’t do something so dangerous!”

I was scolded by Raphtalia.
Well, if it was someone else who did that, I would be angry too.
But, this skill is really interesting.
It seems I’ll be able to make huge profits if I utilize it correctly.

Raphtalia: “Naofumi-sama, your smile looks rotten”

Oops, did it show on my face?

Naofumi: “Anyway, let’s return to the village”
Raphtalia: “Yeah”

We were greeted by silence as we walked out of the brown plant zone.

Villager: “Thank you Hero-sama”

Humans work for profit.
After I save the village I am welcomed gratefully.
Well, it would be impossible to live in the village with all those dead plants.
That day, we ended up cleaning all the withered plants.
Even if the main body is destroyed, the fruit and potatoes remain, It seems there won’t be a food shortage for a while.
But I’m a little worried about the soil.

Naofumi: “Aren’t you going to return to a famine?”
Villager: “Well…… that’s very likely”

In the near future, this village might be deserted.
After thinking it through, I push forward my plant remodelling plan.
I don’t understand what special ability is yet.

By looking at a seed, the plant analysis menu pops up.
I equip the Mandoragora shield and go to bed.
The next morning, I change to the Bio Plant shield and continue remodelling.

Fertility 9
Productivity 9
Vitality 9
Immunity 4
Intelligence 1
Growth Potential 9
Variability 9
Special Ability
Upon death a seed is produced.
Mutation Range Expansion.

I see… This was the original ability of the Bio Plants.
Originally, it was made with the purpose of producing food, but due to its mutation ability, it became a demon.
It might not be a bad idea to nip the problem at its root.
Due to its low immunity the herbicide is effective.

I check the special ability. Various items appeared.
There are special instructions next to each item.
It seems I can choose abilities by sacrificing stats.
This village is troubled by the second coming of the famine.
That’s why I’ll experiment.

Fertility 4 is simply the power to increase. We don’t need too much so I’ll lower it.

Productivity 15 should be the ability that produced fruit. To combat the famine I’ll increase it.

Vitality 6 is this the power to grow anywhere? Let’s drop it a little.

Immunity 4 is the power to resist sickness. Because the herbicide is effective I’ll leave it alone.

Intelligence 1 What the heck is this, does it give it a demon’s intelligence? I don’t know what increasing it might do.

Growth Potential 15 the speed at which it grows. Let’s increase this.

Variability 1 this is probably the cause of plants becoming demons.

Special Ability, I add in an ability that increases quality of crops and cancel the Mutation ability.
Upon death a higher quality seed is produced.

Naofumi: “It’s completed”
Raphtalia: “Is something wrong?”

Raphtalia stirs and asks me sleepily.
The villagers suggested that the saint, and holy bird stay overnight in the village.

The fruits and potatoes of the Bio Plant are quite delicious.
It’s an annoying plant, but it tastes good.
If my remodelling succeeds, it will become the special product of the village.

Naofumi: “Ah, continuing from yesterday is a bit…”
Raphtalia: “You’re still at it?”
Naofumi: “It’s a little bad to leave things as is right?”

The famine will hit sooner or later. Therefore, I’ll stop it by all means.
Even if I can go shopping from different areas, it’s impossible for this amount of people.
It would be difficult for these inhabitants who have lived here a long time to move.

Naofumi: “Now then”

I got off the carriage and dropped the seed onto the withered ground slowly.
The plant grows and covers a corner of the former village site.

Villager: “Wh-What’s happening?”

The people who were resting near the camp run up to get a closer look.

Naofumi: “Ah my bad, it’s just a little experiment.”
Villager: “What are you doing?”

The villagers seem to be scared of the plants.

Naofumi: “Experiments to change this into a safe plant…”

Due to its low fertility, the plant stops growing.
Red and young fruit similar to a tomato appears. It seems the foundation for the plant is a tomato.

Naofumi: “I think that’s a success”
Villager: “Yea…”
Naofumi: “Whether or not you want to use it is up to you. Whether this was in vain or be an asset is in your hands.”

It seems the mutation range expansion and the variability status doesn’t only change into demons, it also has the effect of producing various fruits and other plants.
I sprinkled some herbicide to wither the plant. I hand the seed over to the feudal lord there.

Naofumi: “Well them, we’ll be on our way, bye-bye.”

Firo who was already awake and stuffing herself with tomatoes prepares to pull the carriage.

Villager: “Please wait!”
Naofumi: “Hm? What’s up?”
Villager: “We still haven’t rewarded you yet. How abo-”

Naofumi: “Are you fellows having difficulty with stock processing, and going to push the problem on me?”
Villager: “Uh-uhm how about…..”

My carriage has now become 4 vehicles.
3 of the carts were loaded with crops that came from the Bio Plant.
It seems they were gifts along with the carts.
I reluctantly received it because they presented it with a smile.
After connecting the carts, Firo pulls the carriage happily.

Firo: “It’s heavy and comfortable~!”

As expected of a demon changed from a Philorial
The journey continues while the carriage shakes.

Additionally, after I realised the herbicide could be used as a weapon. I went to play with treants.
It seems to be effective only on plants which have a parasitic ability.
I don’t understand its standards.
Perhaps there are no traces of any demons in the Bio Plant, it might be just a simple plant.

Well, it’s fine. With Raphtalia and Firo, I don’t have to worry about being attacked.
Let’s think of a way to use the food that cannot be eaten first.
That reminds me… I heard a rumour about a famine up north. I should go sell there.

Naofumi: “Let’s depart for the north.”
Firo: “Okay~!”