Chapter 47

Chapter 47 – Welcome

Slave trader: “My my, if it isn’t Hero-sama. Welcome.”
Naofumi: “I certainly was not expecting this.”

We show up at the Slave trader’s after the run-in with Motoyasu.

Slave trader:”What business do you have today?”
Naofumi: “Putting that aside……”

I am quite concerned with how the slave trader is dressed.
Even his subordinates…… They are all wearing luxurious accessories that are shaped like wings.

Naofumi: “That wing design looks good”
Slave trader: “Thanks to Hero-sama. Yup”
Naofumi: “Ha?”
Slave trader: “These profits were due to the Hero-sama peddling.”
Naofumi: “What do you mean?”

I can think of several reasons, but none of them are too significant.

Slave trader: “First of all, is the infamous Philorial Queen. Many nobles with demon collections are trying to obtain one. Yup”

Ah, so the reason his reputation rose is because Firo was pulling the carriage. Well, she is certainly a rare demon. If someone wanted one, they would of course come to the slave trader and check.
And whenever a noble comes, he just points them to my direction.
While knowing that, I will not sell Firo because of her rampage.

Slave trader: “So when they give up, they purchase various other demons. Yup”
Naofumi: “That’s just like you”

At the moment, the condition to become a Philorial Queen is uncertain.
Otherwise there would be a lot more sold.
Will it become a queen if it’s raised by a hero?
Two is not a good idea….. Firo alone is troublesome enough.

Slave trader: “Next, because Hero-sama’s slaves are seen, there is a rumour that my shop’s slaves are high quality, so I get some extra profits. Yup”

It’s Raphtalia this time huh……
Raphtalia is certainly a beauty with a great figure.
Once people know where she came from, they would give them credit.
Will everything I do raise the slave trader’s reputation?

Slave trader: “So, what do you need this time? Another slave? Maybe your co-operation on Philorial experiments?”

The slave trader rubs his hands together happily.

Naofumi: “No, I came for demon dealer business this time.”
Slave trader: “Then Philorial experiments it is.”
Naofumi: “That’s not it”

Are there only 2 options in this guy’s head?

Slave trader: “So, what do you need?”
Naofumi: “Ah, I was wondering whether or not I could purchase equipment for Firo here.”
Slave trader: “Equipment?….. That can be done”

The slave trader turned to observe Firo.
The slave trader hummed cheerfully as Firo ran and hid behind my back.
As expected, she is bad with him.

Slave trader: “Would a horseshoe shaped weapon suffice? There is also armour made for Philorials……”

Armour is probably impossible, it is unreasonable to tailor-make something considering Firo’s body size.

Naofumi: “Do you have anything for charging?”
Slave trader: “You could equip a helmet. To use when tackling”
Naofumi: “Hmm……”

The horseshoes might work since she is not a horse.

Slave trader: “What about the claws?”
Firo: “Firo, what do you want?”
Firo: “Eh?”

Were you too scared of the slave trader to listen?

Naofumi: “You can get a helmet or have shoes attached to your feet.”
Firo: “Umm….. When Firo transforms it will dig into my skin, No~”

Ah, is the threat from the dressmaker’s still working?
It would be no problem in her demon form, but it would be very heavy for her in human form.
The horseshoe would dig into the foot too and the size of the armour might not be correct.
We head to the magic shop, it seems to be possible to add the string to metal plates, but it would be very expensive.
The defence would not increase that much either.

Slave trader: “How about de-attachable claws, yup.”
Naofumi: “Firo, is that fine?”
Firo: “Yes”
Slave trader: “We need to measure the size so release her demon form please. Yup”
Naofumi: “Oh right”
Firo: “Okay~”

With a Bofun, Firo returns to her demon form and sticks her foot out.
A subordinate of the slave trader measure the size of Firo’s foot.

Slave trader: “Hmm….. She is considerably larger than an average Philorial”
Naofumi: “Is there any you can prepare immediately?”
Slave trader: “I think we have one just barely her size. Are you all right with iron?”

I wonder what kind of offensive power I can expect.
Should I be looking for hardness? If it’s sharp……

Naofumi: “That’s fine, I can afford to get this fellow something good.”
Slave trader: “I understand. Iron with magical properties is the best I can prepare for now.”
Naofumi: “By the way, how much is it?”
Slave trader: “Because of the help from Hero-sama, I will sell it to you for half the market price, which will be 5 gold coins.”
Naofumi: “May I haggle further?”
Slave trader: “Hero-sama’s greed is giving me the shivers. Fine, I’ll compromise for 4 gold.”
Naofumi: “Done. Also, throw in a good bridle.”
Slave trader: “Sold!”

The slave trader’s tension is high. Though he feels easy to deal with, I feel like I’m being used.
What scary business sense. This guy.
A big claw is brought out from the back of the tent.
The size of the metal claw seems to fit Firo’s foot just right. That’s good.
Naofumi: “This thing is huge”
Slave trader: “It’s a claw meant for Wyverns. There is a bigger size too.”

You’re not even a Philorial anymore?

Firo: “Firo will wear this?”
Naofumi: “Yeah, it is your weapon.”

Firo pick up the claw and equip it.

Firo: “It fits perfectly”
Naofumi: “Seems like it.”

All that’s left is to connect the claw to the foot with a cord.
Firo raises her foot to confirm if the claw is actually attached.

Firo: “Feels strange~”
Naofumi: “This will make your offensive power even stronger than before, you’ll get used to it.”

Firo’s attack power with her leg is still ridiculous. Having it increase even more……
The scene where Firo kicked Motoyasu is replayed in my mind.
This time, it seems Firo’s kick will rip it apart.

Naofumi: “Firo, next time you kick that spear guy, do not use the claw.”
Firo: “Why not~?”
Naofumi: “Because the balls will be completely crushed.”

Though imperfect, he is a Hero. I do not know what consequences there will be if I murder him. I feel it’s a little late now.
That guy’s reason to live is to become popular with woman.
For Motoyasu being kicked in the groin by my subordinate would be very mortifying.
If that happened, who would be the one to inform that trash king?

Firo: “Hmm”

Firo concentrates really hard on the claw that we just bought.
Am I hearing properly?
Oh well…… Whatever happens to Motoyasu doesn’t concern me.
I gave the slave trader 4 gold coins.

Firo: “Firo deosn’t need the armour after all~”

Do the nails not fit? Firo seems to think that the armour is unnecessary.
Well, if you don’t want it then that’s fine.

Naofumi: “Now then, next……”

Hmm, I’m sure there was other business.
I can’t remember after watching Motoyasu get blown off.
Certainly Raphtalia and Firo….. Ah I remember.

Naofumi: “Hey, slave trader. Is it possible for you to provide Class up here?”
Slave trader: “Class up you say?”
Naofumi: “Yeah, because the trash king won’t let my subordinates who reached level 40 class up, I am having a little trouble. I remember seeing some slaves here above level 40.”

I tell the slave trader my request and he puts his hand on his chin to think.

Slave trader: “Hero-sama, I regret to inform you that I cannot help with that. I do not have a letter of introduction.”
Naofumi: “I see……”

Did this guy Class up from the power of a slave trader?

Slave trader: “If you obtain enough trust with neighbouring countries, you can use their Hourglass of the Dragon’s era to perform Class Up.”
Naofumi: “What?”

Wait a minute, this isn’t the only country with a Hourglass of the Dragon’s era?

Naofumi: “They are also in other countries?”
Slave trader: “Yes, though it might take you time to gain their trust……”

Time is very precious right now and I cannot waste it.
Will the Hero of the Shield have a bad reputation in the neighbouring countries?
This might be difficult.

Slave trader: “You can do it at the mercenary’s country ZerutoBuru, the Demi-human country Silt Welt, and ShirudoFuriden is also available. Yup”

Naofumi: “There’s that many?”
Slave trader: “Yes, for Hero-sama, I would recommend Silt Welt or ShirudoFuriden. You have a free pass there.”

Naofumi: “Hmm…… How long would it take me to get there?”
Slave trader: “Let’s see, by carriage it would be one month, and two weeks by boat.”

The salve trader brought out a map and taught me the road.
Certainly, it is quite far from Melromarc.
It would take Firo a little over two weeks to arrive.
Though, if we don’t push it, 3 weeks would be the case.
Two weeks on a ship sounds good, but I would not be able to do anything during that.

Slave trader: “If there was a wyvern around here, Hero-sama would be able to get there very quickly.”
Naofumi: “It is far……”

However, it would be important to Class Up because of our situation.
It shouldn’t be that bad if I get new materials and monsters for my shield to absorb.
There is no meaning to stay here any longer as Raphtalia and Firo cannot improve.
Should we just go to the country of Demi-humans?

Naofumi: “I suppose we’ll go when the wave is over.”

Seriously, that trash king is devoting so much passion into annoying me.

Naofumi: “I am indebted to you.”
Slave trader: “If that’s what you think then by all means-”
Naofumi: “I refuse. Oh right. Do you sell humans here?”

I was wondering if it would be better to sell thieves here instead of killing them.

Slave trader: “Humans are impossible in this country. If you look deeper, there are people who will buy, but there is risk and quality to watch for.”

Indeed, so Demi-humans are fine in this country. I guess this is a country of human supremacy.

Naofumi: “Well then, see you.”

Thus, we left the slave trader’s tent. Firo returns to her human form and ties her claws with a cord to carry.
However, Raphtalia was quiet all the while during the conversation with the slave trader.
Well, it is admirable that she didn’t intervene in a business talk and make it awkward.

Naofumi: “It’s your turn, Raphtalia.”
Raphtalia: “For?”
Naofumi: “Holy water. I’m sure it’s sold at a church”
Raphtalia: “Ah, yeah”
Naofumi: “You’re a girl, Raphtalia, these black bruises would be bad.”
Raphtalia: “Well….. If Naofumi-sama is worried.”

Raphtalia mutters bashfully.

Naofumi: “No, I don’t mind them. It’s because I caused them.”
Raphtalia: “So that’s what you mean…… It’s nothing”

I don’t understand Raphtalia sometimes.
Well, either way it’s decided.