Chapter 31

Chapter 31 - Rouse the Tiger to Eat the Wolf

Note: Title is an idiom. It stands for a strategy that lets the enemies weaken/eliminate each other while preserving your own strength.


The valley seemed to tremble all of a sudden. The Conflagration Ape King’s enormous body seemed to becoming increasingly fierce. Its ugly face was filled with violence and it was obvious that it was extremely ferocious.

Mu Chen, Lei Cheng and the others became serious as they stared astonished at the Conflagration Ape King. Who would have thought that the Conflagration Ape King would actually make a breakthrough at this critical moment. From its aura, the Conflagration Ape King had probably reached the peak of the Middle Rank Spiritual Beast. It is equivalent to a powerhouse at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase!

Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase?

Mu Chen exchanged gazes with Lei Cheng. They secretly let out a bitter sound. It was extremely rare to meet such a event. Their luck was quite bad.

“Captain, what should we do?!” Lin Zhong and the others’ faces were pale and they quickly asked.

Lei Cheng thought for a moment and gritted his teeth as he said: “The Conflagration Ape King is about to make its breakthrough. However, it is also seriously injured. Let’s try once more. If we fail to get rid of it, we will immediately retreat!”

Lin Zhong and the others heard this and nodded. This was a surprising turn of event. Although they wanted the Jaded Essence Fruit, their lives were more important than that.

Mu Chen also made a gesture towards Tang Qian’Er and the others, who were far away. He signaled them to retreat if the situation turns out poorly.

When Mu Chen reminded Tang Qian’Er and the others, the Conflagration Ape King suddenly issued out a furious roar. The violent eyes firmly fixed itself onto Mu Chen’s body. It was obvious that it clearly remembered Mu Chen, who had injured it.

The Conflagration Ape King has an extremely vengeful heart. It was not his wisdom that made it view Mu Chen as a definite target to rip apart. Therefore, it attacked first and its huge ape arm picked up a massive boulder. It treated the boulder as a weapon as it smashed it towards Mu Chen.

When Mu Chen noticed this, his toes touched the ground and he jumped back agilely. He completely avoided the Conflagration Ape King’s violent attack. With the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase strength, Mu Chen did not dare to let this big guy touch him at all. He was afraid that he would either be dead or gravely injured if he was touched.

Seeing that the Conflagration Ape King pounced towards Mu Chen, Lei Cheng hurried to help him. But what surprised them was that the Conflagration Ape King completely ignored their attacks and would only smash towards Mu Chen in berserk. It forced Mu Chen to be in a slightly helpless position.


The Conflagration Ape King became furious when it noticed that Mu Chen avoided it swiftly. It suddenly let out a sharp howl, which resounded within the valley. Then, Lei Cheng and the others were horrified when they noticed that there were signs of awakening on the Conflagration Apes that they hypnotized.

This discovery made their faces turn pale. If the hundreds of Conflagration Apes wake up inside the valley, there were no chances of escaping today.

“Captain, all the Conflagration Apes would definitely wake up if the Conflagration Ape King continues to howl!” Lin Zhong and the others said in shock.

Mu Chen also noticed this situation. His face became more and more serious. His eyes flashed and he stared at the Jaded Essence Tree inside the crack of the mountain walls. He bit his teeth furiously and said: “Big Brother Lei Cheng, I’ll lure their Conflagration Ape King away, you guys should use your speed to take away the Jaded Essence Fruit!”


Lei Cheng was surprised when he heard that. The Conflagration Ape King is at the level of Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase while Mu Chen was only at the Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase. It would be extremely dangerous if he were to lure it away by himself.

“There’s no time. The Conflagration Ape King is targeting me. You won’t be able to pull it away.”

As Mu Chen’s voice rang out, a dark black Spiritual Energy has already wrapped around his legs. His speed increased exponentially and he darted to the outside of the valley like an arrow. Behind him, the Conflagration Ape King did not hesitate at all and it chased after him as it howled.

Lei Cheng and the others were stunned as they watched Mu Chen luring away the Conflagration Ape King. In the end, Lei Cheng gritted his teeth and said: “Hurry, we have no time to lose. Lin Zhong, you should bring a group to stop the Conflagration Apes that are beginning to awaken. I’ll go get the Jaded Essence Fruit!”


Lin Zhong and the others wiped the blood off their mouth. They quickly nodded and charged towards the Conflagration Apes that stumbled as they stood up.

Lei Cheng stared once again out of the valley. He could only let out a bitter laugh and pray that Mu Chen would be alright. Otherwise, the people from the Northern Spiritual Academy would come find them and they would suffer.

Bang Bang!

Inside the forest, the earth trembled. A giant red shadow with a violent atmosphere charged around in berserk. Many trees on the way were completely destroyed by it. Yet it did not care about it all right now. Its blood red eyes were only focused on the nimble and tiny figure in front of it.

This commotion naturally attracted the attention of some Spiritual Beasts inside the forest. However, the Conflagration Ape King had already reached the peak of the Middle Rank Spiritual Beast. It is considered the top existence in the outskirts of the Northern Spiritual Field. Therefore, these Spiritual Beasts were shocked by its ominous pressure and did not dare to approach. They only stared as the human and beast headed into the depths.

“This damn beast, it really is tenacious!”

They fiercely ran for nearly ten minutes, yet Mu Chen discovered that the Conflagration Ape King showed no traces of giving up. He could not help but curse at it.


As he cursed, a powerful wind suddenly blew behind him. He noticed that the Conflagration Ape King picked up a large tree and threw it at him fiercely. His body hurriedly jumped forward and he spun a few times on the ground. Only through this way was he able to avoid the giant tree.

When he was rolling across a cluster of weeds, he suddenly pulled out a batch of black grass and shoved it into his arms before bolting off again.

While he was running away, Mu Chen’s black eyes continuously flashed. He did not actively request to lure away the Conflagration Ape King because he wanted to show off his strength, rather it is because he had experience in it. In the Spiritual Road, he would often meet with this kind of situation.

“I should reach the inner part of the Northern Spiritual Field soon. There should be Spiritual Beasts that could fight against this Conflagration Ape King. Since Spiritual Beasts have a powerful concept of territory, it would not let the Conflagration Ape King go that easily when they discovered it. When that happens, it would be a chance for me to escape from this guy.”

An idea flashed through Mu Chen’s mind. He forced all of his Spiritual Energy out from his body and circulated the Great Pagoda Art. Maybe it was because it was a situation of life and death, the Great Pagoda Art’s circulating speed became faster. Spiritual Energy continued to flow endlessly into his four limbs and energized him.

No matter how powerful the Great Pagoda Art was, he was still only in the Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase. His strength was too different compared to a Middle Rank Spiritual Beast, whose strength had reached Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase. Therefore, as the time passes on, Mu Chen gradually felt that he was getting weaker.


Just when Mu Chen felt that the situation was getting pretty bad, a low howl came from a distant forest. It felt that this howl contained a sense of warning.

“It finally came!”

When Mu Chen heard this howl, joy filled his eyes. He accelerated and charged towards that distant forest. The moment he rushed into the forest, he quickly pulled out the black grass from within his arms and squeezed it using his palms. A repulsive black liquid flew out and covered his entire body.

After Mu Chen finished doing this, a black shadow appeared from in front of him. Its eyes clearly showed that it did not notice the tiny human and it stared menacingly at the Conflagration Ape King, who was approaching.

“It’s a One-Horned Panther Dragon!”

Mu Chen looked at the figure and saw that it was like a black panther with a horn on its head. However, it was wearing an extremely hard carapace. It even had a steel thorn-like crocodile’s tail on its back. A surge of violent Spiritual Energy emitted from within its body.

Mu Chen glanced at this One-Horned Panther Dragon and frowned. This guy is also a Middle Rank Spiritual Beast, but its strength was only in the Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase. The difference between it and the Conflagration Ape King was too great.


The One-Horned Panther Dragon kept a close eye at the approaching Conflagration Ape King and it attempted to frighten it to retreat by using a threatening roar.

But by this moment, the Conflagration Ape King’s eyes had already turned completely red. It would shred anything to pieces if they dared to stop it from ripping apart Mu Chen. Because it saw that the One-Horned Panther Dragon daring to stop him, he instantly issued out a fierce roar and his enormous body bounced up. Fiery red Spiritual Energy was formed under its beast palms and it fiercely smashed onto the One-Horned Panther Dragon’s waist like a meteorite.


The earth was blasted apart and left an enormous hole. The surrounding trees were completely swept apart and destroyed. Then, Mu Chen witnessed in shock as the One-Horned Panther Dragon let out a painful howl. Its entire waist was completely destroyed by the Conflagration Ape King’s brutal blow. Even the carapace was completely shattered.

“What a vicious beast.”

Mu Chen could not help but breath in cold air when he noticed that the One-Horned Panther Dragon being killed in one attack from the Conflagration Ape King. This fellow sure can’t take a hit, yet he was hoping that it could stall for some time.

After the Conflagration Ape King killed the One-Horned Panther Dragon, its blood red eyes turned towards Mu Chen. The latter felt that it was pretty bad and was about to flee. However, an extremely furious roar came out from the depths of the forest.


An amazing Spiritual Energy fluctuation was wrapped within the roar. Wind appeared where the roar passed by and Mu Chen’s face instantly changed due to this Spiritual Energy pressure.

A High Rank Spiritual Beast?! The strength of a Spirit Stage!


A silver shadow stormed out of the depths of the forest in berserk. After a few seconds, it appeared in this open space. Mu Chen hurriedly lowered his body and looked over. He saw that the silver shadow was actually exactly the same as the One-Horned Panther Dragon. Aside from the fact that its body was larger, the horn on its head was a silver color.

This is the…High Rank Spiritual Beast, Silver-Horned Panther Dragon?

Mu Chen’s heart jumped. He stared at the dead One-Horned Panther Dragon before looking at the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon, who was staring with hatred at the Conflagration Ape King. He finally understood. The Conflagration Ape King actually killed the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon’s child…

Mu Chen quietly laid down on the ground. He painted his body with the pungent black liquid in order to cover his smell and held his breath. Then, he stared pitifully at the Conflagration Ape King.

“Buddy, it’s over for you.”