Chapter 32

Chapter 32 - Spoils of War

Deep inside the forest, a violent Spiritual Energy swept through like a fierce wind. Under this powerful Spiritual Energy, the entire forest became silent. In the distant, a few Spiritual Beasts desperately fled as they felt the rage from the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon.

The fury within the Conflagration Ape King’s eyes subsided slightly under the Spiritual Energy’s pressure. The ugly beast’s face revealed a slight hint of fear. Although it had just reached the peak of a Middle Rank Spiritual Beast, the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon in front of it was a genuine High Rank Spiritual Beast!

Conflagration Ape King’s enormous body curled up slightly. It stared in fear at the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon. The body showed traces of backing off and it was obvious that it planned on escaping.


But the grieving Silver-Horned Panther Dragon would not let this murderer escape that easily. Rage and ruthlessness filled its cold beast eyes. As its sharp claws slowly rubbed the ground, an extremely violent Spiritual Energy Fluctuation emitted out from it constantly.


The Conflagration Ape King suddenly turned around and ran. The fierceness it showed earlier as it chased Mu Chen had completely vanished. Under the threat of death, it was obvious that it had forgotten about Mu Chen.

The Silver-Horned Panther Dragon stared coldly at the escaping Conflagration Ape King, its massive body lowered slightly. In the next instant, Spiritual Energy flooded out like a waterfall and dazzling silver light completely wrapped around the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon. After a muffled sound, the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon turned into a silver streak of light as it darted forward.


With a speed that the naked eye cannot perceive, the silver light pierced through the air. A sound of tearing rang out before Mu Chen was able to react. He turned his gaze over to that direction and noticed that the Conflagration Ape King had already stopped running. A 1-meter wide hole appeared on its back. The organs within its body had completely vanished as well.

The Silver-Horned Panther Dragon shook its body lightly in front of the Conflagration Ape King. It flung away all the bloodstains on its body before it slowly walked back.


The Conflagration Ape King’s body collapsed onto the ground. Fresh blood continued to flow out, but it was obvious that it had died already.

One hit. An instant kill.

Mu Chen’s heart jumped. He thought inside his mind. Is this the power of a High Rank Spiritual Beast? How terrifying! However, he remained motionless as he laid on the ground. He even minimized his breathing and the Spiritual Energy, which was circulating within his body, returned back to his aurasea.

If he was discovered by the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon, he probably wouldn’t be much better off than the Conflagration Ape King.

Luckily, the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon was not in a mood to search for a human like him. Instead, it walked beside the One-Horned Panther Dragon and pushed the corpse around. It issued out a lament howl and slowly walked back to the depths of the forest with its corpse.

Mu Chen watched as the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon disappeared. He did not immediately stand up. Instead, he waited patiently for approximately ten minutes before he carefully stood up.

He stared vigilantly at his surroundings. Then, he hurried quickly to the Conflagration Ape King’s corpse and used a dagger to cut its head apart. All of a sudden, a red light floated out.

This was the Conflagration Ape King’s Soul Essence. This fiery red light had a miniature-sized Conflagration Ape in it. A powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation radiated from it.

Mu Chen used his backhand to collect the Conflagration Ape King’s Soul Essence. Then, he used the dagger and cut the Conflagration Ape King’s head completely off. After this was done, he suddenly paused and pondered for a moment. Then, he walked to the place where the One-Horned Panther Dragon had died. A large puddle of thick red blood was at that spot.

Mu Chen took out a bottle and carefully loaded the blood inside. Then, he placed it back within his arms and swiftly left this place.

While Mu Chen got rid of his dilemma, a trouble also appeared within the valley.

Roar Roar!

The silence within the valley was completely shattered at this moment. Groups of giant red apes stared furiously at the humans within the depths of the valley. They picked up giant boulders and threw them fiercely at them. With their numbers, they managed to force everyone in the valley into a helpless position.

“Damn it, all of these beasts regained their consciousness.”

Lin ZHong and the others dodged the giant boulders helpless. They stared at the group of Conflagration Apes as they showed an exceeding ugly expression. After Mu Chen had lured away the Conflagration Ape King, they picked up the speed. However, they did not imagine that the Conflagration Apes would wake up in succession. Right now, they were stuck at this location due to them.

“What should we do?” Tang Qian’Er, Mo Ling and the others had a pale expression. After all, their psychological qualities weren’t as good as Lin Zhong and the others. This scene made their legs feel slightly weak.

“Prepare to charge out.” Lei Cheng said in a deep voice. He was carrying a bag behind him. Emerald lights continued to penetrate outwards from within the bag while a fragrance was released into the air.

“Lin Zhong, bring some people to take care of them. Don’t let anything happen to them.”

Lei Cheng said. After all, they were veterans and they had bountiful experience in this. However, Tang Qian’Er and the others were just rookies without any experience. If an accident occurs and they were caught among the group of Conflagration Apes, they would probably be ripped into shreds instantly.


Lin Zhong and the others nodded. They did not make fun of these students, who had not guts. After all, the courage displayed by Mu Chen earlier when he lured away the Conflagration Ape King by himself was something that they were stunned about. They understood that they would have probably died today if it wasn’t for Mu Chen’s actions.

“Let’s go!”

Lei Cheng gripped onto his long blade and his eyes became serious. A powerful Spiritual Energy emitted out and he led the charge towards the Conflagration Apes. His blade flashed and he forcibly teared open a path.

The Thunderstorm Team followed closely. Tang Qian’Er and the others were in the center and were protected by them. The group of people pushed their Spiritual Energy to the extreme and blade lights formed into a defensive line. It knocked back the Conflagration Apes that tried to lunge over.

Bang Bang Bang.

Although there was Lei Cheng, a Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase powerhouse, who was leading the team, there were just too many Conflagration Apes. Therefore, some of the members of the Thunderstorm Team were injured shortly after they charged out. However, they gritted their teeth and endured it as fresh blood constantly flowed down the arms holding the blade.

“Damn it!”

Lei Cheng split a Conflagration Ape into half. However, he could only curse as numerous Conflagration Apes lunged over. He gradually started to panic. It seems that they would be buried within this valley today.

Tang Qian’Er, Mo Ling and the others stared at the vicious Conflagration Apes with a pale expression. However, the Conflagration Apes suddenly created a commotion when they felt despair within their hearts. The Conflagration Apes seemed to have noticed something terrifying and they retreated backwards while letting out fearful cries.

“What is this all about?”

Lei Cheng and the others watched in astonishment at this scene. Not far away, they noticed a thin boy’s figure suddenly jumping out.

“It’s Mu Chen!”

Tang Qian’Er and the others instantly became overjoyed when they noticed this familiar figure. They did not understand why, but the confidence that the latter gave far surpassed Lei Cheng even when he wasn’t as strong as Lei Cheng.

“What is he holding in his hand?” Lin Zhong and the others could see clearly. The thing that Mu Chen was holding on seemed to be the source of fear for the nearby Conflagration Apes.

“It’s a head…”

Lei Cheng was stunned. His eyes immediately showed an astounded expression and he cried: “It’s the head of the Conflagration Ape King!”

“What?!” Lin Zhong and the others were startled. Horror began to fill their eyes. Did Mu Chen really kill the Conflagration Ape King?


Just as they were horrified, Mu Chen shouted at them. At the same time, he raised the head of the Conflagration Ape King and the nearby Conflagration Apes retreated backwards due to fear. In their eyes, the Conflagration Ape King was an extremely terrifying existence. Then, the one who killed the Conflagration Ape King, just how powerful would he?

Without a sharp wisdom, they weren’t able to think clearly about this. They could only rely on the fear that they felt from their instincts.

“Hurry and run!”

Lei Cheng rejoiced and he quickly gestured with his hand. He led the crowd and accelerated to leave the Conflagration Ape’s siege. Finally, they made it to Mu Chen’s side. As they approached, they were able to see clearly the ugly head that was constantly dripping blood. It was indeed the Conflagration Ape King’s head…

Lei Cheng and the others exchanged gazes. They could see the shock within their eyes. How in the world did Mu Chen do it?

Mu Chen did not care about their thoughts and led them out of the valley quickly. Then, he placed the head of the Conflagration Ape King outside of the valley and scared the Conflagration Apes, so that they did not dare to come out.

The group of people turned around and rushed fiercely away. Only after they were far away from the valley, they fell down exhausted. Even Lei Cheng was panting heavily and his body was covered with sweat.

Mu Chen also sat down below a tree. It feels that his bones were about to shatter. It was quite frightening this time, he nearly died.

“Are you alright?” Tang Qian’Er walked beside Mu Chen. Her beautiful eyes stared at the boy. It was obvious that this person had given her many shocks today.

“I’m fine.”

Mu Chen smiled and he raised his head. He noticed that Lei Cheng and the others were all dumbfounded as they stared at him. It was evident that they had not recovered from the shock that Mu Chen had saved them using the head of the Conflagration Ape King.

“Stop staring. I was just lucky. I still don’t have the strength to kill a Conflagration Ape King.”

Mu Chen shook his head helplessly. Then, he turned and looked at Lei Cheng as he smiled: “However, Big Brother Lei Cheng, the task is finished. We should divide the spoils now, right?”


When Lei Cheng heard these words, he could not help but laugh. He lowered the bag behind him and spread it open. A dazzling emerald light flowed out instantly along with a thick fragrance, which made everybody’s eyes lit up.

Mu Chen also stared at the round and juicy Jaded Essence Fruit inside the bag. A satisfied smile appeared on his face. At least he did not lose out after this tiring ordeal.