Chapter 33

Chapter 33 - Returning to Camp

The bag was spread out on the ground and a dazzling emerald light emitted from it. Every single jaded-colored Jaded Essence Fruit was round and shiny. An irresistible aroma made all of them gulp as they stared feverishly at it.

“There’s a total of 30 Jaded Essence Fruits. Originally, we should have more of an harvest, but the Conflagration Ape King wasted many Jaded Essence Fruit.” Lei smiled and separated 15 of the Jaded Essence Fruit. He said: “Little Brother Mu Chen. Although you said that you would only take 30%, it was all thanks to you regarding about the matter today. You deserve these 15 Jaded Essence Fruit. We cannot be greedy after all the work that you’ve done.”

“We should just do 30% like we agreed upon…Fine, then thank you, Big Brother Lei Cheng.”

Mu Chen shook his head. He was about to refuse, but he noticed the resolute expression that Lei Cheng had. He could only helplessly smile and did not act pretentious as he accepted the 15 Jaded Essence Fruit. Then, he looked at Mo Ling and the others, who were staring at him, and said: “You guys worked hard as well. Let’s have everybody take 1 Jaded Essence Fruit, is that okay?”


Mo Ling and the others could not help but grin. Even Jiang Li and Teng Yong had emotional faces. As they obtained the Jaded Essence Fruit from Mu Chen, their faces turned red as if they wanted to say something, but they didn’t have the nerve to do so. Thus, they could only keep grinning.

“Yo, you also have one.” Mu Chen handed a Jaded Essence Fruit to Tang Qian’Er. The girl let off a sweet smile as she held onto the Jaded Essence Fruit.

When Mu Chen finished distributing the 15 Jaded Essence Fruit, he still had 6 remaining in his hand. Even he could not endure it and grinned as he stared at the cold, jade-like Jaded Essence. With this Jaded Essence Fruit, he should be able to condense the second Limitless Death Seal, right?

The group of people rested in the forest. Because they came back with fruitful results, every single one of them had a joyous expression. They also got closer with each other. Mo Ling and the others even took the opportunity to ask for guidance from the Thunderstorm regarding about methods of hunting Spiritual Beast. Moreover, Lin Zhong and the others even shared some of the dangerous experiences they had in their adventures. As they were listening, Mo Ling and the others’ eyes lit up as if they were extremely excited.

Mu Chen watched the harmonious atmosphere and smiled. At this moment, Lei Cheng walked over with a bottle of hard liquor and thrusted it towards Mu Chen. He smiled and said: “How is it? Can you drink?”

Mu Chen was not good with the item inside the bottle. However, he did not refuse and took a swig from it. The spicy feeling made the handsome boy’s face turned red and he coughed a few times.

“Don’t drink that much.” Seeing this, Tang Qian’Er hurriedly patted Mu Chen’s back and said reproachfully.

“Ohoho, I’ve met many youths over all these years, but I’ve never met one as amazing as Little Brother Mu Chen. If you have time in the future, you can come play around with the Thunderstorm Team.” Lei Cheng joked as he said.

“His father is the Mu Territory’s Lord. Uncle Mu will not forgive you if you drag him in becoming an Adventurer.” Tang Qian’Er batted an eye towards Lei Cheng and said sourly.

“Mu Territory’s Lord?” Lei Cheng was stunned. He immediately stared at Mu Chen in surprise: “So Little Brother Mu Chen is the Young Master of the Mu Territory. It was an oversight. Ohoho, I’ve had once followed my Big Brother and met the Mu Territory’s Lord before. Truly, a wild goose will never lay a tame egg.”

Mu Chen glared at Tang Qian’Er as the girl stuck out her tongue. She only mentioned it because she did not think carefully about it.

“Little Brother Mu Chen, we will stay at the Northern Spiritual Field for a while. If you need any help, feel free to call us. This time, we owe you a favor.” Lei Cheng said.

“Big Brother Lei, there’s no need to be this polite. Naturally, I would have to give it my all since we were cooperating.” Mu Chen smiled and said.

“Cooperation is Cooperation. However, it is also true that you’ve saved us, the Thunderstorm Team.” Lei Cheng said seriously.

Mu Chen could only shake his head helplessly. However, he had a better opinion of this straight-forward and burly man.

After they chatted for a while, the color of the sky gradually darkened. When Mu Chen noticed this, he said farewells to the Thunderstorm Team together with Tang Qian’Er and the others. Afterwards, they rushed towards the direction of the camp.

Along the way, Mo Ling and the others were still immersed in excitement. Although they were in a dangerous situation today, the emotional moments after the danger made them extremely excited. They talked constantly about the fierce battle within the valley.

Mu Chen did not feel anything about the excitement they were talking about. After all, he had experienced this many times within the Spiritual Road. Therefore, he was able to maintain a calm heart when facing this kind of situation.

As there weren’t many obstacles on the way back, they reached a location close to the camp after half an hour. The youths all let out a sigh of relief when they saw the camp out in the distance.

Mu Chen stared in the direction of the camp and frowned. This is because a dozen figures were at the entrance of the forest. The leading figure was fairly familiar as it was Liu Yang and Chen Tong. It was clear that the people behind these smiling individuals were all West Branch students.

“It’s Chen Tong and a few others.” Mo Ling was startled when he noticed Liu Yang and the other students. His face immediately turned disgusted: “Mu Chen, it seems that they are coming for you.”

Just when Mu Chen and the others discovered Chen Tong’s group, the other group also noticed the group that was returning. A nasty expression appeared instantly in their faces and they intercepted Mu Chen and the others.

“Chen Tong, what are you guys doing?” Mo Ling frowned when he noticed this.

“Oh, nothing. I only want to talk with him for a while. Mo Ling, this is unrelated to you, so you best not intervene, okay? If you offend Brother Liu, you’ll have an unpleasant time as well.” Chen Tong laughed.

The Brother Liu that Chen Tong was talking about was obviously Liu Mubai. When Mo Ling heard this, his face changed slightly. It was obvious that he was afraid of Liu Mubai.

“Jiang Li, Teng Yong, the two of you can leave as well. I know that you bear grudges with Mu Chen, we’ll help you vent off your feelings.” Chen Tong stared as he spoke to Jiang Li and Teng Yong.

He calculated it quite accurately. Aside from Tang Qian’Er, the other people weren’t familiar with Mu Chen. Moreover, Jiang Li and Teng Yong both disliked Mu Chen, so they wouldn’t help him for sure.

However, just when he believed that he had calculated the situation accurately, Jiang Li and the others only stared at him coldly. They did not show any traces of leaving and instead let out a sneer: “If you want to hurt Brother Mu, you have to ask us first.”

Although Jiang Li and Teng Yong disliked Mu Chen earlier, the matter today completely changed their opinions on him. Not only did Mu Chen rescue them, his actions in the valley completely made these prideful individuals respect him. The hatred they had against him had vanished already. Therefore, they did not feel the slightest psychological burden when they called him Brother Mu.


Chen Tong and the others were stunned. Their faces instantly turned grim as they stared malevolently at Mo Ling and the others, who were protecting Mu Chen. They felt incredulously. Why would these old students be that protective of an East Branch Heaven Class newcomer?

Mu Chen watched the scene undisturbed and did not say anything. He only patted Jiang Li and the other’s shoulders and said: “Let’s leave.”

He did not say anything towards Chen Tong and Liu Yang. This ignoring attitude made Chen Tong’s face become disgusted. He let out a low cry: “You want to leave? You’re acting too arrogant!”

His hand stretched straight out towards Mu Chen’s collar as soon as he said those words.


However, when he took action towards Mu Chen, a cold chill passed through Mu Chen’s eyes. Mu Chen turned his hand around and a black light flashed. Before Chen Tong’s hands touched his collar, a bloody dark dagger already appeared next to Chen Tong’s throat.

The coldness coming from his throat made Chen Tong’s pupil contract violently. He shuddered and gritted his teeth as he said: “What do you want?”

“You don’t believe that I’ll kill you?” Mu Chen said softly as he looked at Chen Tong.

Although Mu Chen’s words were light, Chen Tong and the others all felt a bone-chilling cold. This was a true killing intent…

The youths behind Chen Tong were stunned by the emotionless black eyes of Mu Chen. They were afraid and did not dare to speak.

“What are you doing?”

A deep voice broke the silence and many youths hurriedly looked over. They saw Teacher Mo staring severely at them nearby.

“Teacher Mo!”

Mo Ling and the others immediately bowed when they noticed him.

When Mu Chen saw that Teacher Mo, he withdrew his dagger. A gentle smile reappeared on his handsome face. When you look at him, it seems that he was harmless.

“Teacher Mo, Mu Chen wanted to kill me!” Chen Tong stared at Mu Chen with a flushed face.

“You really believe that I didn’t see it at all?” Teacher Mo glanced at Chen Tong as he said faintly.

Chen Tong was startled and he bitterly touched his nose. Then, he glared fiercely at Mu Chen and brought everyone away with a depressed expression.

“All of you should return back to the camp as well.” Teacher Mo said this towards Mo Ling, Tang Qian’Er and the others. The latter hesitated for a moment before leaving one after another.

After seeing them leave, Teacher Mo walked towards Mu Chen. He could not help but shake his head as he stared at the boy’s gentle face. He said: “Boy, you really dare do such a dangerous thing with an Adventurer’s Team.”

“Teacher Mo, you know what we did?” Mu Chen was slightly stunned as he asked.

“After Tan Qingshan returned and informed me, I rushed over immediately. However, I did not show up, but I’ve witnessed your actions.” Teacher Mo stared at Mu Chen while he was slightly overwhelmed. He originally planned on saving Mu Chen when he noticed Mu Chen luring away the Conflagration Ape King. However, who would have expected that the boy would actually lure out a Silver-Horned Panther Dragon. This act of rousing the tiger to eat the wolf even made him sigh with amazement.

“So Teacher Mo was secretly protecting me. If I knew that earlier, I wouldn’t need to be hunted down that helplessly.” Mu Chen said helplessly. If they knew that a Spirit Stage powerhouse was protecting him in secret, just who would be willing to run around the forest while being chased?

“Boy, you…” Teacher Mo smiled as he shook his head. He knew that Mu Chen was quite cautious even though he was still quite young. He must have cooperated with the Thunderstorm Team because he was convinced that the other side would not dare do anything wicked to them: “Forget it, it’s great that you’re back. Let’s head back to the camp first.”

Teacher Mo waved his hand and turned around towards the camp. Mu Chen followed him with a smile.

The two of them passed through the forest and entered the camp. Mu Chen immediately swept a glance around the camp when he entered. He suddenly stared at the dozen burly figures near the camp. The powerful and ominous aura that came from the figures showed that they were any ordinary individuals.

“This is…”

Teacher Mo also frowned as he stared at the unfamiliar team. Then, he noticed the badge on these men’s chests and muttered: “It’s the people from the Liu Territory? What are they planning to do by coming here?”