Chapter 34

Chapter 34 - Liu Ming

A group of strangers appearing within the camp would naturally attract the gazes of many students. However, none of them dared to approach. The ominous aura that emitted from their bodies made the young boys and girls slightly afraid.

“The people from the Liu Territory?” Mu Chen frowned as he stared at these unfamiliar men. Why did these individuals run over to the Northern Spiritual Field?

It was obvious that Teacher Mo was also puzzled. He slowly walked towards the group and a middle-aged man stepped forward. He cuffed his hands as he smiled and said: “Surely, this must be the Northern Spiritual Academy’s Teacher Mo? Liu Territory’s Liu Ming. I apologize for coming here uninvited, but I hope you will forgive me.”

“Oh, so it’s the Third Master of the Liu Territory, Liu Ming.” Teacher Mo let out a faint smile when he heard those words.

“How could I allow Teacher Mo call me like this, that’s only a rumor caused by outsiders.” The middle-aged man hurriedly shook his head and maintained a low-profile.

“Liu Ming? The Third Master of the Liu Territory, huh…”

Behind Teacher Mo, Mu Chen glanced at the middle-aged man again. The latter was slightly skinny, yet he seemed strong. Moreover, he had a pair of claw-like hands. At this moment, the skinny face was filled with smiles.

Mu Chen wasn’t unfamiliar with the name, Liu Ming. He had often heard it from his father and Uncle Zhou. This person was the younger twin brother of the Liu Territory’s Territory Lord, Liu Qingtian and was also the right-hand man for him. His strength had already reached the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase and was only a step away from reaching the Spirit Stage. Furthermore, he was considered a relatively well-known figure within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

“You guys are?” Teacher Mo stared at the group led by Liu Ming, which did not fit with the atmosphere around the camp. He had a slightly unhappy expression. After all, this place was a training location for the students. With these ominous people around here, it might disturb the student’s training.

“Teacher Mo, my Third Uncle is currently on a mission. He noticed that Liu Yang and I were here, so he came over to see us. He did not intend to disturb us.” Behind Liu Ming, Liu Mubai gave a slight smile as he spoke.


Liu Ming sighed: “We, the Liu Territory, had an important item that was stolen by the “Blood Slaughter Group” while we were transporting it back. Although we, the Liu Territory, managed to encircle them and annihilate them, the captain of the “Blood Slaughter Group” , Xue Tu, still escaped. He fled into the Northern Spiritual Field under our chase, so we came here this time to capture him.”

“Xue Tu?”

Hearing this name, Teacher Mo frowned. He was an extremely ruthlessly individual within the Northern Spiritual Realm. It was unknown how many lives died in his hands. If this wicked individual entered the Northern Spiritual Realm, wouldn’t it be a threat to the students training here?

The other law-abiding Adventurer Teams and Adventurers would fear the Northern Spiritual Academy. Thus, they would not dare do anything overboard to these students. However, this wicked individual would not hesitate at all. As long as they made him unhappy, he would kill without hesitation.

“Ohoho, yes. This time, we came over here because we wanted to inform Teacher Mo as well. Try and allow the students to be more careful, so that nothing unpleasant would occur. After all, everybody knows how crazy that person is.”

As Mu Chen was standing beside Teacher Mo, he naturally heard this and was a little surprised. Obviously, he had heard of the name Blood Slaughter Group before. It was an extremely vicious name. However, these individuals weren’t idiots, why would they dare to trouble the Liu Territory?

It seems that those people stole something amazing from them. Otherwise, why would the Liu Territory be so angry? Not only did they massacre the Blood Slaughter Group, they even cause Xue Tu to flee to this place.

“Third Master Liu, what item did the Blood Slaughter Group steal from the Liu Territory? You would actually mobilize this many troops for it.” Mu Chen’s eyes flashed. He suddenly asked as if he was naïve.

This kind of stupid question startled Liu Ming. He let out a dry chuckle and said: “Little Brother, I can’t tell you this.”

Mu Chen smiled slightly. Within his heart, he understood just how important that the item stolen by Xue Tu is.

“Mu Chen, this matter is unrelated to your Mu Territory.” Liu Mubai glanced at Mu Chen and said.

“Mu Chen?” When Liu Ming heard this name, he was stunned. His eyes narrowed as he stared at Mu Chen and said: “So you’re Mu Feng’s son. The only one who obtained the qualifications for the Spiritual Road within the Northern Spiritual Realm?”

Mu Chen smiled as he nodded. They were many disputes between the Liu Territory and the Mu Territory. It could be said that they were enemies. Therefore, he was not surprised by Liu Ming’s reaction.

“Ohoho, I have heard of your name a long time ago. Originally, I thought that the spot for the Spiritual Road would belong to Mubai.” Liu Ming let out a faint chuckle and said this out.

Mu Chen smiled, but he did not respond.

“Thank you for informing us about the matter of Xue Tu, we will be careful.” Seeing that Liu Ming’s words have a sting in them, Teacher Mo frowned. Liu Ming was ultimately a well-known figure within the Northern Spiritual Realm, how could he speak so rudely to a young boy?

“Teacher Mo, we wanted to rest in the camp tonight, so we hope that Teacher Mo will accept it. Ohoho, although Teacher Xi had already accepted it, I still feel that it is necessary that Teacher Mo accepts it as well. Of course, we will take care of protecting the camp tonight and guarantee that nothing will happen.” Liu Ming quickly said.

When Teacher Mo heard this, he pondered for a moment. Since Teacher Xi had already accepted it, then it wouldn’t be quite honorable if he refused. He immediately nodded and brought Liu Ming to arrange a place.

“I heard from Chen Tong earlier that you wanted to kill him?” Seeing that Mu Chen was planning to leave, Liu Mubai suddenly called out faintly.

Mu Chen tilted his head and glanced at Liu Mubai for a moment. He smiled and said: “To those individuals that come to trouble me, I don’t know how to be merciful to them. If you enjoy that, you can come at me by yourself. But if you allow those dogs of yours to come over again, I do not mind teaching them a lesson.”

Liu Mubai stared coldly at Mu Chen as Mu Chen smiled and exchanged gazes with him.

“If I have the chance, I will personally test out how powerful you, a person who qualified for the Spiritual Road, are. I hope that you would not disappoint me.” Liu Mubai stared deeply at Mu Chen. Then, he left without saying anymore.

When Mu Chen saw this, he smiled as well. Then, he turned around and headed to the camp for the East Branch students. Seeing him walk over, Tang Qian’Er pouted her lips and said: “Those fellows from the Liu Territory, what is there to be proud of now? They still act this arrogant when their item was stolen.”

She had always been looking over there. Thus, she was slightly unhappy when she heard the stingy words from Liu Ming and Liu Mubai.

“Since they are unhappy, they needed somewhere to vent off their feelings.” Mu Chen smiled and beckoned Tan Qingshan to come over. After he walked over, he quietly thrusted a Jaded Essence Fruit into his hands.

“This is the payment for passing on the message.”

Mu Chen patted Tan Qingshan’s shoulder while he was in a daze.

“This…Is this really for me?” Tan Qingshan’s face turned red because he was emotional. When they came back, Mo Ling and the others talked about the events in the valley to him. Naturally, Tan Qingshan became envious when they were all holding a Jaded Essence Fruit. However, he knew that Mo Ling and the others worked hard for it, so that is why they obtained it. He could only blame his own strength as he could not go with them.

His family environment wasn’t that good. He could not afford a Spirit Fruit like the Jaded Essence Fruit. The Jaded Essence Fruit that Mu Chen gave him would be able to save a lot of time for training.

“If you did not pass back the message, we would not have the confidence to follow them and do the task with them.” Mu Chen smiled and said.

“B…Brother Mu, thank you.” Tan Qingshan held onto the Jaded Essence Fruit and said in an appreciative voice.

“Go train well now.”

Mu Chen shook his head. Afterwards, he headed towards his own tent. Right now, he was left with 5 Jaded Essence Fruits. With such sufficient preparations, he should be able to condense the second seal of the Limitless Death Seal this time, right?

When he thought about this, even with his calmness, Mu Chen could not help but be excited about it.

Night gradually enveloped the Northern Spiritual Field. As the color of the sky darkened, the camp became bright again and was extremely lively.

However, Mu Chen did not go out. Instead, he sat quietly within his tent with his eyes closed. He circulated the Great Pagoda Art and dark black lights glowed on the surface of his body.

This quiet training lasted for approximately 30 minutes. Then, Mu Chen opened his eyes suddenly and pulled out a round Jaded Essence Fruit from his arms. Under the faint firelight, the Jaded Essence Fruit’s bright reflection was extremely enchanting.

Mu Chen licked his mouth. Then, he opened his mouth and directly shoved the Jaded Essence Fruit into this mouth. Next up, it was finally the time to condense the second seal for the Limitless Death Seal.