Chapter 35

Chapter 35 - The Second Limitless Death Seal


The Jaded Essence Fruit instantly dissolved when it entered Mu Chen’s mouth and a thick, sweet taste spread out within. Next, pure Spiritual Energy flowed out like water and infused into Mu Chen’s body.

The Spiritual Energy was extremely powerful. Thus, he pursed his lips as the Spiritual Energy caused Mu Chen’s body to tremble slightly.

Without the slightest hesitation, Mu Chen overlapped his ten fingers and swiftly changed between complicated seals. As his seals changed, a rich Spiritual Energy began to condense in the center of his palms.

Mu Chen had always been attempting to form the second Limitless Death Seal for a while now. Although he had never succeeded, it still allowed him to get increasingly skilled in the condensation method.

Permeated with black lights, the dark black Spiritual Energy nearly wrapped around Mu Chen’s arms completely. The density of the Spiritual Energy was not something that Mu Chen would normally able to achieve.

Mu Chen’s eyes were fixed on the Spiritual Energy condensing at the center of his palm. The black light seemed to form a whirlpool and it devoured the surrounding Spiritual Energy endlessly.

He was completely focused on it and did not dare to be distracted at all. After all, when he attempted to condense one normally, he would use the Spiritual Energy that he could control. Even if it failed, it would not cause much damage to him. However, the situation right now was completely different. The Spiritual Energy that came from the Jaded Essence Fruit made the Spiritual Energy within Mu Chen’s body reach a considerably dense level. If he fails, the backlash from the Spiritual Energy would probably be quite troublesome for Mu Chen.


As Mu Chen concentrated, the black lights condensed more rapidly. It was possible to see a black light to slowly condense into the shape of a black light seal.

“All of you, go in!”

Mu Chen let out a cry within his heart and activated the Spiritual Energy within his body with all his strength. It flowed endlessly into the black light seal. The speed of the black light extending increased again. Approximately a minute later, the black light quietly retracted and a black light seal appeared above the center of Mu Chen’s left hand.

He finally condensed the second Limitless Death Seal!

Mu Chen stared at the Limitless Death Seal floating above the center of his palm, but he did not relax. Instead, his eyes became increasingly serious because he knew that succeeding in forming the Limitless Death Seal was only the first step…

Next up, he must absorb this second Limitless Death into his body. But when this Limitless Death Seal enters his body, it would burst out an extremely powerful force. If he was not careful, the meridians within his body would be destroyed.

Mu Chen had already suffered from the powerful backlash from the Limitless Death Seal when he formed the first one. He understood that the backlash would only be more terrifying when he formed more of them. Even someone like Teacher Mo, who was at the Spirit Stage Level, could not form the third Limitless Death Seal. Although the power of the backlash would increase based on the practitioner’s own strength, he was still able to differentiate just how powerful the backlash would be.


Mu Chen took a deep breath and the Spiritual Energy within his aurasea began to surge out. It formed a protective membrane around the meridians as it prepared for the violent impact.

When the inside of his body was fully prepared, Mu Chen did not hesitate and the second Limitless Death Seal imprinted itself onto Mu Chen’s left palm.


The moment that it touched Mu Chen’s palm, his body trembled suddenly. Then, the color of his face changed as a violent impact surged forward through his meridians like a raging flood from his left palm.

The power of the impact was filled with destructiveness. Along the way, the Spiritual Energy membrane was smashed instantly and his meridians could not endure the impact. It became slightly distorted and a terrible pain came from it.

Cold sweat appeared at Mu Chen’s forehead. However, he did not dare to get distracted. He hurriedly mobilized his Spiritual Energy and contained it again.

Bang Bang Bang!

Mu Chen’s body seems to have turned into a battlefield. The backlash from the Limitless Death Seal destroyed the many defenses and wreaked havoc within his body. The pain made Mu Chen’s body twitch slightly.

“Damn it!”

The pain had twisted Mu Chen’s face a bit. He gritted his teeth and cursed loudly as he struggled to resist it. If he fails to withstand it now, then his hard work would be wasted. Moreover, he would suffer a grave injury within his body.

A terrible pain constantly emitted out from his meridians. Mu Chen was completely drenched in cold sweat and he was slightly dizzy from the pain.

Only at this moment did he truly understand how difficult it was to form the second Limitless Death Seal.

The power of the backlash had already breakthrough the outer meridians and it charged straight towards Mu Chen’s aurasea without stopping. This made Mu Chen’s heart turn cold. If his meridians were injured, he could still restore them. However, if his aurasea was destroyed, it would definitely be so painful that he would want to die.


When Mu Chen thought about this, even he couldn’t remain calm and he let out an angry roar within his heart.


When the low cry rumbled within his body, he noticed that a few lights lit up within his body. These lights were distributed throughout Mu Chen’s limbs and seemed quite peculiar.

As these lights appeared, Mu Chen felt that an energy gushing out from his body and it collided with the raging impact directly.


A sound of bombardment rang out within his body and buzzed within Mu Chen’s ears. He only managed to recover after a while. When he recovered, the first thing that he did was to sense within his body. However, he was startled.

Because he discovered that the raging backlash was actually blocked!

“How could this be…” Mu Chen muttered at a loss. He stared in his mind at the fading lights within his body. Could this really be a Spiritual Pulse? But why couldn’t he control it or even just sense it?

After thinking for a while, he could not think of any reason why and he could only let out a bitter laugh. It seems that there was some sort of secret within his body.

Mu Chen suppressed these thoughts within his heart and circulated the Great Pagoda Art. He gathered the Spiritual Energy that was spread throughout his limbs into his aurasea. However, after the Spiritual Energy entered his aurasea, he could feel that the originally quiet Spiritual Energy begin to rumble. A strange fluctuation rumbled within Mu Chen’s heart.

When he sensed this fluctuation, Mu Chen was stunned. Then, a pleasant surprise could not be concealed as it gushed out from his heart.

This is…a sign of the Spiritual Energy making a breakthrough!

Mu Chen opened his eyes in surprised. He immediately pulled out another Jaded Essence Fruit and shoved it into his mouth. Then, he circulated the Great Pagoda Art and refined the warm and cool Spiritual Energy. It eventually turned into a dark black Spiritual Energy as it endlessly entered his aurasea.

The two Spiritual Energies quickly converged together and a joyous cry rang out within Mu Chen’s aurasea. As this joyous cry rang out, Mu Chen was able to feel the Spiritual Energy within his body becoming denser rapidly.

This increase lasted for quite a while before it stopped. The star cluster-like dark black Spiritual Energy within Mu Chen’s body seemed to have doubled compared to before.

Inside the tent, Mu Chen opened his eyes and his handsome face was filled with joy. He stretched out his hands and a dark seal flickered within both his palms.

He succeeded in forming the second Limitless Death Seal!

Mu Chen grinned and clenched his hands tightly. Not only did he condense the second Limitless Death Seal, he even took advantage of this opportunity and broke through again. He advanced to the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase!

Sensing that the Spiritual Energy within his body had become denser, Mu Chen could not help but smile.

Tonight’s harvest had far surpassed his own expectations.

Just when Mu Chen was delighted due to his breakthrough, Teacher Mo also opened his eyes in another tent. His eyes stared in surprise in the direction of Mu Chen’s tent and he immediately smiled.

This little guy is truly impressive.