Chapter 37

Chapter 37 - Setting a Trap

In the open space of the forest, the three figures faced each other. The atmosphere made one feel slightly suffocated. Of course, this was only to Tang Qian’Er, who was behind Mu Chen. Xue Tu’s smile and narrow eyes were filled with craftiness and coldness.

Mu Chen vigilantly stared at him while the Spiritual Energy within his body rushed out. This Xue Tu seemed to give him a dangerous feeling. The degree of danger seemed to be far beyond the Conflagration Ape King that he met yesterday.

Whether it is in strength or in wisdom, the Conflagration Ape King cannot compare with Xue Tu. The Conflagration Ape King had only just broke through to the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase, but Xue Tu, on the other hand, had almost stepped into the Spirit Stage.

“Boy, I don’t have much time to play this game of confrontation with you. You have ten seconds to decide. If you hand her over, I’ll let you live.” Xue Tu said this again as he stared at Mu Chen with a smile.

“You aren’t afraid of attracting the two Spirit Stage Instructors from the Northern Spiritual Academy if you attack us here?” Mu Chen said slowly.

“You’re running out of time.”

Xue Tu grinned and his pure white teeth made the other people shudder.

Mu Chen took a deep breath and tilted his head to stare at Tang Qian’Er. Then, he grabbed onto her smooth wrist and shoved her over towards Xue Tu.

“At least you understand, boy.” When Xue Tu noticed this, his smile became more brilliant.

Mu Chen furiously circulated the Spiritual Energy in his arms and immediately took a step forward. He directly used the back of his hand and smashed towards Tang Qian’Er’s shoulder. This powerful impact blew her away.

“If you don’t want to hurt me, then leave!”

After Tang Qian’Er was blown away, Mu Chen’s shout quickly followed.

When Tang Qian’Er fell into the forest, her beautiful eyes stared at the tall boy’s figure and her eyes became wet by the fog. She suppressed her foolish thought of not casting him aside as she turned and ran.

“You think you can get away?”

Xue Tu stared coldly at this scene. These two Spiritual Movement Stage brats actually were so naïve that they thought they could escape him?

“Boy, I’ll let you taste what is called a living death later on!” Xue Tu smiled and his body darted over. However, he did not charge towards Mu Chen, but rather to Tang Qian’Er, who was escaping to the outside of the forest.

When Mu Chen noticed this, he also lunged over. However, Xue Tu completely ignored his lunge.

“Spirit Destruction Bead!”

Just when he planned on ignoring Mu Chen’s charge, Xue Tu noticed that the boy suddenly grasped something within his hand. A light seemed to appear within his hand and a violent sound rang out.

“Spirit Destruction Bead?”

Hearing this name, Xue Tu’s heart trembled. Although Mu Chen, who was in front of him, was pretty weak, it was definitely possible that he could obstruct him, if he had a Spirit Destruction Bead. Moreover, if the Spirit Destruction Bead was to hit him, it would probably cause some degree of injury. This was something that Xue Tu could not afford to suffer while he was surrounded.

Xue Tu’s eyes flashed and eventually stopped. He stared at the powerful and sudden mass of black light and let out a cry, as vigorous Spiritual Energy erupted out and enveloped his body.


The instant that the black light was about to touch his body, it suddenly burst open. Unexpectedly, the violent Spiritual Energy did not appear. Instead, a strong stench suddenly presented itself. A sticky item burst out from the black light and covered Xue Tu’s body.

This sudden turn of events completely stunned Xue Tu. He lowered his head and stared at his body covered with blood. The fresh blood was quite viscous and had a pungent smell. It completely bathed his body and made him look extremely awkward.

“You dare trick me?!”

The corner of Xue Tu’s mouth twitched slightly. A chill exploded out from his eyes as he stared at Mu Chen.

However, Mu Chen ignored him and instantly retreated.

“Boy, since you want to let her get away this much, then I won’t let that wish of yours happen!” Although Xue Tu was extremely angry due to Mu Chen’s act, he was still a sinister and ruthless individual. He immediately let out an eerie laugh.

“Trash, do you want this thing?” When Mu Chen noticed that he actually refrained his anger and wanted to capture Tang Qian’Er, he smiled instead. Then, he pulled out an emerald, round fruit that emitted a rich Spiritual Energy from his arm.

“Jaded Essence Fruit?!”

When Xue Tu noticed this Jaded Essence Fruit, his eyes narrowed. Greediness appeared within his eyes. He was currently at the peak of the Spiritual Rotation Stage and was only a step away from advancing to the Spirit Stage. If he was able to obtain the Jaded Essence Fruit, he would be able to take a risk. Furthermore, if he really succeeded in his breakthrough, he would be able to successfully get rid of Liu Ming and escape!

He would be able to break out of this dilemma!

“You’re a really surprising boy, now I have some interest in you.”

Xue Tu grinned. His eyes instantly turned cold and turned his body over. He darted furiously towards Mu Chen. Compared to letting go of a beauty temporarily, it was worth it if he manages to breakthrough to the Spirit Stage.

Mu Chen seemed to have expected this reaction from him. Within his body, the Spiritual Energy gushed out and wrapped around his legs. He seemed to have pushed his speed to the limits as he fled in madness towards the depth of the forest.

With Tang Qian’Er’s speed, it would probably take some time before she would manage to notify Teacher Mo. During this time period, he must ensure that he survives against Xue Tu, who is at the peak of the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase.

With Xue Tu’s strength, it was extremely easy to kill him.

“Boy, you really believe that you can escape? You would actually use your own life to lure me over for just a little girl. Ohoho, to be honest, I respect you quite a bit. How about this? If you were to hand the Jaded Essence Fruit over, I would only break your limbs and let you survive. What do you think?”

Xue Tu chased after the desperately escaping figure. A strange cackle sound rang out constantly.

“Plaything of a homeless cur, you should take care of yourself instead.” Mu Chen did not look back and instead sneered at him.

“You really don’t know how to appreciate other people’s favors!”

Xue Tu’s eyes turned cold. His Spiritual Energy stormed out and his speed suddenly accelerated. The distance between Mu Chen’s figure and him was quickly shortening.

Mu Chen could feel the chill coming closer and closer behind him. His heart sank slightly. In the end, he still underestimated Xue Tu’s strength.

However, if he were to relax even the slightest bit, he would probably die at the hands of this guy.

Mu Chen gritted his teeth and a low roar seemed to erupt within his heart. His Spiritual Energy circulated at a high speed through his meridians. Perhaps they were aware that Mu Chen was in a situation of life and death, the hidden lights within the depths of his body slowly lit up again.

The lights emerged one after another. If Mu Chen were to observe the inside of his body with his mind right now, he would discover that the lights were connecting and forming something similar to a mysterious tower.


Unfortunately, Mu Chen did not have the time to split up his mind right now. He could only feel the Spiritual Energy suddenly become a lot violent and his speed also accelerated. He was actually able to pull a little bit of distance away from Xue Tu.

“What? This boy’s speed is actually this fast!”

When Xue Tu noticed this, he was stunned. Then, he frowned again and immediately circulated his Spiritual Energy as he hurriedly chased after Mu Chen. After all, he had extraordinary eyesight that surpassed others. Mu Chen’s sudden explosiveness should only be temporarily and could not compare to his endurance.

Within the forest, one of them was chasing while the other was fleeing. As they passed through, the leaves on the ground were swept clean as if a tornado had passed.

Under this extreme speed, Mu Chen and Xue Tu quickly reached the depths of the Northern Spiritual Field. Xue Tu looked in this direction and was slightly impatient. After all, there were quite a bit of tricky Spiritual Beasts at this place and it was easy for the situation to change.

“Boy, I had enough of you!”

Xue Tu fiercely gritted his teeth. He did not care if he had to expend a lot of Spiritual Energy. His feet violently stomped the ground and his body suddenly laid down like a cheetah. His palms smashed onto the ground and the Spiritual Energy that wrapped his body seemed to have turned into the shape of a cheetah. His body instantly turned into a light figure and he stormed towards Mu Chen at an extremely surprising speed.

“Go to hell!”

This sudden burst of speed made Xue Tu appear behind Mu Chen in around ten breathes of time. A violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation was on Xue Tu’s fist as it was fired out.

This attack was enough to instantly kill a person at the Spiritual Movement Stage.

At the same time, Mu Chen felt the surprising attack behind him. He would probably suffer grave injuries if he were to take it head on.

Mu Chen’s eyes flashed crazily. He stared at the depths of the forest as if he was calculating his position. Then, he turned his body violently around and opened his palm. A black light emerged and he noticed a mysterious black paper suddenly appear from within it.


After that mysterious black paper appeared in Mu Chen’s palm, Xue Tu’s fierce fist smashed heavily onto the black paper.


A violent Spiritual Energy exploded outwards. Mu Chen’s body seemed to be struck by lightning and fresh blood sprayed out from his mouth. That page of black paper returned back to his body and his body flew backwards. In the end, he fell into the depths of the forest.

Xue Tu was surprised when he noticed that this fist didn’t kill Mu Chen. However, his speed wasn’t slow. He charged straight into the forest and stared at Mu Chen coldly as Mu Chen lay underneath a large tree.

“Are you going to continue to run?”

Xue Tu stared cruelly at Mu Chen as he was collapsed on the ground and laughed.

“There’s no need…”

However, Mu Chen wiped off the blood from the corner of his lips when facing Xue Tu’s merciless smile. Instead, a mocking smile appeared on the boy’s handsome face.

“Now it’s your turn to escape, trash.”

When Xue Tu heard this, his pupil retracted. As he was about to speak, a furious howl burst out from the depths of the forest. A silver light charged out like lightning. This extremely violent Spiritual Energy seemed to directly cause a storm within the forest.

“A Silver-Horned Panther Dragon?!”

When Xue Tu saw this majestic Spiritual Beast, his face instantly changed. He stared ferociously at Mu Chen and said: “What a ruthless boy, you plan on dying together with me? However, you’re still too inexperienced. As long as I escape from his territory, this Spiritual Beast will not chase after me. Instead, you will be the one that becomes is food.”

After Mu Chen heard his words, the mocking smile became even more intense.

“Your body is covered with the blood of his cub. You think that it would let you escape this easily?”

When he heard this remark, Xue Tu hurriedly looked down at the sticky and fresh blood covering his body. His face changed dramatically. He finally understood that this seemingly innocent boy was actually setting up a trap for him since the very beginning!

Pretending to throw out a Spirit Destruction Bead, yet hiding a bottle of fresh blood instead. He was escaping while planning along the way…

As Xue Tu stared at the boy’s mocking look, his heart shuddered. Was this really something that a reckless young boy would do?

Mu Chen stared at Xue Tu, whose face was changing color. He gently smiled and stared at the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon, who was letting out an immense killing intent. He let out a sigh of relief.

Boss Panther Dragon, I’m relying on you again this time. Please block this for me…