Chapter 38

Chapter 38 - Revenge Kill


A violent Spiritual Energy pervaded the inside of the forest. The Silver-Horned Panther Dragon stared at Xue Tu, who was nearby and covered in blood, with its red eyes. A low roar filled with hatred and killing intent emitted constantly out from his mouth.

From this human’s body, it smelled the fresh blood of its cub. Could this abominable human hurt its cub before?

Although a High Rank Spiritual Beast were many times more intelligent than a Low Rank Spiritual Beasts, it was still incomparable to a humans. While it was angry, it only wanted to tear apart any human or Spiritual Beast that was tainted with its cub’s smell.


Xue Tu stared at the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon as his body emitted a cold chill. He glanced venomously at Mu Chen. Who would have imagined that this boy, who he could have captured easily, would be this cunning.

He knew that this was a terrible situation for him, but he had a lustful nature. This is why he wanted to vent out fiercely before trouble arrived. Then, he found a beauty that was as beauty as a flower and it instantly made his heart twitch. But how would we have known that this tiny twitch would bring forth such a large trouble to him.

“I will never forgive you!”

Xue Tu shouted out maliciously. As he stomped on the ground, a powerful Spiritual Energy suddenly erupted from his body. The man instantly retreated violently and passed through the thick woods. It was evident that he was planning on running.


However, the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon did not intend to let him go this easily. In an instant, his powerful body lowered and it turned into a silver streak of light as it charged out.

The Silver-Horned Panther Dragon possesses the strength of a Spirit Stage powerhouse. Its speed naturally surpassed Xue Tu and it appeared behind him after a short moment. This violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation made Xue Tu’s face change.

“Spirit Leopard Slaughter!”

Nevertheless, Xue Tu wasn’t an ordinary person. He forcibly twisted his body in midair and Spiritual Energy gushed out as he let out a cry. The Spiritual Energy on the surface of his body actually turned into the shape of a Spirit Leopard and he fired off a punch. It was as if the leopard and human had fused when he smashed his fist over angrily at the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon.

The Spirit Leopard wrapped around Xue Tu’s body as it collided fiercely with the silver light. A cry instantly rang out and violent Spiritual Energy shock waves expanded out, smashing the surrounding trees.


As the Spiritual Energy impact expanded out, Xue Tu’s body flew back helplessly. He let out a painful scream, as his body fell heavily onto the ground and his right arm covered with blood. The center of his palm even had a bloody hole and fresh blood was pouring out.

When Mu Chen noticed this, he lifted an eyebrow slightly. After all, he saw it clearly yesterday. The Conflagration Ape King was instantly killed by the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon. Yet, Xue Tu only lost an arm today to it. This guy was definitely powerful.


The Silver-Horned Panther Dragon fell down on the ground and its beastly eyes stared coldly at Xue Tu. Without any delay, its muscular body darted forward again and the silver light was filled with the scent of death.

When Xue Tu noticed, he hurriedly rolled back awkwardly a few rounds. Although he managed to avoid the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon’s rush, he was still hit by the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon’s steel-like tail.


The Silver-Horned Panther Dragon’s tail swept and hit Xue Tu’s chest. He instantly spat out blood from his mouth and his fierce eyes slowed down. After enduring these two attacks from the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon, he was already gravely injured. The injuries were much more severe than when he was fighting against Liu Ming and the others.

“If this continues, I’ll be killed by the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon!”

Xue Tu gritted his teeth and he stared maliciously towards the direction of Mu Chen. However, he was stunned. This is because the boy, who was lying on the ground earlier, had suddenly disappeared without him knowing.

“That little asshole! Just wait until I catch you, I will definitely make it so that you can neither live nor die!” Xue Tu was so anger that his face turned blue as he let out a howl within his heart.

Just when he was distracted, the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon charged over like lightning again. It’s sharp claws left a deep blood trail on his body and the terrible pain made him see stars.

“This damn beast!”

Xue Tu cursed loudly and a strange red light flashed through his face suddenly. Fierceness surfaced within his eyes and his body hurriedly retreated backwards. Afterwards, his hands began to quickly form seals and a rampaging Spiritual Energy surged out from his body. As the Spiritual Energy poured out, a thunderstorm sound rang out.


The sounds of thunder suddenly intensified and Xue Tu spat out fresh blood. His sluggish aura rapidly increased all of a sudden and his speed also accelerated. He turned into a vague shadow as he turned to the other way and desperately tried to escape.


The Silver-Horned Panther Dragon also let out a roar when it noticed the desperately escaping Xue Tu. Its body turned into a silver light and it chased after him as if it was not planning to spare him.

A human and a beast crazily darted through the forest . Xue Tu was secretly resentful as he noticed the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon in hot pursuit of him. The method of stimulating his Spiritual Energy would hurt himself gravely. The aftereffects were not small either. But in this current situation, did he have any other options? If he fails to escape from the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon, he would definitely die today!

While he was being chased, Xue Tu spat out five mouthfuls of blood. His originally dark face was pale like a sheet of paper. The sense of frailness that came from his body made his head dizzy.

However, he was finally able to relax. After chasing Xue Tu for approximately ten minutes, the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon gradually slowed down. In the end, it let out a roar and turned away leisurely.

He watched as the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon gave up, but he did not dare stop. He held a breath as it fled for another few minutes before rolling awkwardly to a cluster of bush.

Xue Tu’s body became limp when he rolled into the bushes. His Spiritual Energy was almost completely exhausted. He constantly panted heavily before he looked down at the injuries on his body. He wanted to weep, yet there were no tears. Who would expect that he would suffer such a helpless fate because he wanted to hunt down a Spiritual Movement Stage brat.

This was something that even Liu Ming and the others couldn’t do!

“Little trash, I’ll never forgive you!” Xue Tu gritted his teeth as he said out maliciously.


Just when these words were blurted out, the hairs on his body trembled. His many memories of life and death lingered in his head and emptied his mind.


A cold chill erupted out from the forest behind him. Then, a sharp coldness flashed by his head and a deep bloodstain appeared on his face.

This sudden attack made Xue Tu’s face change instantly. He shouted out: “ Who?!”

“The person you wanted to see the most!”

A cheerful laughter rang out from the forest. Afterwards, a figure slowly came out. It was Mu Chen, with a tall height and brilliant smile seen on his handsome face.

“Little trash, you dare come over here!” Xue Tu suddenly cried out when he saw Mu Chen coming out from the forest.

Mu Chen stared at him with a half-smile and Spiritual Energy surged out from his body. However, the black eyes did not have any hint of smiling intent and was instead filled with a chill.

“Boy, what are you planning to do? Although my condition isn’t great right now, you would probably still lose your life if I do a desperate counterattack!” Xue Tu quickly shouted when he saw Mu Chen’s appearance.

“After all, we should mind our own businesses. Why don’t we just cancel everything that happened today?”

Mu Chen suddenly stopped moving and frowned. He said: “You really won’t search for me to look for trouble?”

Xue Tu quickly said: “I can hardly protect myself now. I can swear. After all, why would I dare trouble you after you returned to the Northern Spiritual Academy?”

“What you said was true…” Mu Chen seemed to hesitate as he nodded slightly.

Xue Tu’s heart jumped with joy, but before he revealed his happiness. The corner of Mu Chen’s mouth revealed a mocking smile: “But I still want to kill you!”


Mu Chen’s body darted over violently and the Spiritual Energy within his body surged rapidly. A black light emitted out from his fists and two black light seals emerged faintly.

“Little trash, you just ruined your chance of saving yourself from the disgrace. You have a death wish!”

Xue Tu’s eyes turned dark when he saw Mu Chen charging over. He pushed out the remaining Spiritual Energy within his body and filled his arms with it. He let out a cry within his heart and his arms stabbed out like spears.

“Limitless Death Seal!”

Mu Chen clenched his fists tightly and let out a cry in his heart. The two black light seals erupted out a powerful black light. An overbearing and violent fluctuation emitted from the black light.


The four fists collided against each other fiercely. The grass at their locations were forcibly destroyed due to the shock wave. As the Spiritual Energy impact burst out, the two figures flew backwards as fresh blood came out from their mouths.

When Mu Chen landed on the ground, he did not stop at all. His body darted forward like a cheetah and a powerful suction-like power appeared in his hand. He recovered the dagger that he threw earlier back into his hands.


At this moment, Xue Tu’s body was already extremely sluggish. A cold chill flashed through his black eyes when Mu Chen approached instantly and a black light flashed across his eyes.

Fresh blood scattered everywhere.

Painful screams resounded through the sky from Xue Tu. His arms danced wildly as if it was attempting to kill Mu Chen.

However, Mu Chen’s body faded and reappeared behind Xue Tu. The dagger within his hand was like a venomous snake and he stabbed fiercely into Xue Tu’s vital points. The entire dagger entered the man’s body.

Fresh blood flowed through the dagger endlessly dripped out. Xue Tu, who was frantically swinging his body around, suddenly froze and collapsed down to the ground. His pale face still had an incredulous expression.

He was a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase powerhouse, yet he would actually plummet to his death against a Spiritual Movement Stage boy?

When Xue Tu fell onto the ground, Mu Chen’s legs also grew weak and he sat down on his butt. A sweet taste emerged within his throat and he spat out fresh blood again.

After Mu Chen rested on the ground for a while, he gritted his teeth and approached Xue Tu’s corpse. His hands probed around Xue Tu’s body. He had nearly lost his life, so he should definitely obtain some spoils of war. He wondered if the item that Xue Tu stole from the Liu Territory people was on his body or not.