Chapter 39

Chapter 39 - Mustard Seed Bracelet

Mu Chen’s hand probed around Xue Tu’s corpse. He was not that interested in Xue Tu, but he was extremely interested on the item that Xue Tu stole away from the Liu Territory.

The Blood Slaughter Group was considered a relatively well-known force within the Northern Spiritual Realm. Although it cannot compare with the nine territories, it was still quite capable. They were quite bossy with their actions daily, but they would take note not to cause trouble for the nine territories. This is because they knew that the Blood Slaughter Group was no match for the nine territories. Therefore, Mu Chen was curious. Just what item would make the Blood Slaughter Group take such a high risk and attack the Liu Territory?

Moreover, the reaction that the Liu Territory gave made Mu Chen somewhat surprised. They actually massacred the Blood Slaughter Group and were unwilling to give up as they chased Xue Tu into the Northern Spiritual Field.

It was obvious that the item that Xue Tu stole was something that they cared deeply about.

Would an item that even the Liu Territory was greatly concerned about be ordinary?

Within the Northern Spiritual Realm, the Liu Territory was the strongest amongst the Nine Territories. Moreover, the Liu Territory had always wanted to become the true boss of the Northern Spiritual Realm. These used various means such as bribing and threatening to increase their strength among the Northern Spiritual Realm. Furthermore, they would often reveal a position as if they were the strongest force within the Northern Spiritual Realm. Towards the Liu Territory, who is displaying their strength like this, the other Territory Lords aren’t acknowledging it. Especially Mu Chen’s father, Mu Feng.

Mu Feng had bashed against the Liu Territory’s Territory Lord, Liu Qingtian, a long time ago. There was a lot of friction between the two territories and both sides disliked each other. Although they would smile on the surface towards each other, they would be ruthless towards the other when they had the chance.

Because of this relationship and the how the two Liu brothers were always against him, Mu Chen naturally disliked the Liu Territory. He was quite happy to do something that would harm the Liu Territory.

While these thoughts floated within Mu Chen’s heart, his hand did not slow down. However, he did not discover anything strange on Xue Tu’s body even after searching for a long time. He immediately frowned. Did this guy really hide the item?

Mu Chen did not give up and directly removed Xue Tu’s clothes. Just when Mu Chen took off the last piece, an item finally fell down from the clothes.

Mu Chen’s eyes immediately looked over. He only saw a silver-grey circle like a bracelet and it flashed a faint silver light as it dropped down to the ground.

Mu Chen quickly bent down to pick up the silver-grey circle. He turned it back and forth and did not see anything special to it. He pondered for a moment before his eyes lit up: “This…Could this be a Mustard Seed Bracelet?”

The so-called Mustard Seed Bracelet is a rather special Spiritual Artifact. It’s how a Sacred Mountain can conceal a mustard seed, yet a mustard seed could store a Sacred Mountain 1. This Spiritual Artifact has the power of constructing space and was an extremely valuable storage device. However, this item was rather expensive. Mu Chen had only saw it in his father’s hand before. He did not expect that Xue Tu would also have it.

Mu Chen fiddled with the grey Mustard Seed Bracelet. It was said that this item could be imprinted by the owner’s Spiritual Energy. If others were to touch it, the owner would immediately be aware of it. However, Xue Tu was dead now, the Spiritual Energy imprint must have disappeared by now.

Mu Chen’s hand grabbed onto the Mustard Seed Bracelet and allowed his Spiritual Energy to flow into the Mustard Seed bracelet. A sudden space appeared within Mu Chen’s perception. This was the Mustard Seed Bracelet’s storage space

Inside the Mustard Seed Bracelet, Mu Chen definitely found many items. However, there was all kind of items. He fumbled around roughly, yet he was not able to discover anything special.

“How could this guy have so much trash? He is still the Blood Slaughter Group’s Captain.” Mu Chen let out a sigh and began to carefully search.

After searching for a while, Mu Chen’s mind suddenly moved. A light appeared within his hand and an ancient copper piece appeared. When Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy swept through the Mustard Seed Bracelet, the other items would react to the Spiritual Energy. However, only this item did not move at all…

For being this ordinary, it attracted Mu Chen’s attention.

Mu Chen stared at the ancient copper piece and noticed that an obscure copper engraving covered the copper piece. These engravings were so complicated that it made him slightly dizzy when he looked at it.

At the back of the copper engravings, the engraving lines were slightly clearer. He could roughly see a giant black bird flying with its wings. Underneath the giant bird was a mountain stream. However, the mountain stream seemed to be embraced by the giant bird.

The wings covered the mountain.

“Just what Spiritual Beast is this?”

Mu Chen was somewhat surprised. Although the copper piece was quite vague, he was still able to feel a sense of awe from the engravings. This was what made him astonished. Just what Spiritual Beast was able to make him feel a sense of awe just through an engraving?

Could it be a Heaven Ranking Beast?

Mu Chen frowned and turned the copper piece around. However, he did not find anything else and could only shake his head. His instincts told him that it was highly possible that this item was the item that Xue Tu stole from the Liu Territory.

But as to what use this thing had, he would probably know only after letting his father check.

Mu Chen shrugged. Just when he was about to look around in the Mustard Seed Bracelet, his mind suddenly moved. He heard the sound of winds breaking. Based on the direction, it was obvious that they were coming towards him.

Mu Chen quickly placed the copper piece within the Mustard Seed Bracelet. Afterwards, he quickly wore the Mustard Seed Bracelet and used his sleeves to cover it up. Then, he swiftly made Xue Tu wear back his clothes.

Just when he finished with all this, a few figures emerged nearby. In a short moment, these figures appeared in this open space. Mu Chen glanced over and let out a sigh of relief. It was Teacher Mo and the others.

“Mu Chen!”

When Teacher Mo appeared, he saw Mu Chen standing nearby. His tensed face became delighted. His body moved and appeared next to Mu Chen and asked: “Are you alright?”

Mu Chen smiled as he shook his head. Although he was slightly pale, his condition was still fine.

“I heard from Qian’Er that you two met Xue Tu. Thus, I immediately chased all the way over. I finally met you here.” It was evident that Teacher Mo was relieved when he saw Mu Chen safe and sound. However, he immediately frowned and looked at the surroundings: “That’s right, where’s Xue Tu? That guy really has guts, he actually dare attack our Northern Spiritual Academy’s students!”

Mu Chen let out a hollow laugh and pointed to the bush in front of him. He said: “That guy’s dead.”

Teacher Mo’s expression showed that he was clearly stunned. At the same time, Teacher Xi, who was behind him, was also startled. Afterwards, he waved his sleeves and a powerful Spiritual Energy directly blew away the bush. The cold corpse was exposed from it.


Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi stared at the cold corpse. Their expressions changed and they stared incredulously at Mu Chen: “What exactly happened?”

Just when Mu Chen was about to speak, the sound of wind breaking could be heard from another direction. He saw Liu Ming bring a group of men as they approached quickly. Behind him was Liu Mubai and Liu Yang, they showed a surprised expression when they noticed that Mu Chen was actually safe and sound.

“Xue Tu?”

Liu Ming instantly noticed the corpse on the ground. His expression immediately changed and he urgently said: “What happened?”

As he spoke, his sharp eyes stared at Mu Chen. This gaze made Mu Chen feel quite uncomfortable.

“Did you do it?”

Mu Chen faced his glare and shook his head. He said: “I was getting chased by him earlier and nearly lost my life. Luckily, I met an old man who killed Xue Tu.”

“An old man?”

Liu Ming eyes narrowed slightly and he stared suspiciously at Mu Chen. He waved his hand and two of his men approached Xue Tu’s corpse. After searching for a while, they shook their heads towards Liu Ming.

When Liu Ming noticed this, his eyes twitched. He stared at Mu Chen again and a gentle smile emerged on his face: “Mu Chen, did you see the item that Xue Tu was holding?”

“What item?” Mu Chen blinked and asked with a smile: “The old man searched around after taking care of him. However, I was hiding far away and did not dare approach. I don’t know what he took.”

Liu Ming’s expression instantly turned cold.

“Mu Chen, enough with your nonsense. You must have taken the item on Xue Tu’s body. As for that old man, you probably just made it up!” Liu Yang yelled out.

“You’re saying…” Mu Chen looked at him strangely and said: “I was the one who killed this Xue Tu?”

Liu Yang dawdled and was speechless. Xue Tu was at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase and was only a step away from reaching Spirit Stage. It was basically like a fantasy for Mu Chen to kill him.

Liu Mubai stared coldly at Mu Chen. A dark and cold flame surged in the depths of his eyes.

“Ohoho, Mu Chen. There’s no need to joke with me. If you really took his item, I would definitely be grateful if you hand it over to me. Moreover, I will personally head to the Mu Territory and talk to your father about this matter.” Liu Ming tried his best to make his expression look gentler as he spoke.

“Third Master Liu, I really didn’t see anything on his body. I was already quite afraid when I was being chased by him. Why would I dare take the initiative and approach him?” Mu Chen shook his head. His face looked quite honest and genuine.

The corner of Liu Ming’s eyes jumped. He finally could not suppress the rage within his heart. Although he did not believe that Mu Chen was able to kill Xue Tu, he was still the prime suspect. He immediately took a step forward and grasp at Mu Chen. He coldly said: “Since you refuse to tell the truth, then let me personally search your body!”

When Mu Chen noticed Liu Ming stretching his hand over, he gripped his hand for a moment and a black dagger appeared within his hand.

However, just when Liu Ming’s hand was about to grasp onto Mu Chen, another hand suddenly extended out and blocked it. Teacher Mo glanced at Liu Ming and a faint voice made Liu Ming’s body tremble.

“Liu Ming, you’re going too far.”