Chapter 41

Chapter 41 - Cheating

“Team Deng Lei, three Low Rank Middle Phase Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence. Eight Low Rank Initial Phase Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence…”

“Team Liu Yun, two Low Rank Middle Phase Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence…”

“Team Ying Zong…”

The atmosphere within the camp became livelier. Many excited students constantly walked up to the recording staff member and brought out their spoils of war during this period of time.

“Mu Chen, do you think that we’ll be able to get first?” Tang Qian’Er’s eyes flashed brightly as she watched this lively scene and said hopefully.

“Won’t the top three have the same treatment? It’s fine if we don’t get first place.” Mu Chen smiled and said. It was obvious that he did not care about the so-called first place result.

“Although that’s true, the only one that could surpass us is probably Liu Mubai. The two brothers have always been staring at you for the past few days. If we lose to them, it would feel a bit uncomfortable.” Tang Qian’Er muttered.

When Mu Chen heard this, his eyes looked at a nearby place. At that location, Liu Mubai was currently staring at him coldly and beside him was the charming Hong Ling, who was wearing a red dress. However, she was currently spacing out and would stare at Mu Chen occasionally with her watery eyes.

“These guys…”

Mu Chen let out a faint laugh within his heart. Ever since he killed Xue Tu, the gaze that Liu Mubai used to stare at him was strange. It seems that there was a bit of regret and anger within it. This made Mu Chen sense that Liu Mubai was probably involved with Xue Tu finding him on that day.

“Mu Chen, it’s our turn.”

Tang Qian’Er suddenly touched Mu Chen and said in a low voice.

“Then you should go. Aren’t you the one holding everything?” Mu Chen faintly smiled as he spoke.

Tang Qian’Er nodded her head. She quickly headed over and many gazes projected over from the surroundings. Mu Chen was currently well-known in this place. The event where he brought Mo Ling and the others to hunt Conflagration Apes had unknowingly spread out. This made the other students a bit shocked. After all, Mu Chen already dared to do something that they would not dare to do when they were still coping with Low Rank Spiritual Beasts one by one.

Moreover, the incident with Xue Tu made Mu Chen even more mysterious. Although they did not believe that Mu Chen could really defeat Xue Tu, who was a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase, by himself, the students, who viewed him as a newcomer before, did not dare reveal these emotions anymore.

Therefore, many people were curious about the results of Mu Chen’s team.

Under many people’s gazes, Tang Qian’Er walked over to the recording staff member and extended her slender hand over. She first pulled out tiny clumps of light and these clumps of light let out a dazzling lustre.

“35 Low Rank Middle Phase Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence.” The recording staff member glanced at them and was shocked. These Spiritual Beasts should have the strength of a Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase when they were alive. Other students would have to form teams in order to kill Spiritual Beasts at this level of strength. It would be quite an excellent harvest if they were able to obtain one every day, so he did not expect Tang Qian’Er to pull out this many at once.

Tang Qian’Er’s hands extended out again and 15 brighter clumps of light emerged out.

“15 Low Rank Late Phase Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence.”

A commotion finally appeared in the surroundings. After all, they would often avoid the Spiritual Beasts who had the strength of a Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase. Mu Chen really was amazing for being able to kill this many.

Tang Qian’Er heard the noise from the surroundings and was slightly proud. She thought for a while before carefully pulling out a flame-like clump of light from her arms again.

Inside the clump of light, a mini-sized flame ape seemed to be howling. The surprising Spiritual Energy fluctuation made many students fall silent.

“This is…a Conflagration Ape King’s Soul Essence?!”

Mo Ling, Jiang Li and the others stared in shock at that Soul Essence. They had personally witnessed the Conflagration Ape King and saw Mu Chen returning with the Conflagration Ape King’s head. Thinking about it now, the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence should have ended up in his hand.

“That’s too crazy. Who can compete with them after they pull out a Conflagration Ape King’s Soul Essence?” Mo Ling and the others muttered. This was a Middle Rank Spiritual Beast at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase. How was it possible for students to kill them?

Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi also stared at the Conflagration Ape King’s Soul Essence. The latter’s eyes was filled with astonishment while the former was completely fine. After all, Teacher Mo had personally watched as Mu Chen got rid of the Conflagration Ape King through rousing a tiger to eat the wolf. [^1]

The recording staff member was stunned for a moment. It was evident that he did not expect that a Soul Essence of this level would be brought out by a student.

“Middle Rank Late Phase Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence…One…”

Shortly after, the recording staff member suppressed the surprise within his voice and spoke. But when these words resounded out, it undoubtedly caused an uproar.

“Teacher Xi, I won’t accept this. Mu Chen definitely does not have the ability to hunt down a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase Spiritual Beast. He must be cheating!” An unfriendly voice rang out. The crowd looked and noticed Liu Yang walking over as he spoke with doubt.

“I was there when Mu Chen killed the Conflagration Ape King. Although he did use a little trick, it was still an experience itself. Therefore, it isn’t considered cheating.” Teacher Mo said faintly.

Liu Yang’s face instantly turned red and was bitter when he heard Teacher Mo saying this.

“Ohoho, what Teacher Mo said was right. No matter what means you used, as long as you managed to kill the Spiritual Beasts, that is your own ability.” Liu Mubai gently smiled and said.

His voice resounded out as he walked over. Afterwards, he pulled out many clumps of light from his arms. These were all Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essences. And within these Soul Essences, there were two that were Middle Rank Spiritual Beasts. Their strength had reached the Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase when they were alive.

From a certain point of view, Liu Mubai would have directly won if Mu Chen and Tang Qian’Er had not pulled out the Conflagration Ape King’s Soul Essence to secure their spot. However, there were no ifs. Liu Mubai’s results, the Soul Essences, were slightly dim compared to the flame-like Soul Essence.

When Tang Qian’Er noticed this scene, her beautiful eyes had a hint of joy flashing by it. She did not like this Liu Mubai pressuring Mu Chen.

Although the joy within Tang Qian’Er’s eyes was quite vague, it was still perceived by Liu Mubai. His lips immediately twitched slightly and he strength his hand into his arms again.

Everybody watched him closely. Was Liu Mubai still hiding something?

“Ohoho, I had met two Spiritual Beasts at the Spiritual Rotation Late Phase a while ago. Their strength were greatly weakened so I got lucky.

Liu Mubai smiled slightly and stretched out his hand. Within his hand were two clumps of light. One of them was blue and the other was deep yellow. As these clumps slowly jumped, a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation emitted out from within them.

These two Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence had actually reached the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase!


A sudden commotion erupted out from the surroundings and incredulous eyes stared at Liu Mubai. He actually killed two Spiritual Beasts that had reached the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase?

“Y…You’re cheating!” Tang Qian’Er’s face turned completely pale and she immediately let out an angry cry. Although Liu Mubai was pretty strong, it was absolutely impossible for him to be able to kill Spiritual Beasts at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase level. Nobody would believe the excuse that he managed to find two greatly weakened Spiritual Beasts!

“Could it be that you think that you’re the only one with tricks? Not every good thing would happen to you.”Liu Yang coldly smiled.

Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi watched this scene and frowned. Yet they did not say anything. Normally, this kind of result was easy to evaluate. They were actually more concerned if the students were able to hone themselves and not the final result.

Tang Qian’Er clenched her hands. It was evident that she was quite furious. However, she had nothing that she could do so she stomped on the ground bitterly.

Mu Chen quietly watched this scene. When Liu Mubai pulled out the two Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence, he glanced at Hong Ling for a moment. The latter’s face was obviously unnatural and she immediately evaded his gaze when she noticed it.

“Forget it, since the top three will be able to obtain the Accumulation Elixir.”

Mu Chen let out a faint smile and pulled Tang Qian’Er away while she was angry.

“But they’re obviously cheating.” Tang Qian’Er let out an angry cry. Mu Chen nearly lost his life when he killed the Conflagration Ape King. However, she did not believe that Liu Mubai would be able to obtain two Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase Soul Essences with his own strength.

“Ohoho, it’s just a little competition. What’s wrong with losing once? You’ll still have a chance in the future.” Liu Mubai smiled at Mu Chen. However, his smile was cold and provocative.

Mu Chen touched his nose and felt a little helpless. I originally didn’t plan on playing these childish games with you, but who told you to jump into it yourself…

“Teacher Mo.”

Mu Chen suddenly turned towards Teacher Mo and smiled. He said: “I forgot earlier, but I still have some Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence on me. Can I add onto it now?”

Teacher Mo glanced at Mu Chen. He knew that this little guy was about to do something that would make people’s jaws drop and immediately nodded.

When Mu Chen noticed this, he shrugged towards Liu Mubai, who had a dark expression, and his hands dug around.

Everybody’s gazes were concentrated at Mu Chen’s body. Is it possible that this guy could still bring out more?

Under everybody’s gazes, Mu Chen finally extended his arm. Everyone was stunned as they watched the scene. Five clumps of light rose up from Mu Chen’s hand and every single one of them emitted a Spiritual Energy fluctuation that was comparable to the Conflagration Ape King’s Soul Essence.

These five clumps of light were all Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase Soul Essences!

Mu Chen scratched his head and stared at the pale—faced Liu Mubai. He let out a faint smile and said: “My apologies, a few days ago, five Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase Middle Rank Spiritual Beasts were duking it out. All five of them were injured due to it, so I went to kill them all.”

The crowd all vomited blood. This guy, this reason, was it all done to mock Liu Mubai?

Everybody’s gazes turned over and watched as Liu Mubai’s handsome face became abnormally ugly.

It was obvious that, this time, Liu Mubai was in trouble.