Chapter 42

Chapter 42 - Interception

Because of Liu Mubai and Mu Chen, the evaluation of the results had become somewhat amusing. The Soul Essences that they pulled out were far too powerful for the many students.

Moreover… Whether it was Liu Mubai’s two Soul Essence or Mu Chen’s five Soul Essence, it was simply impossible. Furthermore, the latter did not even tried to care when he made up the excuse. He was basically telling everybody that he was cheating…

However, many of the people knew that Mu Chen was deliberately doing this against Liu Mubai. This is because it was unclear how Liu Mubai obtained the two Soul Essences.

The recording staff member also stopped and stared helplessly at this scene. Then, he turned over to look at Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi.

“The two of you, stop playing around now.”

Teacher Mo helplessly shook his head. Then, he became straight-faced. He waved his hand and said: “Put your items away, this training was to hone your real combat abilities. It was not done so you can show off. Both of you shouldn’t get the orders reversed!”

Mu Chen gave off an indifferent smile. He never expected that the five Soul Essences would have any effect in the first place. Moreover, the Soul Essences weren’t hunted by him. He found them inside Xue Tu’s Mustard Seed Bracelet…

He only did this because he didn’t like Liu Mubai going against him and wanted to make him feel disgusted.

Liu Mubai’s face was a little pale. It was obvious from Teacher Mo’s words that he did not believe that Liu Mubai had hunted the Soul Essence himself personally. Although that was true…He was still played around by Mu Chen.

“The results this time, Mu Chen and Liu Mubai’s team are both tied for first.”

Hearing Teacher Mo’s judgement, the camp instantly became lively. It was evident that Teacher Mo and the others did not want to dwell on this matter. For the first place winners, the top three rewards were the same. Therefore, they were too lazy to pull off the two thorns, Liu Mubai and Mu Chen. 1

But this made it apparent that Teacher Mo did not believe that the Soul Essences they pulled out in the end were hunted by Liu Mubai or Mu Chen personally.

A few students glanced at each other. They pondered for a moment and decided to judge who the true number one was. After excluding the unreliable Soul Essences, it was evident that the Conflagration Ape King had the most worth. Not only did Mo Ling said and the others that Mu Chen had lured away the Conflagration Ape King, but even Teacher Mo said that he personally witnessed it. Therefore, the Conflagration Ape King’s Soul Essence was definitely related to Mu Chen.

And Mu Chen, who held this Soul Essence, naturally defeated Liu Mubai.

When Liu Mubai heard the surrounding uproar, his eyes turned grim. He knew what everybody was thinking about. Not only was he suppressed by Mu Chen, he was even disgraced.

Tang Qian’Er’s mood was elevated. Although Mu Chen and Liu Mubai were tied this time, many students knew who the true number one was.

Thus, the evaluation of the results came to an end.

Mu Chen and Liu Mubai’s team were tied for number one, Mo Ling’s team made it to number two and the third place was achieved by West Branch’s Chen Tong’s team.

As they saw the results, those that failed let out a regretful sigh.

“Since the results have come out, we should give out the rewards as well.”

Teacher Mo smiled. He flicked his finger and numerous lights passed through his hand as it went towards Mu Chen and the others. It peacefully landed within their hands.

Mu Chen stared at his hand as the light faded away. It revealed a tiny and exquisite jaded box. He gently opened the box and saw a fingernail-sized, jaded-blue elixir quietly lying within it. A powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation slowly emitted out from it.

This fluctuation was many times stronger than the Jaded Essence Fruit. After all, this elixir could only be formed after refining a variety of Spiritual Medicines together and the medical effects would complement with each other. Therefore, it was naturally better than the Jaded Essence Fruit.

The surrounding crowd stared at the Accumulation Elixir within Mu Chen and the other’s hand and had jealous expressions. It was said that the Accumulation Elixir could speed up the time to reach the Spiritual Rotation Stage.

“Since this training session is over, we will head back to the Northern Spiritual Academy. In addition, we will have a month of vacation time. You can decide whether or not you want to head back home or stay within the academy.” Teacher Mo waved his hand and smiled.

When the young boys and girls heard that there would be a month of vacation, they instantly became excited. They were at the Northern Spiritual Academy for so long and were getting slightly homesick.

Among the joyful atmosphere in the camp, the students began to pack up the camp and reunited with the main force. They left according to the time and headed leisurely back to the Northern Spiritual Academy.

After returning to the Northern Spiritual Academy, Mu Chen could finally relax and did not have to be composed. The Northern Spiritual Academy was considered an extremely safe place within the Northern Spiritual Realm. Even with their strength, the Liu Territory did not dare to cause trouble within the Northern Spiritual Academy’s grounds.

He completely rested for a day in order to allow him to gradually stop being on guard. Then, he began to prepare for his trip back to the Mu Territory.

But before heading back to the Mu Territory, Mu Chen went to find Su Ling. He first handed that guy a Jaded Essence Fruit and asked the elated guy to help him do one thing.

On the following day, Mu Chen packed up his things and left the Northern Spiritual Academy. He went straight towards the Northern Spiritual City’s Transfer Spiritual Array in order to rush back to the Mu Territory.

Mu Chen walked down a familiar street within the city. The streams of people walking around revealed how bustling and lively the city was. He did not plan on staying here for long. Thus, he calculated a shortcut and headed straight through it.

Mu Chen’s body turned around a corner and the street became slightly deserted. A light drizzle began to gently fall down from the sky.

Mu Chen sped up within the drizzle and the cold rain landed on his face. It made him shiver slightly and then he suddenly stopped. His keen perception that he had honed within the Spiritual Road made his skin feel a sense of chill.

Unknowingly, the street had become deserted. Not even a single voice was present at the scene.

Mu Chen’s face slowly became serious. He lifted his head and stared at the hazy sky. He could vaguely see a few lights flashing as if there were some sort of subtle fluctuation within the air.

“Consciousness Mesmerizing Array…”

Mu Chen clenched his hands tightly. His pitched-black eyes became exceptionally sharp. Soon after, he raised his head and stared in front. A cold voice emitted out from him: “You actually dare to arrange a Consciousness Mesmerizing Array against a Northern Spiritual Academy’s student in the Northern Spiritual City. You really have guts!”

However, not a single response came out from the entire street.

“Are you a mouse? When did the Liu Territory people started to enjoy hiding the head and show the tail2?” Mu Chen let out a cold sneer. He could not think of anyone aside from the Liu Territory, who would attack him before he reached the Mu Territory.

“You are Mu Chen?”

A faint voice finally came from in front. Mu Chen lifted his head suddenly and saw a figure with an umbrella gradually appeared within his vision.

“Hand the item over to me.”