Chapter 43

Chapter 43 - The Person within the Rain, Ji Zong

“Hand the item over to me.”

Under the drizzle, Mu Chen’s body tensed up. His eyes were firmly fixed in front. From that place, a figure that was holding an umbrella gradually appeared. It was a slightly skinny man with a feminine face. His thin lips were like blades and carried a chilling sense.

Mu Chen stared at this unfamiliar feminine man, yet he felt a dangerous feeling fill his heart. His eyes narrowed as he said: “You shouldn’t be a person from the Liu Territory, right? Why are you finding me?”

“Ohoho, I am, indeed, not a person from the Liu Territory. However, someone paid a considerable price in order for me to take action.” The feminine man gently smiled and softly turned his umbrella within his hand. He put his thin lips together as he said: “You can call me Ji Zong.”

“Ji Zong? The Person within the Rain, Ji Zong?!” Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed. This name was as prominent as Xue Tu in the Northern Spiritual Realm. Of course, this does not mean that Ji Zong was stronger than Xue Tu. His own strength should be at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase. However, he holds another identity that others are fearful of.

He was a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master.

The Great Thousand World was a place where numerous planes intersect. It was so vast that even the super powerhouses, Sovereigns, would consider themselves as exceptionally small beings. Therefore, the Great Thousand World was dazzling and splintered a place where many would contend for hegemony.

Spiritual Array Master, Spiritual Artifact Master…Aside from the orthodox Spiritual Energy cultivation, these special professions were extremely dazzling. Moreover, these professions required a demanding amount of talent. Even individuals, who were talented in the path of cultivation, may not necessarily be able to walk smoothly on these paths. Instead, individuals, who may be mediocre in the path of cultivation, may show surprising talent in these paths. The heavens would close a window for you, then, it must open another one for you. This phrase was suitable used in the Great Thousand World.

Overall, the Spiritual Array Master was a highly regarded profession. This is because many forces require the help of the Spiritual Array Master. Whether it was creating a defensive battle array or an offensive battle array, or even maybe an array that is beneficial to cultivation, these would require Spiritual Array Masters. Therefore, a high rank Spiritual Array Master was considered extremely desirable in the Great Thousand World.

Moreover, the Spiritual Array Masters, who had achieved a certain degree of level in Arrays, would be able to instantly arrange an Array and use the might of the Array to shake the heavens and earth.

Ji Zong, who was in front of Mu Chen, was able to become well-known in the Northern Spiritual Realm because he was a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master. His Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase’s strength had no relationship to his fame.

A Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master was extremely frightening if they were in an array. They would not be inferior to a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase powerhouse.

“Although you are an Northern Spiritual Academy student, I never expected you to know my title.” Ji Zong smiled and said. His voice was extremely feminine, just like a woman. However, he was genuinely a man. This contrast made others feel highly uncomfortable.

“If you dare attack in the Northern Spiritual City, you would have committed a taboo from the Northern Spiritual Academy. If they were to know this, you probably would not have a good ending.” Mu Chen’s eyes flashed while he spoke.

“This is why I worked hard to arrange a ‘Consciousness Mesmerizing Array’. Nobody on the outside will know about the events that happened here.” Ji Zong pointed at the empty street as he spoke.

“So you should just hand over the item obediently. I don’t want to kill you, because Mu Feng wouldn’t become crazy due to it. Wouldn’t it be great if we were to act friendly with each other?”

Mu Chen’s eyes turned cold. The Spiritual Energy within his body quietly surged out. Although he was caught under Ji Zong’s Array, he was not the type of person who would easily compromise with others.

“You truly aren’t obedient after all”

Ji Zong smiled and flicked his finger. The rain within the sky suddenly began to gather and a dense Spiritual Energy fluctuation emitted quietly out from it.

“You are quite fortunate to be able to personally experience my “Spiritual Rain Array”.”

Ji Zong’s sleeves waved and the rain within the sky suddenly poured down. It was like a torrent of blades as it enveloped Mu Chen.

When Mu Chen saw such an amazing offensive, he was a little surprised. The Spiritual Array Master was definitely powerful. This offense would be quite binding even for a Spiritual Rotation Stage user.

“Condensing Light!”

Mu Chen hurriedly retreated and the dark black Spiritual Energy within his bdoy surged out. It seemed to form a thin black light curtain, which protected the body behind it.

Bang Bang Bang!

The steady stream of rain landed on the black light curtain and the light curtain instantly began to tremble. Ripples quickly spread out from it and it was obvious that it was quite unstable.

After all, Mu Chen was only a Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase. It was extremely difficult for Mu Chen to resist the power of the array activated by Ji Zong.

“I can’t let this drag on, I must break this array!”

Mu Chen stared at the rapidly collapsing black light and an idea quickly flashed through his mind. With his current strength, he was not a match for Ji Zong in a direct confrontation. His only way out was to break the Array. Once the array was destroyed, it was like snapping a tooth off a tiger for Ji Zong. The threat would be greatly reduced and he would not dare to attack within the Northern Spiritual City after losing the array’s cover.

However, how would it be easy to break a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master’s arranged array?

Mu Chen took a deep breath. He gradually calmed down during this dangerous and critical moment as his eyes shimmered. Ji Zong was only a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master. With this level of strength, it was obvious that he could not control the array with just his heart. In other words, he would require the help of a foreign object in order to cooperate and control the array.

This foreign object was the weakness of the Spiritual Array Master. They must put it at a place where they could easily protect it.

Mu Chen’s eye quietly swept through Ji Zong’s body. After a moment, he focused at the umbrella that Ji Zong was holding…

His strength was far inferior to Ji Zong. Moreover, Ji Zong was controlling an array. The fortunate thing was that Ji Zong also knew this point, so…he would underestimate him. This would soon become Mu Chen’s best chance.


The black light that was formed by Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy finally shattered completely. The rain passed through his face and left trails of blood. However, Mu Chen’s eyebrows also became like swords at this moment. He stomped on the ground as the rain splashed and charged straight towards Ji Zong like a cheetah.

“What an aggressive young boy.” Ji Zong saw this and let out a faint smile. He immediately waved his hand and the rain condensed together. It actually formed a spear of rain as it stabbed violently towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen’s body lunged forward and his hand pushed out on the ground. His body jumped up and he dodged the sharp rain spear like a nimble monkey.

“Pretty good skill.”

Ji Zong complimented him as he watched. However, he began to attack more viciously. His hands swept through the air and numerous spears of rain were formed. All of them drew a tricky arc as they enveloped Mu Chen’s vital areas.

Mu Chen dodged agilely, but a spear still managed to sweep through his chest. It tore apart his clothes and left a trail of blood. Fresh blood immediately surged out from that location.

However, he did not care about the fresh blood on his chest. He charged forward a few steps and finally approached Ji Zong. When the latter noticed this, he narrowed his eyes and said in his feminine voice: “You actually know that you should charge directly at the owner of the array. Boy, you really have a keen eyesight. However, although the idea was correct, you still overestimate your own strength and underestimated the gap between the two of us.”

Ji Zong faintly smiled and gripped his hand. The rain began to converge at his palms and directly formed a liquid-like rain long sword. A powerful Spiritual Energy flowed out from the long sword.

Mu Chen clenched his hands into fists and a black light flowed out. Two black light seals immediately emerged while carrying an overbearing Spiritual Energy fluctuation and he did not hesitate as he punched fiercely towards Ji Zong.

The fist howled through the air and actually tore apart the rain. The howling sounds of the winds breaking made Ji Zong shudder. It was evident that he did not expect that Mu Chen would be able to demonstrate such a fierce offensive with his Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase strength.

If he wasn’t a Spiritual Array Master and was only a normal Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase person, it would probably be difficult for him to catch Mu Chen, and yet…

“That’s still not enough!”

Ji Zong’s eyes turned cold. The water sword in his hand trembled and let out a humming sound. The water sword surged out like an anaconda and heavily collided with the two black light seals. A massive and violent Spiritual Energy exploded out!

As the Spiritual Energy exploded out, Mu Chen’s body was forced back a bit. Even his two Limitless Death Seals were gradually forced back. Although Ji Zong was only at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase, he was still able to compete against Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase with the help of the Spiritual Array. It was apparent that Mu Chen would not be able to obtain the upper hand in a direct confrontation.

Mu Cheng gritted his teeth as he stared at the two Limitless Death Seals being forced back. He, then, glanced at the razor sharp sword tip. A chill directly pierced through his heart and made him skin feel numb.

“Take this!”

A sense of threat enveloped his heart and Mu Chen glared fiercely. He let out a violent cry and it resounded within his heart. At the same time, the Great Pagoda Art began to circulate.

Through testing it a few times, he already understood that there was a hidden power within his body. However, this power could only be activated when he was in a life-and-death situation.

And now…It was the best opportunity.

“Come out!”

Mu Chen’s cry resounded and echoed within his heart. Sudden lights lit up on the surface of Mu Chen’s body. A faintly discernible tower of light emitted its brightness, which penetrated through Mu Chen’s skin, as it vaguely appeared within his body.