Chapter 45

Chapter - 45 Nine Nether Bird

On the street, Zhou Ye was in front as he protected Mu Chen. His hawk-like eyes glanced around at the surroundings. After a while, his body gradually relaxed as he could feel the killing intent beginning fading away.


Dozens of figures suddenly appeared and surrounded Mu Chen and Zhou Ye: “Little Lord, Master Zhou.”

“Little Mu, are you alright?” After feeling the killing intent disappear, Zhou Ye was relieved and asked Mu Chen as he turned around.

Mu Chen shook his head with a smile and said: “It was great that Uncle Zhou arrived quickly.”

“What happened? I received a message that Su Ling brought over and immediately rushed to the Northern Spiritual City. Just who were those people? Why would they attack you?!” Zhou Ye’s face was a bit grim. Mu Chen was the Little Lord of the Mu Territory. Just which kind of people would be so courageous to actually attack him in the Northern Spiritual City?

“It’s probably the men from the Liu Territory.” Mu Chen said.

“Liu Territory?” Zhou Ye’s face changed. He immediately asked suspiciously: “Although we aren’t in friendly terms with the Liu Territory, we were always fairly restrained towards each other. Why would they…”

“Uncle Zhou, we’ll talk about this after we get back to the Mu Territory. I’ve ruined something important of theirs.” Mu Chen said with a slight smile. The commotion here wasn’t small. Thus, the Northern Spiritual Academy people would soon be here. Although Mu Chen knew that it was done by the Liu Territory, he did not have any evidence to prove it. Therefore, this matter could only be dropped.


When Zhou Ye heard this, he nodded and waved his palms. He brought Mu Chen with him directly to the Transfer Spiritual Array. With Zhou Ye’s protection, no trouble occurred. It seems that the Liu Territory understood that the matter of killing Mu Chen was impossible now and temporarily gave up.

Mu City, Within the Mu Estate.

“The Liu Territory attacked Little Mu?”

Inside the living room, Mu Feng’s smiling face instantly turned cold as he heard Zhou Ye talk about it. He fiercely stood up:

“What are the people of the Liu Territory thinking of doing? Do they want to completely rip open their faces to the Mu Territory?!”

“Right now, they probably don’t want to completely rip open their faces. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have invited Ji Zong first. Only, after that, they had no choice but to attack me by themselves.” Mu Chen smiled beside him.

“Ji Zong?” Mu Feng’s face sank. Beside him, Zhou Ye also frowned and asked: “He also attacked you?”

“Yes, I was caught in the array that he arranged. However, I broke through it later on and he left.” Mu Chen nodded.

“You broke his array?” Mu Feng and Zhou Ye were stunned. They looked in surprise at Mu Chen. Naturally, they have heard of Ji Zong’s name. Although his Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase strength wasn’t much, his identity of a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master was still quite troubling. However, the array that he formed was actually broken by Mu Chen?

“Anyhow, I am still someone at the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase, okay?” Mu Chen laughed when he saw their surprised expressions.

“Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase?” Mu Feng was surprised again. He nodded immediately with satisfaction. Although Mu Chen had lost a year of time for cultivation due to the Spiritual Road, his talents were definitely great. Right now, he was catching up.

“So what if you’re at the Spiritual Movement Stage. If Ji Zong was to activate his array, even a person at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase would find it tricky. You were able to break his array with your strength?” Even though Mu Feng was quite pleased, he still scolded Mu Chen immediately when he noticed his proud face.

“Ji Zong probably thought the same way as you, dad. That’s why I was able to break through his array.” Mu Chen pouted and said.

“It seems that Mu Chen utilized Ji Zong’s thoughts of underestimating him.” Zhou Ye smiled and said: “This wisdom is definitely hard to have.”

“Just what part of this boy is praiseworthy?” Mu Feng smiled for a while before turning serious again. He said: “Why would the Liu Territory attack you? And they even chose to do it in the Northern Spiritual City. If they were discovered, they would incite the rage of the Northern Spiritual Academy. With their usual style of doing things, they would not commit such a reckless act. Moreover, the spots for the “Five Great Academies” are coming soon. It isn’t wise of them to offend the Northern Spiritual Academy now.”

“A while back, the Blood Slaughter Group seemed to have stolen something from the Liu Territory. Then, they were hunted down by the Liu Territory all the way to the Northern Spiritual Field…” Mu Chen carefully explained the events that he had met in the Northern Spiritual Field to them. He then revealed the Mustard Seed Bracelet on his wrist and said: “This item was stolen by me and they probably know it. Therefore, they were afraid of me bringing it back to the Mu Territory, so that’s why they planned on attacking me in the Northern Spiritual City.”


Mu Feng and Zhou Ye exchanged glances with each other. A hint of seriousness could be seen from their eyes. They had, in fact, heard of the matter between the Blood Slaughter Group and Liu Territory, but they weren’t too concerned about it. However, it seems that it wasn’t that simple now since the Liu Territory valued it that greatly.

“Although the Mustard Seed Bracelet is quite valuable, it isn’t something that the Liu Territory would place a high value on it.” Mu Feng smiled and said: “Is it something inside of it?”

Mu Chen nodded. He gripped his hand as an ancient copper piece appeared and said: “It’s probably this item. However, I’ve taken a look at it but I didn’t find anything special.”

Mu Feng received the old copper piece from Mu Chen’s hand and his palm brushed pass the engravings. He pondered for a moment before flipping it over. When he noticed the black giant bird engraving, he paused for a while as if he was thinking about something.

“This thing…It seems a little like…” Mu Feng muttered and his eyes narrowed: “It seems a little like…the Nine Nether Bird?”

“Nine Nether Bird?” Zhou Ye was shocked and said: “It can’t be?”

“Nine Nether Bird…” Mu Chen was also astonished. He could not help but ask: “Is it the Nine Nether Bird that is ranked 11th on the 10,000 Beast Record’s Earth Ranking?”

“Judging from the appearance, it is quite similar.” Mu Feng nodded. He thought for a moment and gripped his palm tightly. A blazing light gathered in his hand and finally formed into a palm-sized Fire Bird. The Fire Bird’s eyes were extremely sharp. Its wings were like a dragon’s wings and fiery red dragon scales covered its razor sharp talons. A powerful, imposing manner emitted out from it.

“Is this the Dragonfire Bird’s Soul Essence that dad ingested?” Mu Chen looked curiously at the exquisite fire bird. This was a true Heavenly Beast. It was ranked 85th on the 10,000 Beast Record’s Earth Ranking. It was many times stronger compared to Teacher Mo’s Golden Thunderwolf and Teacher Xi’s Rockturtle Lion.

The Dragonfire Bird stood on Mu Feng’s palm and gently approached the ancient copper piece. When it saw the engraving of the black bird, fear appeared in its sharp eyes. It retreated back a step as if it was extremely terrified and fearful of it.

“To be able to make the Dragonfire Bird this afraid and with this appearance, it is probably the Nine Nether Bird.” Mu Feng finally confirmed it when he saw this scene.

Nine Nether Bird. It was born in the Northern Lands. Its wings could cover the mountains and the netherworld light could devour the sun and the moon.

This phrase that described the Nine Nether Bird flowed into Mu Chen’s heart. He could not resist in smacking his lips. This power was rather hard to imagine.

“If it truly is the Nine Nether Bird, it’s no wonder that the Liu Territory would think so highly of it…If a Spirit Stage powerhouse was to obtain the Nine Nether Bird’s Soul Essence, their strength… would probably become quite insane.” Mu Feng exclaimed.

“However, if it is truly a Nine Nether Bird, would the Liu Territory really be qualified to challenge it with their strength?” Mu Chen frowned. If it was truly a Nine Nether Bird, it was impossible for the Liu Territory to hunt it even with all their strength.

“The secret behind that should be within this copper piece.”

Mu Feng let out a faint smile and a powerful Spiritual Energy gushed out suddenly. It flowed into the copper piece like a flood. Mu Chen had also done this action before, however, there was no response.

However, it did not mean that Mu Feng would fail when Mu Chen failed. After all, Mu Feng was a genuine Spirit Stage Late Phase powerhouse. He was considered as one of the strongest within the entire Northern Spiritual Realm.

The powerful Spiritual Energy gushed in and the silent copper piece finally made a commotion. The light was released out and formed a screen of light in mid-air.

A vast black forest seemed to appear within the light screen. At the same time, a humongous black bird was currently crying to the sky in the depths of the barren hills and turbulent waters. An overwhelming black light swept out from its body. Moreover, the black light seemed to enshroud that location and even covered up the lights.

The black light became denser and finally turned into a black flame as it wrapped the bird with it. The sounds of its cry became more and more shrill. Then, the scene changed. The giant black bird’s body was rapidly turning small within the dense flame. With a final sorrowful cry, it turned into a giant black egg and landed in the depths of the black forest.

The scene ended at this location. Then, a complex route appeared. It seemed to be a map.

“It is indeed the Nine Nether Bird…”

Mu Feng took a deep breath and his eyes could not conceal his shock as he said: “And this Nine Nether Bird was actually attempting to evolve…However, it failed…”

Mu Chen’s eyes jumped. The Nine Nether Bird was already quite amazing. If it were to evolve further, then wouldn’t it qualify in the 10,000 Beast Record’s Heaven Ranking?

“It seems that the Liu Territory is really planning to head for the Nine Nether Bird. We must not let them get it.” Zhou Ye’s face turned serious as he spoke. If the Liu Territory managed to obtain the Nine Nether Bird, their strength would definitely increase. At that moment, they probably wouldn’t endure the Mu Territory anymore with their personality.

“Then, we must seize it as well!”

Mu Chen’s eyes flashed. His eyes remained firmly fixed on the ancient copper piece.

“Dad, what place is this? It seems quite familiar.”

When Mu Feng heard this, he let out a gentle smile and said with sharp eyes.

“Of course it’s familiar. This is because it is within the Northern Spiritual Realm. This place should probably be the Northern Spiritual Realm’s Black Eerie Swamp…”