Chapter 46

Chapter 46 - Seal
“Black Eerie Swamp?”

Mu Chen was slightly surprised when he heard this name. He immediately smacked his lips. So it was actually in that place.

Black Eerie Swamp, it is an extremely vicious land within the Northern Spiritual Realm. However, it is quite different than the Northern Spiritual Field. At least in the Northern Spiritual Field, Adventurer Teams would often head there. As for the Black Eerie Swamp, it is almost a forbidden land within the Northern Spiritual Realm. During these few years, nine out of ten individuals would become fertilizer for that land. As for the remaining ones, they would be able to make it out. Yet, he would become out of his mind and require an extremely long period of time to recover from it. Even when they come out, they would still be afraid when they hear the name, Black Eerie Swamp.

“The Black Eerie Swamp isn’t easy to venture in.” Zhou Ye frowned. It was obvious that he was quite knowledgeable about the Black Eerie Swamp. This swamp was known to be extremely dangerous. The slightest mistake could take away their life.

“If it is for the Nine Nether Bird, it is worth risking it. And…If we really let the Liu Territory obtain the Nine Nether Bird, it would be quite troublesome for us.” Mu Feng muttered.

Zhou Ye nodded. The Nine Nether Bird was just too powerful. If it was during its prime, nobody in the Northern Spiritual Realm would even dare to hunt it. But based on what was seen, the Nine Nether Bird probably failed its evolution and was in the period where it was weakest. Therefore, the Liu Territory would not give up on this opportunity.

“What should we do?”

Mu Feng thought for a while and said: “Let’s first send out some decent men to monitor the Liu Territory’s movements. This matter must be kept secret; otherwise many forces would be jealous when this information spreads out. Thus, the Liu Territory would not dare to act on a grand scale publicly and would only do this in secret.”

“The Black Eerie Swamp has a deathly miasma enshrouding it back then. It will only weaken during the height of summer every year. From what I see, that day isn’t far away. If the Liu Territory is to move, they will definitely select that time.” Zhou Ye said.

Mu Feng also nodded his head and muttered: “We should also secretly recruit for men. Once there’s an opportunity, we will also take action. Even if we fail to obtain the Nine Nether Bird, we must make the Liu Territory return empty-handed!”

With the hostile relationship that the Liu Territory and Mu Territory harbored, it would be a good thing if they managed to stop the other side from doing as they wish.

“Okay, I’ll go prepare right now.” Zhou Ye has always done things swiftly. He immediately replied and darted away without the slightest indecisiveness.

Mu Feng watched Zhou Ye’s departing figure and smiled. Then, he patted Mu Chen’s head: “You brat, you sure brought back a big gift to your father.”

“Dad, bring me to the Black Eerie Swamp as well.” Mu Chen smiled and said.

“That place is too dangerous; it’s not suitable for you.” Mu Feng frowned.

“I came out of the Spiritual Road, okay? Dad, the situation there probably isn’t any better than the Black Eerie Swamp.” Mu Chen gently smiled and said.

Mu Feng hesitated before carefully looking at the handsome face in front of him. Although it held a slight trace of immature due to his age, it already has an unswerving determination in it. He was slightly dazed. The boy that he had single-handedly brought up has unknowingly grown a lot.

“Since you want to do this, then you can follow us. However, you have to remember not to act reckless.” Mu Feng smiled and was somewhat pleased. This son of his will probably soon surpass him, his father.

Mu Chen nodded. Then he smiled as he stared at Mu Feng and said: “Also, there is something that I have to trouble dad to solve my doubts.”

“What?” Mu Feng asked, puzzled.

“It’s about me.” Mu Chen helplessly shrugged his shoulders and said: “Ever since I trained in the Great Pagoda Art, I felt that something seems to be hiding within my body. Dad, can you explain it to me?”

Mu Feng was stunned and immediately let out a smile: “There was something like this?”

Mu Chen only stared at Mu Feng. Based on his understanding of his father, the more he acted calm, the more complicated the matter was.

“Dad, you can’t keep hiding it from me forever, right?”

Mu Feng looked at the serious and persistent eyes of Mu Chen. His smile gradually faded away after a while and he revealed a bitter smile: “I never thought that you would notice it this quickly. I originally thought that it would take at least another 6 months.”

“It’s useless for you to ask me about that since it was done by your mother.”

“That’s within my expectations. With dad’s strength, it’s probably impossible for you to do this.” Mu Chen was not surprised at this answer and smiled.

“Damn brat, you really want to get spanked!” Mu Feng’s face turned red. He was actually looked down by his own son.

“What did mother do to me?” Mu Chen lowered his head and stared at his own body as he asked in confusion.

“Because you are your mother’s own son, your body possesses her blood. Therefore, she arranged a sealing array in your body when you were born. This is also why you cannot detect your Spiritual Pulse after all these years.” Mu Feng explained.

“My Spiritual Pulse was sealed by my mother? Why?” Mu Chen muttered in surprise. He had always thought that he did not possess an Spiritual Pulse, he never imagine that…it was actually sealed by his mother.

“There are two reasons. Although a Spiritual Pulse can improve your cultivation speed rapidly, it would sometimes become an obstacle if you are too much of a genius. In order for you to genuinely become a powerhouse, you must also possess a heart that matches this talent. In this world, there are many geniuses, but how many of them could be truly viewed as a hero amongst them?

Mu Feng smiled faintly and said: “You have also heard about the Heavenly Sovereigns that broke through the shackles of the Lower Planes and entered the Great Thousand World. These people are truly powerful individuals. They possess an unshakable resolve and for you to be able to rival them, you must also have such disposition.”

“Then what about the other reason?” Mu Chen nodded and asked.

“As for the other…” Mu Feng gave a wry smile and spoke: “If your mother did not seal your Spiritual Pulse, the two of us would probably be quite troubled. You might not be able to smoothly grow up.”

Mu Chen frowned: “What do you mean?”

“I told you what I should have told you. But something, you don’t have to know now.” Mu Feng shook his head and seriously looked at Mu Chen: “You only need to know that your mother did this to protect you.”

“And…You cannot act reckless. Your mother paid a great price for you, so you must not touch the seal within your body before you have sufficient strength!” Mu Feng’s expression suddenly became strict.”


Mu Chen muttered to himself. His hand gently touched his chest. This word seemed to emit a warm feeling from within his soul. Although he had never seen the gentle figure within his heart, he still felt a sense of familiarity due to the blood that they shared.

Just what happened when he was young that separated their family? It made him, when he was still an infant, unable to see the gentle figure clearly.

“When you become strong, you will naturally know everything.” Mu Feng patted Mu Chen’s shoulder and said.

“Then, when will I be able to remove the seal within my body?” Mu Chen hesitated for a moment and asked.

“Heh, remove? How could it be that easy to remove the seal that your mother has left behind? However, she has already handed the key over to you. As long as you have the ability, you will be able to gradually remove it.” Mu Feng smiled.

“Key?” Mu Chen’s eyes flashed: “Is it the Great Pagoda Art?”

“Yes.” Mu Feng nodded and said: “When your Great Pagoda Art reaches the Towerform Level, you should be able to remove the seal set up by your mother.”


Mu Chen mouth twitched. He had personally experienced how difficult it was to train in the Great Pagoda Art. He really did not know how long it’ll take for him to reach the highest level.

“Moreover, you should also try to understand about Spiritual Arrays during this period of time. I’ll find a Spiritual Array Master to teach you a bit.” Mu Feng suddenly said.

“Spiritual Array?” Mu Chen was stunned, he immediately rubbed his head and said: “I never learnt it. Dad, you want me to be a Spiritual Array Master as well?”

“Your mother was extremely accomplished in it. As her son, you must know a bit, right? Otherwise, your mother would blame me for not teaching you properly when you two meet. Therefore, you should work hard.” Mu Feng smiled as he rubbed Mu Chen’s head. Then, he slowly walked out of the living room and left behind a slightly depressed Mu Chen. Just how would it be easy to be a Spiritual Array Master?

His mother knew how to do everything. But if she was this brilliant, why would she fancy dad…