Chapter 47

Chapter 47 - Spiritual Array

Apparently it was not a joke when Mu Feng said that he wanted Mu Chen to learn about Spiritual Arrays. Therefore, Mu Chen met the old Spiritual Array Master that Mu Feng brought back on the following day.

It was a somewhat skinny, middle-aged man dressed in white robes. He looked extremely strict and his face did not have the slightest smile. Although he was Mu Feng’s subordinate, he did not show much respect or modesty when he saw Mu Feng. Instead, he maintained neither an humble nor arrogant expression.

“This is Mister Wen Ling, he will teach you the basic knowledge of Spiritual Arrays from now on.” Mu Feng pointed at the middle-aged man beside him and directed a smile towards Mu Chen.

“Mu Chen meets Mister Wen Ling.” Mu Chen cuffed his hand to salute. He did not display the appearance of a Little Lord and looked extremely humble.

The middle-aged man named Wen Ling gently nodded. Yet he did not say any words.

“Boy, you have to work hard, as Mister Wen Ling is famous for being strict. He will not teach you if you’re not talented enough, even if you’re my son. Do you understand?” Mu Feng cautioned him. Wen Ling could be considered as someone that he invited to the Mu Territory. Although he was only a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master, there were no more than ten of them within the Mu Territory. Moreover, Wen Ling was considered to be the strongest one.

Mu Chen nodded his head. The Northern Spiritual Academy did not have a course regarding about Spiritual Arrays and they did not specially invite Spiritual Array Masters over. Normal individuals would not be able to invite a Spiritual Array Master to teach them. Thus, it made the Spiritual Array Masters rather scarce within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

Perhaps after entering the “Five Great Academies”, you would be able to get professional training regarding about Spiritual Arrays. However, you can only learn the basics in the Northern Spiritual Realm.

“Then you should follow Mister Wen Ling and learn. I have something else to do.”

Mu Feng was not worried about his own son. With Mu Chen’s sensibility, he would not do anything that would make the teacher run away in anger. Therefore, he left while being rest assured. The matter regarding about the Nine Nether Bird made Mu Feng quite busy recently as he had to watch the Liu Territory’s movements at all times.

“Mister, please sit.”

Mu Chen directed a smile towards Wen Ling when he saw Mu Feng leaving.

Wen Ling nodded. He sat down and was silent for a moment. Afterwards, his stern face looked at Mu Chen and he asked: “I heard from the Mu Territory Lord that you fought against Ji Zong?”

It was evident that Mu Chen didn’t expect Wen Ling to suddenly ask about this. He was stunned for a moment before nodding his head.

“Then do you know what Spiritual Arrays that Ji Zong arranged against you?” Wen Ling asked again.

“It should be two Spiritual Arrays, a Consciousness Mesmerizing Array to trap me and a Spiritual Rain Array to attack me.” Mu Chen thought for a moment and replied.

“Both of them are not complicated Rank 1 Spiritual Arrays, it seems that Ji Zong was afraid of your father so he did not directly kill you.”

Wen Ling said: “Based on my understanding, the strongest Array that Ji Zong can arrange should be the “Murdering Bloodshower Array” and is comparable to a Rank 2 Spiritual Array. Once it was activated, even a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase would be extremely helpless.”

Mu Chen scratched his head. It seems that he won because of luck.

“However, it is also not easy for you to break through the two Spiritual Arrays with your strength.” Wen Ling stared at Mu Chen and nodded his head slightly. A hint of appreciation appeared on his emotionless face.

“We’ll talk a bit about Spiritual Arrays now…”

Wen Ling waved his head and said: “The so-called Spiritual Array is simply a special method of resonating Spiritual Energy. It will activate the Spiritual Aura within the world, effecting both offensive and defensive measures.”

“However, it is rather complex and difficult if you want to trigger this sort of resonance.”

“In a few Lower Planes, it is easy to arrange Spiritual Arrays. This is because the energy there isn’t as rich and complicated compared to the Great Thousand World. Therefore, the Great Thousand World’s Spiritual Arrays are more advanced and complex compared to the ones at the Lower Planes.”

Wen Ling extended his hand out. His hand seemed to be particularly slender and was completely different than his ordinary appearance. Mu Chen stared at his palm and noticed that Spiritual Energy was gathering quickly at his fingertips. Finally, it turned into five exquisite Spiritual Seals. The Spiritual Seals seemed to be quite complex, but it emitted a special fluctuation. Around the five Spiritual Seals, the Spiritual Aura from the world seemed to be overturning quietly.

“This is a Spiritual Seal, it is an essential item for arranging Spiritual Arrays.”

“Spiritual Seal?” Mu Chen was startled. It was apparent that he was unfamiliar about this thing.


Wen Ling nodded. He flicked his fingers and the five Spiritual Arrays escaped his hand and flew out. It seemed to have fused with the raindrops from the sea and faded away. However, when the Spiritual Seals disappeared, Mu Chen suddenly felt a fierce and unexpected wind blowing, causing his body to be slightly shaky.

Mu Chen exclaimed and his eyes became serious. He was able to see faintly that the air in front of him was slightly distorted. Light beams that were difficult to be seen with the naked eye seemed to be intertwining. And at the source of the light beams, it was the five tiny Spiritual Seals…

“Is this a Spiritual Array?”

Wen Ling nodded and said: “This is just a tiny Spiritual Array. It is not considered even a Rank 1 Spiritual Array.”

“Arranging a Spiritual Array requires absolute control over the Spiritual Seals. Any slight fluctuation and abnormal resonance would cause the Spiritual Arrays to fail. When the Spiritual Arrays fail, the Spiritual Energy will cause a backlash to the user. In serious cases, they would lose their lives. This is because this failure is like losing control over your Spiritual Array and it will cause a heavy blow to the user.

“Generally speaking, the more powerful the Spiritual Array is, the more Spiritual Seals you would require. At the same time, the difficulty for manipulating it will become harder…” Wen Ling said: “I am a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master, my utmost limit is controlling 20 Spiritual Seals at once. If I add anymore, I’ll lose control over them… Based on my knowledge, the number of Rank 5 Spiritual Array Masters could be counted in one hand. They are able to manipulate over hundreds of Spiritual Seals and this power could even exterminate Spirit Stage powerhouses.”

Mu Chen secretly clucked his tongue when he heard this.

“Spiritual Seals are the foundations of arranging a Spiritual Array. Aside from that, you require another essential item.”


“Diagram Array!” Wen Ling faintly spoke: “Forming an array is extremely difficult. It is equivalent to a large-scaled construction project. The Spiritual Seals are like cornerstone and the paths of connection. On the other hand, the Diagram Array is like the design. Without a complete design, it would impossible for the construction to start.”

Wen Ling’s hands entered his own arms and he slowly pulled out a emerald jaded script. On the jaded script, a faint light flashed: “This is a Rank 1 Spiritual Array scroll, its name is the Spiritual Lightning Array.”

Mu Chen accepted it with curiosity and unraveled it. Light instantly entered his eyes and he could see light beams that would make others dizzy on the Diagram Array. These light beams intertwined complicatedly and finally formed into a flashing, yet faint lightning array.

“A Diagram Array could be considered to be the most attractive item for a Spiritual Array. Whenever a high ranked Diagram Array appears, it would definitely attract many Spiritual Array Masters to seize it.”

“And Diagram Arrays are also like Spiritual Array Masters. It is divided into 9 ranks. After all these years, the highest ranked Diagram Array I’ve seen is only a Rank 4 Diagram Array.” When Wen Ling talked about the Rank 4 Diagram Array, his strict face was filled with envy and longing.

“Of course, a Diagram Array is still too early for you now.”

Wen Ling stared at Mu Chen and handed another jaded script to him as he said: “Inside of this, there is the method of cultivating Spiritual Seals. See if you can cultivate it out. From a certain extent, this could be considered as a test for beginners. If you are able to feel that you’re clumsy and slow when cultivating, then you can stop. This means that you are not sensitive to your Spiritual Seals. In other words, it means you do not have the talent for this.”

Mu Chen heard this and accepted the jaded script. He did not say anything more and closed his eyes as he accepted the cultivation method for Spiritual Seals from within the jaded script.

Mu Chen closed his eyes for approximately an hour. Then, he slowly opened his eyes and put down the jaded script within his hand. His eyes showed pondering and thinking.

Cultivating the Spiritual Seal was quite similar to the Limitless Death Seal. However, it was not as complicated. This is definitely not because becoming a Spiritual Array Master was easier than training in the Limitless Death Seal. After all, the amount of Spiritual Seals that a Spiritual Array Master would manipulate far surpasses the amount of Limitless Death Seals. Could the two Limitless Death Seals that Mu Chen was able to condense face 20 Spiritual Seals or maybe even 200 Spiritual Seals? It was obvious which one was harder in condensing and manipulating.

Mu Chen thought for a moment and finally opened his eyes again. His hand stretched out and a dark black Spiritual flickered at his fingertips. As the lights flickered, he was attempting to cultivate a Spiritual Seal.

Wen Ling’s eyes stared calmly at Mu Chen as Mu Chen began to attempt to cultivate a Spiritual Seal. If the latter fails the very first test, there was no need for him to teach him any longer. It would only waste both of their times.