Chapter 48

Chapter 48 - Talent

In the quiet room, Wen Ling watched calmly at the boy in front of him with a dull expression. At this moment, the boy currently had his eyes closed and a dark black Spiritual Energy fluctuated at his right hand. The Spiritual Energy seemed to be condensing into a form.

Wen Ling stared at the boy and shifted his eyes away after a while. He let out a sigh deep down inside. Mu Chen had already entered this state for a full hour. This time had far surpassed his expectations.

Generally speaking, a slightly talented Spiritual Array Master beginner would condense the very first seal in half an hour after being exposed to Spiritual Seal cultivation. The more talented users would form one even more quickly.

And now, Mu Chen had used an hour, yet he was not able to form the very first Spiritual Seal. This sensitivity could be described as slow. Therefore, Wen Ling let out a regretful sigh. He naturally heard of the impressive talent that Mu Chen displayed in cultivating Spiritual Energy. However, it seems that his talents did not extend to being a Spiritual Array Master.

Although Wen Ling was regretful, he did not care much. After all, he had seen enough of this situation. There were many geniuses at cultivation, who would not be a genius in another area. The war was still fair this way.

The time slowly passed while Wen Ling sighed. This continued for another half an hour before Wen Ling finally saw the boy in front of him open his eyes. A Spiritual Seal still hasn’t formed in his hand, which made Wen Ling felt incredulous. It can’t be that he was this clumsy so that he couldn’t even condense a single Spiritual Seal, right?

“What happened? Why haven’t you formed a single Spiritual Seal, or were you distracted?” Wen Ling frowned and asked with a severe expression.

When Mu Chen heard this, he shook his head awkwardly and said with hesitation: “It’s not that I can’t condense it, but I don’t know if I made a mistake.”

“A mistake?” Wen Ling was stunned.

Mu Chen thought for a moment and stretched out his slender palm. A dark light surged out as his dark black Spiritual Energy flickered at his fingertips. Then, Wen Ling saw a single Spiritual Seal slowly emerged.

“So you did succeed.” Wen Ling let out a sigh of relief when he saw this.

But just when he was relieved, he noticed another Spiritual Seal emerging out of Mu Chen’s fingertips…

“Two?” Wen Ling could not endure it and raised an eyebrow.

However, when Wen Ling’s eyebrow was lifted up, the change within Mu Chen’s hand did not stop. A black light surged out and another Spiritual Seal emerged…After the third Spiritual Seal, another two Spiritual Seal appeared one after another from Mu Chen’s fingertips.

Five Spiritual Seals!

Wen Ling was in a daze as he stared at the five dark black Spiritual Seals at Mu Chen’s fingertips. His mind seemed to have blanked out and a hint of incredulous appeared in his stern eyes.

He would have never expected that Mu Chen would have condensed five Spiritual Seals on his very first attempt. Back when he was learning, it took him a full half a month before he did that. This is because it would be harder to condense when the amount of Spiritual Seals increased.

Mu Chen watched Wen Ling’s dazed expression and scratched his head. The Spiritual Seals’ fluctuations faded disorderly and he said timidly: “Did I make a mistake?”

Although he had not come into contact of Spiritual Array Masters before, he still knew how difficult this profession was. Moreover, he did not feel the slightest difficulty when he condensed the first seal. It felt that as if it was a matter of course and was even smoother than his normal cultivation.

This made him slightly shocked and doubted whether or not he made a mistake when condensing a Spiritual Seal. Otherwise, how would it flow this smoothly?

Wen Ling finally recovered from his shock, yet his eyes remained fixed on Mu Chen’s hand. Then, he opened his mouth and said: “Y…You probably didn’t make a mistake.”

After he blurted this out, he felt that his voice was a little dried. He immediately let out a dry cough and fully recovered: “It seems that you’re quite talented in the area of a Spiritual Array Master.”

When Mu Chen heard this, he let out a sigh of relief. It seems that it was correct.

“Kuh…Although you seemed to be quite talented in this area, you should not act arrogant. A true Spiritual Array Master is not achieved simply by talent.” Wen Ling became strict again and spoke.

“What Mister Wen Ling said is correct.” Seeing that Mu Chen received his lesson, Wen Ling peeked at the boy again. He discovered that the boy’s eyes were calm like a quiet lake. Not even the slightest arrogance and pride could be seen within the boy’s eyes. This made him let out an praise within his heart. This boy will definitely surpass his father one day and reach an amazing height.

The Territory Lord, Mu Feng, has an impressive son.

“Although the amount of Spiritual Seals you condensed was quite amazing, the Spiritual Energy was dispersed and was not able to solidify. This is why it faded away this quickly. This kind of Spiritual Seal cannot be used to arrange a Spiritual Array.”

Perhaps because of Mu Chen’s respectful and humble learning attitude, Wen Ling’s strict expression softened. He originally only had the attitude of fulfilling a task when Mu Feng asked him to teach Mu Chen about Spiritual Arrays, but now, he showed a tiny bit of sympathy due to Mu Chen’s talent and attitude.

Mu Chen revealed an understanding appearance and nodded his head. The Spiritual Energy within those Spiritual Seals was indeed too dispersed.

“For the remaining time, you will use all your might to condense Spiritual Seals. When you can condense out these five Spiritual Seals out as you wish, I will teach you a few Spiritual Arrays for beginners.”

“Come, you should continue to condense them. I will explain the details that you have to pay attention during the process of condensing Spiritual Seals…”

“Thank you, Mister Wen Ling!”

An afternoon passed and dusk soon appeared. Yet, Wen Ling still watched the boy, who was immersed in condensing Spiritual Seals. His face revealed a satisfied expression as he stood up and quietly left.

Wen Ling left the room and headed straight to the rear hall. Then, he saw Mu Feng, who was discussing about certain affairs with Zhou Ye at the meeting room.

“Ohoho, Mister Wen Ling, how did the training go for the boy? Does he have any talent in it?” Mu Feng hurriedly asked when he saw Wen Ling. His face was quite urgent. If Mu Chen did not have any talent in it, wouldn’t he have inherited his uselessness?

“Congratulations, Territory Lord.” Wen Ling cupped his hands and revealed a smile on his strict face: “The Little Lord displays a talent in this area no weaker than his cultivation talent. Based on this speed, he would be able to complete the introductory course within 10 days.”

When Mu Feng heard this, he let out a sigh of relief and grinned. This boy did not disappoint him and disgrace his mother.

“Little Mu’s talent is really amazing. It seems that it is only a matter of time before he surpasses you.” Zhou Ye’s face also revealed a soft smile as he spoke to Mu Feng.

“That’s of course, why don’t you see whose son this is?” Mu Feng smiled proudly. His appearance seemed to be even happier than when he occasionally obtained the upper hand against the Liu Territory.

“That’s right, did the Liu Territory have any movements?” Mu Feng turned around and asked.

“There was a little bit of movement. Our spies have reported back, saying that many experts were gathering in Liu Territory. It should be the preparations that Liu Territory is doing in secret.” Zhou Ye replied.


Mu Feng nodded. His eyes narrowed slightly and became extremely sharp.

“Watch over them carefully. When they take action, we’ll also move out as well. Heh, we will not let them get the Nine Nether Bird!”

The time passed day after day. Mu Chen spent the majority of his time on condensing Spiritual Seals. He had recently advanced into Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase. Although he could attempt on charging into the Spiritual Rotation Stage by relying on the Accumulation Elixir and the remaining Jaded Essence Fruit, his rational made him give up on this idea. The cultivation right now was to lay down his foundations. If he was too focused on pursuing about speed, it may cause more harm than good.

Moreover, condensing Spiritual Seals would allow him to train in his control of Spiritual Energy and it would kill two birds with one stone.

Under Mu Chen’s efforts of training, he managed to completely solidify the five Spiritual Seals within five short days. Therefore, it would not disappear instantly due to the uneven distribution of Spiritual Energy.

When Wen Ling saw Mu Chen successfully solidifying the five Spiritual Seals, he was shocked, but he did not show it. Furthermore, he began to teach Mu Chen how to arrange a Spiritual Array.

Only when he reached this step, Mu Chen was able to understand just how difficult it was to arrange a Spiritual Array. Even though he displayed an impressive talent in this area, he still failed numerous times without any results when constructing a tiny Spiritual Array, which was not even a Rank 1 Array…

And even with his repeated failures, Wen Ling’s expression was normal. If Mu Chen was able to successfully arrange a tiny Spiritual Array after a few short days, then it would underestimate the profession of a Spiritual Array Master. Also, if that’s the case, there shouldn’t be this little Spiritual Array Masters within the Northern Spiritual Realm

However, Mu Chen also began to grasp the methods through his repeated failure and he finally succeeded on arranging a tiny Spiritual Array on an afternoon half a month later.