Chapter 49

Chapter 49 - Taking Action

In the courtyard, Mu Chen held his breath. 8 Spiritual Seals emitted light and flashed between his palms. This was the results of his efforts after this period of time. Right now, he was able to simultaneously condense and manipulate 8 Spiritual Seals.

At a nearby location, Wen Ling firmly fixed his gaze on him. During this time, Mu Chen had always attempted to arrange a tiny Spiritual Array, but he have not yet succeeded. Although he had always failed, Wen Ling could feel that Mu Chen was rapidly approaching success after all those failures. This boy had the ability of improving himself constantly through failures.


Mu Chen’s eyes were calm and his arms shook slightly in the next instant. The 8 Spiritual Seals suddenly stormed out from between his palms and disappeared quickly as if it had integrated into the air.

The moment when the Spiritual Seals vanished in the air, Wen Ling’s eyes narrowed. He could faintly see the 8 Spiritual Seals each occupying a unique position within the air. Rays of light emitted out from the Spiritual Seals and intersected and connected in a rather complex trajectory…

Moreover, when the final ray of light finished the complex connection, Wen Ling immediately felt the Spiritual Aura within the world surging more rapidly in this location.

Faint light flashed in the air before it quietly faded away. It was impossible detect without sensing it carefully.

Mu Chen’s fiercely opened his eyes and a hint of surprise surged out from his black eyes. He succeeded!

“Clap Clap.”

From nearby, Wen Ling gently clapped his hands with a satisfied smile on his face. He walked over and said: “Congratulations on successfully arranging your first Spiritual Array.”

Mu Chen also let out a delighted smile. The tiny Spiritual Array in front of him wasn’t even considered a Rank 1 Spiritual Array, yet it was enough to get him excited.

Wen Ling took a step forward and entered the range of the tiny Spiritual Array. He could see the air inside suddenly become distorted and a tiny light array emerged. Numerous lights burst out and bounded Wen Ling’s four limbs and body like a rope.

“Not bad.”

When Wen Ling saw this, he let out a faint smile. His body trembled and Spiritual Energy gushed out from his body as it destroyed the numerous binds. It was evident that a tiny Spiritual Array that didn’t even reach Rank 1 Spiritual Array was not something that could shackle him.

“This tiny Spiritual Array’s name is Spiritual Shackles Array. Although it is not considered a Rank 1 Spiritual Array, it is still quite useful. If your opponent is not careful, it will delay them for a moment. That moment would be your best chance.” Wen Ling explained.

Mu Chen nodded his head. He appreciated the effects of this Spiritual Shackles Array, thus he spent this period of time studying it.

“Mister Wen, when can I arrange a Rank 1 Spiritual Array?” Mu Chen asked. Although the tiny Spiritual Array had a bit of use, it was still limited in application. He would only become truly powerful after he was able to arrange a Rank 1 Spiritual Array.

“Rank 1 Spiritual Arrays require a minimum of 15 Spiritual Seals. There is still quite the distance before you reach this step.” Wen Ling said.

“15 Spiritual Seals, huh…” Mu Chen nodded slightly. Ever since he condensed 8 Seals, he started to feel the difficulty of condensing. It would require a lot of effort if he wanted to reach the level of condensing 15 Spiritual Seals.

“Since you have the ability to arrange a tiny Spiritual Array, then I would let you learn more about the other tiny Spiritual Arrays during the next period of time. This will help lay down the foundations for you. Although these tiny Spiritual Arrays are not too complicated, it is still the most basic items.” Wen Ling’s face emerged a rare smile. It seems that he was quite happy regarding about Mu Chen’s progress.


Mu Chen smiled as he nodded. Ever since he came into contact with Spiritual Arrays, he found that he was quite interested in it. Could this be passed down through his mother?

Thinking about this point, Mu Chen’s heart could not help but smile. He was quite curious again. Based on what his father said, his mother had reached an extremely high level of achievement in Spiritual Arrays. However, he did not know what rank Spiritual Array Master she was…

During the next few days, Mu Chen did not let his Spiritual Energy Cultivation slow down while he spent many sleepless nights researching about other tiny Spiritual Arrays. During this study, he understood more about Spiritual Arrays and the amount of Spiritual Seals he could condense increased.

The time passed quickly as Mu Chen was fully immersed in his training. A week later…

On this day, Mu Chen’s sensed that there was a different atmosphere within the Mu Estate compared to the previous days. He pondered for a moment before his heart trembled and immediately rushed to the Meeting Room within the Mu Estate.

Outside of the Meeting Room, a few heavy guards were guarding it. However, when the guards noticed Mu Chen, they did not stop him as if they have already received orders earlier.

Mu Chen charged straight into the Meeting Room. Then, he noticed a few figures within the large room. There were five figures that were most striking and they sat inside the hall. Although their body shapes were quite different, they still seemed quite capable. Moreover, the Spiritual Energy fluctuation that emitted from their bodies was not weak.

“It’s the 5 City Lords of the Mu Territory.”

Mu Chen was slightly surprised when he saw the 5 familiar figures. These five men were capable generals of his father. They helped him guard the five cities within the Mu Territory. On most occasions, they were each guarding their own city, but they actually all gathered here today.

Mu Feng did not say anything when he noticed Mu Chen entering the room. He only gestured and Mu Chen came to his side.

“Little Lord.” The five figures all cupped their hands and smiled upon seeing him.

“Uncle Duan, why are you still acting so polite towards me?” Mu Chen smiled. The tone he used was also quite amiable. After all, he was quite familiar with these five individuals.

“Ohoho, the Little Lord has also grown up.” The skinny middle-aged man in the front smiled. The other four also revealed a smile and the originally strained atmosphere loosened up.

Mu Feng also smiled and pressed his hands. The room instantly quieted down.

“I have roughly told you about the matter of this trip. Our spies have reported back with information that the Liu Territory had started to head to the Black Eerie Swamp. Therefore, we must immediately leave as well.”

Mu Feng’s serious eyes scanned the crowd and said: “This time, the matter is extremely important. I will personally lead the team with Zhou Ye. We’ll leave two of you to guard the Mu Territory. As for the remaining three individuals, you will also head out together with us.”

Mu Chen clucked his tongue slightly when he heard this. It seems that the Mu Territory will be sending out all their elites. Looks like dad valued the Nine Nether Bird highly.

“The Liu Territory also views this matter as extremely important. Based on the information we’ve gotten, Liu Qingtian will personally lead the team. Moreover, Liu Zong and Liu Ming from the Liu Territory will also go as well.” Zhou Ye said.

When Mu Chen heard this he was slightly surprised. The Liu Territory’s Liu Qingtian and Liu Zong were both Spirit Stage powerhouses. That Liu Ming would soon advance as well. This line-up was extremely powerful. No wonder dad would head out together with Uncle Zhou.

The five city lords also had a serious expression. They could feel some pressure when they thought of the Liu Territory’s line-up. Then, the skinny middle-aged man called Duan Wei pondered before speaking: “Then, Tie Lang, Chen Xiong and I will head out together with the Territory Lord. The other two will protect the Mu Territory, how about this?”


Mu Feng nodded and immediately gestured with his hand: “You will each lead a team. The strength must not be less than a Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase. Moreover, they must be experienced veterans. We cannot fail this mission.”


The five city lords all lout out a solemn cry. Then, they immediately grinned and said: “It seems that we’ll really fight against the Liu Territory this time. It’s really been a long time since it’s been so refreshing.”

Mu Feng also let out a faint smile. A fire also surged out from the depths of his eyes. Others may be afraid of the Liu Territory, but the Mu Territory wasn’t. This time, for the Nine Nether Bird, he would have to fight against them.

Mu Chen stared at the fiery fighting intent that surged up within the meeting room. He also licked his mouth gently. An expectation rose up from with his hearts towards the mysterious Nine Nether Bird. Such a high ranked Spiritual Beast had never appeared in the Northern Spiritual Realm…

It was really unknown who would get his hands on this thing.