Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – Prague vs. The Generals


In the chilling wind, a bloody dagger extended from the darkness and went straight towards General Bai Qi’s throat. The level 26 berserker went pale, knowing that he was the target of a sneak attack. In front of him was a beautiful assassin wearing shining leather armor and holding a Bloody Dagger. It was Yue Qing Qian, the deputy chief of [Prague]!

Her leather shoes tapped the ground and her strike instantly stunned General Bai Qi. After using her beautiful eyes to scan around for threats, she prepared a skill. The dagger started to glow red and began to charge. After holding it for about 1 second, the skill finished charging and it activated——[Bleed] LV-3!



After striking, General Bai Qi suddenly woke up from the stun and quickly ran backwards, hoping to reach safety. But right after he turned around, Qing Qian activated another skill, level 3 [Backstab]: Raises damage dealt by 30%. Bai Qi’s body sprayed forward and a damage of 289 popped over his head. He had died!


“Crap, Bai Qi died!”

Not too far away, General Wang Jian ran over with his sword. He unleashed a straight stab. The attack was very simple, but Qing Qian wasn’t able to dodge or parry it, so she took the strike.



That strike almost killed her and Qing Qian quickly retreated away. But Wang Jian’s attacks followed her like shadows. A sharp pitch came from the sword and two golden hexagrams climbed on the sword! It was the beginning of a level 3 combo!

“Damn it, heal me quickly!”

Qing Qian took her dagger and quickly ran away. Two level 3 [Hemostasis]s were casted on her and she recovered 300 HP. Her health was full!

General Wang Jian was a young man, about 20 years old. His face was impassive, while he pursued Qing Qian, his sword dragging along the ground. He rushed, determined that he would kill Qing Qian at any cost. Under the moonlight, Qing Qian’s cloak floated like the wind and under the leather armor, a pair of legs as white as snow were running frantically. Although she was being chased, she was not panicking and continuously gave glances in the direction of General Wang Jian, trying to predict his next move.


Yelling out, Wang saw a chance and suddenly dashed to the bushes in front of Qing Qian. Raising his sharp sword, he activated a skill, [Heavy Strike]. With his attack damage, Qing Qian might not survive this.


A dagger cut through the wind and before Wang’s sword reached its target, he received a gorging attack from behind and lost 250+ Health. Another assassin beauty appeared behind him and quickly slashed him with her dagger, two more 180+ damage numbers popped up over his head.


Wang Jian side stepped to avoid Qing Qian’s dagger. Simultaneously, he chugged down a health potion and sliced towards the assassin behind him. Using the break, he jumped down the hill. He knew that he had no chance against two assassins as a lone swordsman.

On top of the hill, the two assassin beauties stood shoulder to shoulder. With the exception of their equipment, they were basically the same! Although the game allowed slight alteration of appearances, it definitely wouldn’t permit such similar appearances. Which meant…These two assassins were twins!

Yue Qing Qian LV-26 Assassin

Yue Wei Liang LV-26 Assassin


Behind the bushes, I was stunned. Damn, Qing Qian and another sister huh. These two sisters must have quite some potential or else they wouldn’t have been noticed by Yan Zhao.

During this time, the fighting at the top of the valley was getting increasingly intense. General Li Mu was clever; he made killing off the healers an extreme priority and now he had the advantage in numbers. Although Yan Zhao was very strong, he couldn’t be everywhere at once. After seeing the healers be pummeled by the arrows from afar, his anger reached a boiling point and he roared, “You guys, come with me and finish off that archer!”

Before Yan Zhao’s group reached the archers, Li Mu had already brung his own group to intercept the Yan Zhao’s group. By the time Yan Zhao broke through and headed towards the archers, his entire group had been annihilated.

General Lian Po, a level 25 archer, was about 50 years old. He could pretty much be considered a veteran in the General’s family. In reality he was probably an uncle or something. Yan Zhao was also a 40 year old or so uncle. When the two uncles clashed, who would emerge victorious?



While stepping back, Lian Po pulled back hard and fired accurate shots at Yan Zhao. In a couple of seconds, Yan Zhao’s health fell below 50%.

“Prepare to die!”

Finally, Yan Zhao closed the distance and could attack Lian Po! Although he roared, he didn’t pull out his sword. Instead he landed a heavy punch on Lian Po’s shoulder, and the momentum forced Lian Po to lose balance and fall backwards. Yan Zhao didn’t want for his attack to miss, so he made sure that Lian Po couldn’t avoid his attack before attacking! With a sharp cry, he activated a skill—— [Peerless strike]!

The custom combo! Here it came!

But Lian Po smirked and suddenly leaned himself backwards. He rolled down the hill, plunging into a field of Horsetail grass. He had planned this all out! He used the landscape to avoid Yan Zhao’s [Peerless Strike]. Without [Peerless Strike], Yan Zhao was just a regular swordsman, albeit with a slight high damage!

Looking at the 5 of misses that pop up, Yan Zhao’s face turned into an ugly shade of green and tightly gripped his fists, “The hell, devious, very devious…”

A gust of wind came from behind. Yan Zhao quickly spun around and in front of him was General Li Mu’s attack! In the entire General family Li Mu should be the strongest, since he was ranked 2nd in the Ba Huang City’s leaderboard. This meant that he was one of the only players that could threaten Yan Zhao!


Within the sharp cry of the sword, the golden hexagram also started forming and Li Mu’s level 3 attack was just in front of Yan Zhao’s chest——




Yan Zhao’s entire body started to waver. Suddenly his knee rose and slammed into Li Mu’s chest! At the same time, he stabbed straight through Li Mu’s throat with a two-handed wield on his sword! This old guy was quite vicious!


Since Li Mu didn’t have full HP originally, he was instantly killed! He slowly kneeled down and became a corpse.

Yan Zhao breathed deeply and took out a health potion. He was just about to drink it when two arrows come soaring at him. Ba Huang City’s Leaderboard’s top player twitched before falling to the ground, dead. In his death, he dropped a large heavy black sword. From behind the corpse, General Lian Po picked up the long sword and said coldly, “Level 22 Bronze tier longsword huh, not bad…”

After the messy brawl, the battle was near its end. The result? The General family won because of their numbers. The remaining five people from the general’s side surrounded the boss and confidently battled it. There weren’t many players from [Prague] that were still alive, only Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang lingered in the darkness. It seemed like they were waiting to deal the fatal blow to the boss.


I continue sitting in the bushes, silently waiting for the final outcome.

“Careful. The boss is about to die. Don’t let anyone steal it!” General Lian Po yelled, while pulling back his bow and firing harsh arrows into the boss’s neck.

The boss growled angrily and swung both arms to hit General Wang Jian but, the General family still had a healer and Wang Jian’s defense wasn’t bad either, allowing him to withstand the blows of the boss.




Looking at the boss’s HP that had almost hit rock bottom, my heart started to pump quicker. Qing Qian and her sister should start making a move soon right?

They made their move just like I predicted. The General’s healer suddenly tremblesd as a 552 damage sign popped over his head. He fell to the ground, dead. Behind him appeared Qing Qian with the Bloody Dagger. She quickly rushed forward and used the hilt of the dagger to stun General Lian Po who had an arrow nocked.

On the other side, Wei Liang viciously stabbed the heart of the boss and continued stabbing despite the nasty blood flowing out. Finally, the boss cried out and died while dropping a bunch of items.

“Grab the items!” General Lian Po said in a panic.

Sadly, the speed of the swordsman could not match that of an assassin’s. Qing Qian reached the corpse first and grabbed it all in one swipe. All three drops went into her bag and she quickly rushed up the hill yelling, “Sister, let’s retreat. We can’t win a 2v5!”

But Wei Liang steeled her heart and said, “Its fine, you go on ahead. I will fight and die to the bitter end!”

Just as General Lian Po recovered from the stun, Wei Liang dodged General Wang Jian’s attack and stabbed the old man’s back. General Lian Po slowly fell down from one backstab. Without healers, people died nearly instantly!


Wang Jian yelled, “I’ll go chase after Qing Qian, the equipment is on her!”

Behind Wang Jian, Wei Liang finished off a berserker. But before she stabilized herself, rocks suddenly explode under her feet causing tremendous damage. It was the mage’s level 20 ability, [Rock Spikes]. Although Wei Liang was only 5 meters away from mage, her steps stopped and she fell down, dead.


On the hill, Qing Qian’s legs tattered by thorns, kept moving forward. She didn’t have time to worry about the pain because she had the three spoils of the fight in her inventory. Coming from behind was Wang Jian who used a level 3 speed boost ability, reserved specifically for swordsmen. It raised attack speed by 6% and movement speed by 3%, which slowly closed the distance between Qing Qian and him. In addition, the mage behind Wang Jian was also catching up.

“Damn it…” Qing Qian’s eyebrows furrowed knowing how much trouble she was in. Even though she had a city return scroll, it took 5 seconds of casting to activate. That was enough time for Wang to kill her two times and over.


Leaping forward, Wang Jian caught up with his opponent. He raised his sword and struck heavily!


Qing Qian got hit and missed her footing. Then an ice spell hit her shoulder which drastically reduced her movement speed. The enemy mage had also caught up.


Although Qing Qian’s equipment was fairly good, her total HP should still only be around 500. It had almost hit rock bottom!


I stay hiding in the bushes for a while. My heart and mind’s thoughts were clashing together. My iron commandment was that I never step into the business of others. But…another one of my commandments was for me to help my friends in need. Qing Qian said it before, we were friends and this fact would never change.

I ground my teeth and made a compromise. I would heal her, but I wouldn’t attack the others!

With a wave of my hand, I cast [Heal]!


In an instant Qing Qian’s health nearly filled up. She gave out a surprised breath, “Ah, how…?”

Wang Jian’s eyes stared towards my direction with fury, “There’s another healer still hiding!”

Qing Qian quickly understood the situation and went straight for the mage with her dagger. Mages could only learn [Mana Shield] at level 40. Before that, they barely had any defense. There should be no reason why he wouldn’t die!


While stabbing the mage, Qing Qian got hit by another level 3 ice attack. So I cast a level 3 [Hemostasis] from afar and raised her health back up. Following the crunching sound of leaves, General Wang suddenly appeared in front of me. With the sword glowing hexagrams, he angrily yelled:”Xiao Yao Zi Zai? You looking to die?!”