Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – Death’s Medicine

Dinner was simple. It consisted of some random Italian cuisine and a cup of tea.

Holding a cup of hot tea, Ling Wan Er sat to the opposite of me quietly. The street lights rushed in from the window, illuminating her pale cheek and… her breathtaking breasts. Today, she was wearing a revealing low cut blouse, which caused the boys at the next table to take frequent peeks at her.

“Li Xiao Yao?” Lin Wan Er suddenly asked.

I quickly took my eyes off of her chest, but I failed to control my accelerated heartbeat and said, “Yeah?”

“There doesn’t seem to be many high level players in Ba Huang City.” Lin Wan Er blinked and asked: “Is the [Prague]’s Guildmaster, Yan Zhao Warrior, the player with highest level? What is his level?”

“Hmm,” I nodded, “Yan Zhao Warrior was level 28, but after getting killed by The Generals it dropped down to 27.”

“Oh, The Generals? I’ve never heard of them…… ”

I smiled: “They have a handful of high level players, but not enough to go against [Prague]. So for the time being, they are not well known.”

Lin Wan Er’s eyes glowed beautifully with a little laugh: “Oh really? However even with them, Ba Huang City is a lot less competitive than other cities. In addition only a few large guilds such as the [Flying Dragons] and [Prague] are in Ba Huang City. Even then, they aren’t the top three guilds, so Ba Huang City’s competition shouldn’t be too rough, you’re so lucky!.”

“Well, that’s not true, since Player Killing(PK) outside the city is very common occurrence here.”

“Ah?” Lin Wan Er looked at me with contempt and said, “Are you afraid of PKing?”

On one side, Dong Cheng Yue taps Lin Wan Er’s shoulder and laughed: “Don’t say that Wan Er, did you forget his class? Healer has low offense and can only heal. How can he PK, what can he do? Does he use his handsome face to hit another player?…… ”

Lin Wan Er pursed her red lips: “Which part of him is handsome?”

Dong Cheng Yue narrowed her eyes and said: “But I really think he is a handsome and warm person … …”

Lin Wan Er: “……”

I coughed to ease the atmosphere and asked, “Miss, what about Fan Shu City, who is the highest level player?”

“[Hero’s Mound]’s Guild leader – Q Sword! ”

“Oh, really? Q Sword, what kind of person is he?” I was a bit surprised.

Lin Wan Er took a deep breath making her seductive 34D breasts heave up and down and whispered: “[Q Sword], is the most handsome man in Fan Shu City. In addition, he and [Ice Sword] are at the top of the [hit and recover style].”

“Hit and recover style?”

Dong Chen Yue chuckleed: “Xiao Yao, you’re so lame, you don’t even know the basic tactics of PKing. Battle Reflux Style, Pulse Break Style and Thorn style are the top three PKing Styles. [Q Sword] was the top player in "Overlord", he got there with his skills at being an expert in the Battle Reflux Style. In just a few days after he joined "Destiny", he’s being called a god by players in Fan Shu City.

Lin Wan Er smiled and

said: “Yeah, He is my Idol … …”

I stared at Lin Wan Er for a few seconds, silent. There was a strange feeling in my heart.

Dong Cheng Yue laid on the de

sk, and narrowed her eyes: “Xiao Yao, you… You don’t want Wan Er to have a male idol, right? Don’t hide it and answer me directly!”

Suddenly, I felt that Dong Cheng Yue

was quite fierce: “You are thinking too much. Whoever the Miss likes has nothing to do with me. I am only responsible for protecting the Miss, if…”

“If what?” Lin Wan Er asked.

“Nothing…Never mind.”


Dong Chen Yue chuckled: “Well, this atmosphere is really awkward. Xiao Yao, when Wan Er and I are level 30, how about we go to Ba Huang City to see you? Strong or weak, you’re our companion, we can’t let yo

u stay in Ba Huang city all alone!”

I said: “That’s good”

Lin Wan Er pouted and pursed her lips: “OK, lets help him level up, poor healer … …”


“What’s your ID?” Dong Cheng Yue asked.

“[Xiao Yao Zi Zai]”

“Ahh?” Dong Chen Yue’s mouth fell open: “What? You are … … Your that rumored healer, the very first one to be promoted in Ba Huang City?”

I puffed out my chest and said, “Yup, awesome right?”

Lin Wan Er joked: “It doesn’t matter, you’re still a healer … …Gimme Milk!”

(TL: Awesome in Chinese involves the word, cow -> milk and healers are also jokingly called milkers.)

I clenched my fist: “Don’t discriminate against my class, even healers have a irreplaceable role in team fighting.”

“Lets go home early and rush to level 30!” Lin Wan Er saw that I was pissed and immediately revealed a refreshing smile: “Dong Cheng Yue and I will level our skills to LV-4 and then we will go look for you in Ba Huang City! ”



Back at the dormitory, I didn’t connect to the game right away. Instead I opened Glasses’ notebook and searched for any relevant information about [Q Sword]. I became a little dismayed after the search, he was definitely an arch nemesis–

ID: [Q Sword]

Q Sword is the founder of [Hero’s Mound] Guild. The guild ranked second on China’s Guild Leaderboard. Since "Overlord", Q Sword has become a legendary player. According to rumors, his real name is Bei Cheng Feng, Henan’s Bei Cheng Freeform Martial Arts’ successor. He is also the son of Northern Star Corporation’s chairman, and is worth over 100 Billion. Most importantly, Q Sword is very handsome, which causes many female player to chase after him when he enters Fan Shu City.



I slammed the laptop shut. Freeform martial arts? Oh, when I was still with that old man, I fought against Freeform martial artists but I never saw Bei Cheng’s Freeform martial arts. Maybe, through "Destiny" I could face the apex of Freeform martial arts.

No wonder Lin Wan Er took notice of Q Sword. He really was exceptional, but …even though Ling Wan Er had so much interest in him, she was ignoring the master martial artist right next to her!

Enraged, I hooked on my helmet. I would try to get to level 30, although it was still quite a bit for me, who was level 24. Increasing the level of Baby Bobo was also good. The growth rate of the Bee Overlord was extremely high and it was my strongest trump card. Raising levels was definitely the road to strength. I must get to level 26 tonight and increase Baby Bobo to 25 in order to be stronger!


I was online inside Ba Huang City.

My first tasks were to repair my equipment and stock up on potions and seal cards. Standing at the North gate of Ba Huang City, I opened the map to look for a new place to grind that wasn’t too close because that was where all the novices were at. The noobs started to drop off after the map was about 20 minutes of walking distance from the city. The maps there had higher level monsters, which was ideal for high-level players like me.

Looking around for awhile, I swa blood-red dots on the East side of the map. Which meant that the monsters there were at least level 30. With Baby Bobo, killing monsters 6 levels above me was not too much of a problem.

After confirming my destination, I set off immediately through a low level monster-infested jungle. I also noticed that a level 24 healer was indeed very sought after. Along the way, at least 10 teams sent party invites to me –

“Hi there, the level 24 Healer. Please join our party, we’re going to kill level 25 wild boars. It gives quite a bit of experience and for all cloth armor drops you can have them!” a Barbarian carrying a Battle Axe roared.

Another player, this time a pretty Elf Mage gently flapped her wings, hovering off the ground a few feet in the air, and asked sweetly: “Brother Xiao Yao Zi Zai, do you want to join our team to kill toxic wasps? They are level 27 monsters, we will roll for equipments… ”

“Yeah, in our team, my sister is 17 years old and doesn’t have a boyfriend! ”


I politely declined all of the offers. In fact, I didn’t send out Baby Bobo, whose appearance was quite unique and bound to attract attention.

After nearly 30 minutes, the monsters around me were level 28 Hyenas and Goblins, but they were not my target. These monsters’ offensive and defensive properties were relatively average. The only reason I bought so many Monster Seals was to seal one or two high end attack type pet and sell them back at Ba Huang. In this game, one needed to be patient, killing the same monsters for more than 5 hours in a map should get you a pet and the chance to become rich. This game required you to be lucky and tough. I was definitely tough, back when I was fighting…… Oops! I had to keep going!

Further ahead, a small, empty village appeared. But in the corner of the village was a blood red Ba Huang City flag and a small garrison of NPCs.

Carrying my spear, I went towards the garrison. But suddenly two shua sounds shattered the peaceful air and I subconsciously moved backwards!

Clap clap!

Two iron arrows pierce the earth. The sentry, an NPC Archer had found me!

I quickly raised my spear and said loudly: “Don’t shoot we’re on the same side! ”

The Archer on the outpost laughed: “Ohh, it’s an adventurer from Ba Huang, sorry, I thought you were a monster…”


In the camp, an NPC, sitting on a wild boar while holding a battle Axe, smiled at me: “Kid, you sure have some guts to come to this desolate area.”

I smiled and waved the spear in my hand: “I have more than just guts!”

“Very well!”

The man stood, and suddenly words floated on top of his head, “Qian Ling, Patrol Captain”. Coming over, he patted me on the shoulder, and with a loud laugh: “Boy, I have a very dangerous task, do you have the guts to accept?”


Qian Lin looked up at the sky and after a deep breath said: “This place, originally belonged to Ba Huang City’s duke Luo Lei. Unfortunately, a few months ago an evil mage came here. He developed all kinds of terrible potions, one of them could turn into a living person into a zombie! So this place has become the land of the death with very cruel zombies. They are gathered in the mage’s underground lab. Right now, we need a person to go to the bottom of the labs and find a bottle of Death’s Medicine. If you can bring back Death’s Medicine, you will be the pride of Ba Huang City and also the pride of the Tian Ling empire. Do you have the guts to take up this task?”


System Notification: Do you accept the quest “Death’s Medicine”? (Mission difficulty: B)


Patrol Captain Qian Lin looked at me with contempt and said lightly: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t go. After all, not everyone is so courageous. If you don’t go, you can go back to Ba Huang city and boast about killing countless monsters, drink at the pub and woo women. After all to go or not, is your choice right?”

I gnashed my teeth: “This quest… I accept!”